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  1. Resolved, Found someone having the identical problem, Was pointing to the wrong file with net-7 my bad...
  2. I *attempted* to install everything as directed. Install client, update client, install net-7, set compatibility ect. What's happening is that net-7 is launching the client, that's launching the ORIGINAL patch So something isn't jiving, and i probobly missed at least one step in the install, i can't figure out which I KNOW this is wrong, this is what's happening. (this will never update i know) Just an illustration of what step in the loading process I am at.
  3. So, there are a few reactor lines that people tend to get confused about. People tend to think that the level 7 nova upgrades to the level 8 supernova. And the Unicorn reactors with virtually identical names just gets me confused and I'm a 200% reactor builder.   Nova get's confused with supernova   And Unicorn gets confused with Unicorn II     The issue is the highly similar names.   So my suggestion is to rename them.   My suggestion is to rename the Nova the Solar Flare while keeping supernova the same.   And to rename the Unicorn II line the Cooler MLP X7 Pegasus and More Cooler MLP X8 Pegasus
  4. After having analyzed the math... the URSA gains an advantage in the following conditions. 1 you aren't doing a trade run 2 you are doing 4 or less runs and only have time for exactly the number of runs you are doing with the ursa 9. You can not take the extra time to finish the runs with the polar express at a slower speed.   If number 2 sounds confusing it's basically this;   1 run of ursa > 0 runs of Polar express (40 crates vs 0 crates) 2 runs of ursa >1 run of polar express (80 Vs 50 crates) 3 runs of ursa > 2 runs of polar express (120 crates vs 100 crates) 4 runs of ursa >3 runs of polar express (note this is very close to the same amount of cargo. 160 crates vs 150 crates and very close to the same time)    However at 5 runs of ursa 4 runs of polar express is better.
  5. Once you factor in any level of turbo warp the polar express gains a crate per hour advantage over the ursa 9. ANY LEVEL   4 runs any distance (4K +tw) speed = 5 runs at any distance divided by (5K+tw) speed. 4(100K)/ (4+.001)= 5(100K)/(5+001)  the math for 100K distance and +1 turbo warp     99.975 seconds in warp VS 99.98 seconds for the same amount of cargo   1.5K warp  turbo warp (a unicorn and a NOS device) 4(100K)/ (4+1.5) = 5(100K)/(5+1.5) 72.72= 76  72 seconds vs 76 seconds for the same amount of cargo     The more turbo warp you have the more it leans in favor of the polar express
  6. N= number of runs g= number of gates D= total warp distance S= speed C= total crates p=1.25= polar express bonus   1+Gn+N = number of loading screens 1+ n = walks across the station ND/S= seconds in warp CN(P)= total crates moved   For polar express in 4 runs between 2 stations in the same sector 100K apart 1+1*4+4 loading screens 1+4 walks across either station 400/4 seconds in warp 80*1.25 crates   9 loading screens 5 walks across a station 100 seconds in warp 100 crates moved   URsa 9 in 5 runs 1+1*5+5 loading screens 1+5 walks across either station 500/5 seconds in warp 100 crates moved   11 loading screens 6 walks across a station 100 seconds in warp 100 crates moved   for 100 crates moved the shortest possible trade run yields an advantage to the polar express in every variable except total time spent in warp. the longer the run the more in tilts in favor of the polar express
  7. I come back from months gone and a stupid amazing engine gets put into the game, I find I cant get it without begging for one because it's a holiday item... ok whatever, it can't be that amazing can it?   Wrong...   It replaced both my level 8 stealth combat engine (trifid 8) and level 8 warp engine (go ahead and laugh palomino 8) and has a unique game changing buff on it, and its a level 5. Mmkay, both of these should be addressed.   First of all, for the months it isn't available it will be ever increasingly hard to get, and thus ever increasing price. For people who hoarded a few, in several months time they could make tens of millions, I came very close to paying 20 million today. And I would have paid 200.  if that was the lowest and or only price.   Second of all this engine should really be a level 8, it's stupid overpowered as a 5, or make multiple very similar versions, a low sig with say 3750 warp level 8, a high sig 4K level 8 and a high sig 5K level 9 for instance. Should I really be replacing 2 level 8 engines with one level 5 engine that is better or as good in every single stat...THAN BOTH OF THEM.
