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  1. Wolf's Daughter - Ch. II

    man i love the enb book,wish they would put it back into publication
  2. INV-300

    can i make another suggestion based on the inv300 issue.i have also found that when you download the 2 core programs from net7.org players do not download them in sequence....what i mean is that they download the net7installer first then the enb client....what i have found and tested is that you will get the inv300 error if you download the net7 installer first...when i downloaded the enbclient first then ran it then i downloaded the net7 installer and ran it,it patched to the current net7 launcher and ran without a glitch...when i downloaded the net7installer first and ran it,it always hung up on the inv300 error...this is just something i noticed and may be what is causing some of the inv300 issues i have been noticing here in the fourms lately...so to conclude,you must download the enb client first and run it then download the net7 installer next and run it for it to patch/update correctley to play enb...i hope this helps in troubleshooting these inv300 issues
  3. Essential Missions?

    there is also the rd mission to get the seal of the dragon or the mark of the dragon...you may also look on the net-7 wikki for high lvl missions...and also ask in the game,other players will help you out there
  4. Been Long Time

    welcome back...
  5. Players Advocate Role

    i agree with mimir...i can understand why mouli posted this thread,it can be frustrating to be a advocate sometimes because the advocate is taking the public`s issues/suggestions to the dev team and implement them.remember that the advocate is the go to person to communicate with the dev team and that can be frustrating sometimes...so far i think mouli has done a great job,so keep up the good work
  6. AHK And Multiboxing

    awsome write up wolfie...yea i had a problem with ac tools also..your post also helped alot of "6 pack multi-toon" players so thx for this post
  7. This Morning 5/26/17. Daughter Graduated

    awsome congrats to her
  8. I've reached a limit

    why do you still "bash" this emulator flamingpanda?if you dont like how it is just leave...i dont understand why you need to show the "negatives" of this emulator project? i know it is not perfect but hey this game is free to use and fun to play if you come in with a positive attitude...so if you dont like this game why are you still here?????...this game has been running since 2008ish in the stress test form and since nov,2012 in the live version...and we are still here...yes the population numbers are low at some times of this game but if you look at the stats since 2012 you will see that this game is seasonal...and if you look at the averages of new players that find this game and play,some stay and some leave but you will notice that is is atleast 3-5 new players on average a month that find this game and play...remember that this emulator is not advertized and to see that we still get new players is awsome...so to get to my point why do you still "bash" this game???
  9. Week 00 of the Mouli Dictatorship ;-)

    congratzzzz mouli....if you have any questions you can email me at mlbtrumpet@msn.com or you can pop in my channel in teamspeak whenever im on....
  10. Last time i played was 15 years ago.

    welcome back....you will find in this version of enb that we have picked up where sunset left off and have added new content....you will find that some things dont work in game like the pvp areas and some gates to other sectors are locked...but there is the 3 new classes that are now in this version (there is a write up on how to access them in the fourms)..the public ingame are very helpful just ask questions in the new players channel...we also have a teamspeak3 channel (net-7.org there is no password for login on teamspeak)....see you on the inside
  11. Lag in Windows 10 Pro x64

    make sure you have all 4 checkboxes marked on your launcher and also run in admin mode....also make sure you have done the enbconfig setup in your launcher....
  12. a PW and a PS,you can do agrippa together.....a TE and a TT,you can use the TT to help gamewide also for healing.....it`s great that you have your girlfriend play also and we have such a good communitity ingame so you will have no problems.if you have any questions ingame just ask in new players chat.....see you on the inside
  13. Advocate Election poll

    i think there should have been a anouncement ingame like a banner that says there will be nominations for player advocate or something to that matter...sadly many players dont read the fourms
  14. New To E&B

    this game has a great playerbase and also good staying power...it has been online in this live emunlator form since nov 2012 and still going..the numbers of players do vary based on the time of the season but we are still here...when you are in game just ask questions in the new players chat and we will help if we can so enjoy...see you on the inside
  15. Advocate nomination

    i would like to nominate pestilennce