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  1. Thanks for the reply Spode. I gave it a try but sadly I'm still seeing the lag. I installed the game on my workstation PC that has Windows 10 Pro and it's fine there. There's just something about what I have installed or the way I have Windows set up on my gaming PC that E&B doesn't like. I guess it doesn't really matter in the end because I've just been playing in the Windows 7 VM and everything has been fine. It just kinda bugs me that I can't figure out the problem.
  2. I recently started playing the game again and I've been having 1 to 2 second delays in all actions within the game (looting, talking to NPC's, warp engaging, etc.) I tried everything I could think of on this PC so I tried the game on an old Windows 7 machine and it ran without any issues. I even installed the game in a Windows 7 VM on my Windows 10 machine and it ran without any issues I just can't get it to run smoothly under Windows 10. I tried all manner of compatibility settings, changed settings on my firewall, even disabled my firewall temporarily, changed installation drives, disabled SLi, tried different display resolutions, updated drivers. I'm out of ideas. The tracert came back fine and the ping to sunrise.net-7.org averaged 43ms. Anyone have any theories? System Specs: Windows 10 Pro x64 Intel i7-6700k @ 4.7Ghz Asus Maximus VIII Hero 32GB DDR4 PNY GTX 1080 FE SLi Samsung 850 Evo m.2 for OS and E&B install
  3. That happens with looting too. If your hold is "full" but there are still partial stacks the game will go ahead and allow you to loot items but they just disappear into the ether. I didn't realize that until I had been killing mobs for an hour on a lowbie toon with no loot to show for it.
  4. Any tips on what exactly we should look out for? I haven't run into a serious bug myself in years. That one actually crashed the server when I hit upon it and when I submitted the issue in a private forum message you guys were already on it.   This most recent issue seems like something a random person discovered and was able to do solo. Most folks that break the rules like that aren't obvious about it. I always try to talk to the GM's about things that don't seem to work correctly, but I also don't want to burden them with something trivial.   As it is I will continue to report anything strange I come across to the GM's and maybe even go back to trying to break things like I did during the Beta. At the moment though I'm mostly toying with low level characters and everything there seems to be working nicely.   Thanks for all the work you and the other devs have put into this over the years Zackman. I know I'm not the only one who appreciates it.
  5. That's a shame. I use the heck out of the /craft command for ammo so I'm going to miss that. Back to one stack at a time like the old days I guess. :P   Hope theres a quick fix for that bug so we can get that command back soon. :D
  6. I agree with CP. Mining can already be a chore, there is no reason to make it more annoying by adding things like refine failure. I think failing to refine a stack of level 9 gas and losing everything would cause me to break another mouse and keyboard.   Terrell has some good points that would make ores more useful in the future without making mining a pain in the ass.
  7. It's the same deal with the level 6 Roc's device. The Database says they aren't currently dropping which stinks. They could be in hulks or something I suppose. Any info from the dev's on whether these are in game yet or not would be appreciated.
  8. [quote name='Lot' timestamp='1355230286' post='68728'] We were told that the brackets on Agrippa content were removed. Was this a lie? Or is it another case of broken down communication between you Byakhee and the rest of the staff? Because it seems like actually, really nothing has changed with Agrippa at all. And that is very disappointing because its not what we were allowed to believe. Progens have two choices after the wipe: 1) Go for the end content, ignore the Agrippa content because its a road block to levelling. They will also likely skip the other Progen content too. 2) Slow mode again, just like the STs, alpha and beta. Sadly this involves on and off shelving of their Progens because they can't afford to gain XP because they might move out of the bracket. Oh and there's the other Progen content to do too. Caution level extreme! Or possibly do both at the same time. Two of everything Progen: slow and fast lane. Create two warriors, two privateers, two sentinels -- to do both options. While your end-game Progens are enjoying the end-game content, your slow-lane Progens can do all the middle-game content. But what horrible waste that is! Double characters. Double recipe lists. Double trouble! We all know what needs to be done. And we wished it were being done! Rip out the tokens! We dont need them! Set the minimum requirements for stages I, II and III. Allow Terrans and Jenquai to still receive invites to do stage II only. When a Progen reaches 150 they should be able to return and do stages I, II and III of the Agrippa content. There should be no barriers preventing this. None. If a Progen wants to do Agrippa I, II and III at the earliest requirements that is possible too. And then *importantly* Progens can also take part in the rest of the Progen content without fear of out-levelling the brackets or the need to create multiple warriors, privateers or sentinels just to cover all the content. Right now, the system is the same as before: bad limitations defended with poor excuses. [/quote] Amen Lot. I thought the brackets were gone, so I went ahead with leveling my PW and having fun. I figured I'd go through the headache of AGrippa after I got my TS leveled and could get my own ores. Now I find out that the brackets weren't removed and my PW is once again screwed out of Agrippa, just like I was before. Oh well, I guess I'm out of Agrippa until someone pulls Byakhee's head out of his rear-end or I start another PW, neither of which will likely happen for a long time.
  9. Glad to hear its not just me I was touring my alts around and they all crashed gating into Grissom. I was afraid the GM's would beat me if I listed that many toons as stuck on a ticket.
  10. I had the exact same issue on my PP. She got a symbol of Loyalty but that's as far as it went. I tried talking to Telum with the Effervo Quinque and the ammo for it, but all I get is a talk tree about advancing to Stage 2 through an invite which is totally unhelpful. After spending hours talking to Blacklung, Magoo, and Rack trying to figure out what the next step should be, I gave up on the whole thing.
  11. Toaster