  8. How about... the loot window is made invisible and you cant see anything about the rock/hulk until after youve mined it.
  9. I deeply apoligize if this has already been sugested, i looked for it and i couldnt find it.   My idea is a large chain of 1 way trade runs going all the way around the entire game (except class restricted gates) that bounces between sectors and systems. To make it actually used and not overpowered it would have to be roughly equivilant in a credits/XP per (trips through gate and distance warped) to somerled Prasad (aka the spice run). And it would also have to be a short number of stations between them to keep things exciting. somewhere in the 2-4 gates range. And to really shake thing up... There should be no decent trade for the return trip on any of the segments ;D   It would make trade runs a heck of a lot less boring and involve more sectors in trade and be a neat thing to do.   However if any one of those conditions arnt met...   No one wll do it and It will be a waste of time to even make :( and i would hate to see that happen.
  10. so basically the "Fix" that was implented to make skills that were never used , actually used, just broke seekers in terms of actually healing even worse then they already were?   So now they have crappy damage unlimited reactor energy, and if they heal they die..... REALLY?
  11. Im sorry here, but what exactly is a jenquai seeker's method for theoretically reducing their aggro? Does cloak reduce aggro? aside from this i have no idea how i could even do it. And with only level 8 shields im just curious as to how its possible. Not that TT  BF even works, because that point is irrelevent.   Just curious.
  12. The earth combat jobs are doing the same thing
  13. More information After 100 Attempts at zoning here are some statistics from a count. (100 inst as many as you would think, especially when doing trade runs) this also includes going into and out of Star bases) 30 Fails at zoning Not one during initial Log in All of them Failed at Waiting for server Step in the system tray 70 successful Zoning attempts Not one crash that wasn't associated with zoning Always came back into the zone i was attempting to zone into, never the zone i was leaving.
  14. I looked i couldn't find this problem, i apologize if i missed it, i very well could have. First of all this might be a coincidence however this is a very VERY suspicious coincidence. SOOO up to a day or so ago i had the game working fine. Now it seems like most of the time when i try to go between zones the following happens. The Taskbar icon for the program sticks at waiting for server. Then THEN!!!! if i try to even refresh a webpage my internet fails like i have a connection problem. So far this has only happened to me while playing E&B, and only while zoning. Anyone have a clue as to what my issue is?
  15. Right now all three trader classes have the same core ability for shield recharging, which is a huge reason for traders to go along in groups. I am sure that we can come up with a way for the three classes to be the same but different. Now when you comment be sure to poke holes in it where needed. The best ideas need to be attacked and only if its STILL a good idea after being attacked and revised should something come out of it. I'm sure some of it wont be implementable and some of it just wont work. But im not a programmer nor am i familiar with how this game's coding works. SO here is my idea, each trader class will have 2 abilities involved in shield recharging. TT will have shield charging buff and recharge shields as they currently do. Adding a good chunk to shield cap and working exactly the way they currently do. JS will have a recharge shield that is about half the power end game of the TT shield recharge. They will also have psi shield which will have about half the power of end game TT Shield recharge. Combining both of these together roughly gives the JS equal but different shield recharging abilities of a TT. as for the Progen privateer my idea isn't as concrete but here it is. Give the Progen privateer a shield recharge that is far better at filling nearby grouped ships and not as good at recharging single target compared to the TT shield recharge. AND give the PP an ability that transfers a big (40%+) of their own shield amount to target. SOOOO in total the progen privateer if doing their transfer ability followed by a group recharge they can keep the entire group up about as good as a TT and the new JS. And because i didnt change the TT at all, IT still is exactly like it was on live which is a goal of the emulator.
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