    Focus Test

    [quote name='Toaster' timestamp='1329823868' post='54171'] I know precisely what you are talking about. I've seen it happen in Cooper occasionally. I'll be fighting a bunch of fish then there will be ungodly lag, and when it clears up one of the mobs has disappeared and shows far in the distance as "unknown(0)." I'll gladly help you try and track down this bug. [/quote] A bit more background. I was looting when this bug occured and my tractor beam was redirected to point 0.0.0. I'm sure others have seen this as well, where the tractor beam is focused off in the distance. I figured this was just a display bug where the client lagged and then wasn't sure where to place the tractor beam animation so it defaulted to the center of the sector. This may be related to the Unknown(0) bug. Just figured I'd bring it up
  12. Toaster

    Focus Test

    I know precisely what you are talking about. I've seen it happen in Cooper occasionally. I'll be fighting a bunch of fish then there will be ungodly lag, and when it clears up one of the mobs has disappeared and shows far in the distance as "unknown(0)." I'll gladly help you try and track down this bug.
  13. Toaster


    I can only speculate as the cause and I don't have a solution. But what I do know is the issue with lag that I have seen doesn't appear to be machine specific. I've gotten similar results testing on my fileserver and laptop as I did on my main PC. My fileserver is running an older AMD Phenom X4 with a 7900 GTX and my Laptop is running a Core 2 Duo with twin 8800GTX gpu's. Since I normally run 2-3 clients on the same machine and only the single client doing the firing is the one that lags (I can switch to my TT or JD with no problems and they are running fine) I can only assume it is a problem with the way the server is transmitting data to that single client or possibly the way that client is processing the data. I apologize if my previous response sounded short, that was not my intent. I can just provide data from personal tests, no solutions.
  14. Toaster


    [quote name='Orga2' timestamp='1329605803' post='53984'] No No this is what iam taking about... I've told everyone by now that my video card 8400gs is a crap card, only 8 pipelines what more can i work with and a dual-core cpu? But YOU!... in order to experience it further in time this lag u have to reach 5-6,000 VD rates before ur client can't handle it and let me guess u have a quad-core processor installed to with stand such numbers? You might have explained your testing in detail but u didn't compare it to other system hardware specs. I think it's a multitude of processor getting flooded with data packets and poor video capabilities that put's my client at a disadvantage. if you lag until 3-5000 VD rate then you don't need a choke for your quad-core! >_< So what gpu do u have installed? To help straighten this lil difference out. I still lag at or above 1,500 VD rates. [/quote] My system specs were listed on the previous page. Please read the entire thread before responding.
  15. [quote name='Ryle' timestamp='1329488126' post='53888'] Well mimir mostly im riffing on the "fail/success" of mission completion. Just because someone finishes, doesnt mean it should be a guaranteed drop. So long as its repeatable. I do agree that there shouldnt be a by level lockout, sounds to me like going back and doing the missions you missed while leveling would be enough effort to justify the reward, given the fail/success rate at the final stage. I was just disagreeing with the concept of "Oh, i did this and didnt get my shiny the first time like I wanted" I mean, im not gonna even try to calculate ammo costs and repairing/rebuilding of high level raid items to see how much my skull shield was. I know it took me almost 2 years to get it and 30+ tries, thats what I am saying. [/quote] You missed the point completely Ryle. The Beam you Analyze for the Exam is the FIRST part of the quest. It's totally useless and only needed to start the stage II quest chain. You can't start the chain without analyzing this beam. That's my problem when it comes to Stage II invites.
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