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  1. You mentioned I could run the emulator via command line.


    net7proxy.exe /LADDRESS:0 /ADDRESS: /CLIENT:"C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\release\client.exe" /POPT /EXREORDER /DML


    How would I go about making this portable to run off a thumb drive?


    Tried it and net7proxy is not launching.

  2. trekkiejonny


    Writing up a complete workup of what happened and how they need to tell me how to undo the issue. Leaving the desktop how it is for when they get back to me but in the mean time I reformatted my laptop and have not installed ESET this time. EnB and Net7 installed and certificates checks just fine. Get to the login screen and no INV-300 However, I get "Your login information wasn't accepted. Would you mind trying again?" *long sigh*. I can log on here and net-7.org no problem. Just not the game. So I decided to create a new account to test if I can actually get into the game. I did and I can YAY!. Also fixed my account by changing the password. Thank you everyone for all your help. I will continue to run tests with ESET to see if there is a setting to prevent it from swapping certs and also will post what I hear back from them on reversing the damage. Finally fixed and I am too exhausted to play.
  3. trekkiejonny


    They do indeed bundle banking protection into the security suite. After I disable it how do I go about purging the ESET certificates and replacing them with the real ones?
  4. trekkiejonny


    Stil no go, but I have made some progress in troubleshooting. Put together a virtual box win7 to do some testing. Did not install my firewall software. EnB + Net7 installed, patched just fine, and installed the certificate. Went to check the certificate and success, it checked out, no INV-300. Now here is the odd part. When I went to https://sunrise.net-7.org/AuthLogin to look at the certificate it was from a different issuer then on the main host computer/my laptop. My guess is somewhere along the line my firewall + antivirus software ESET Smart Security must have switched out the certificate. Tried to export the good cert back into the host computer but that did not work. Attached screen shots and the abnormal cert from laptop. Will run some more virtual box installs with firewall software ESET to try and recreate what happened. Side note. Still could not get past the login screen in virtual box. "I'm sorry your user name and password are not recognized". Can deal with that frustration later. Firefox-sunrisenet-7org (ESET).crt
  5. trekkiejonny


    Still no go for me. Unchecked "check for server certification revocation" in Internet Explorer > Internet Options > Advanced. Restarted Computer. Still get the INV-300 error. Screenshot of launcher attached.
  6. trekkiejonny


    Local cert box is not checked. On either computer. Also tried the spamming approach, after 30+ times of INV-300 I stopped. Will switching to Windows 10 fix this issue or make more? Edit: Found the error log in a different spot. In "Advanced Settings"
  7. trekkiejonny


    Between me and the sunrise server? How do I go about fixing a connection issue? Thanks for all your help karu.
  8. trekkiejonny


    It loads with the text Valid=False
  9. trekkiejonny


    Thank you for your response Antflyer, Launched your recommend command in a run as administrator command terminal. Still get INV-300 error. I have installed on a different computer running Windows 7 and also get the same error. Same log entry for the error as well. Still working the problem. Going to try uninstalling everything and also my security suite ESET then reinstalling EnB before installing ESET. This seems drastic but that is the only other thing I can find on this forum to do. Open to any troubleshooting suggestions as I would rather not uninstall my antivirus/firewall.
  10. trekkiejonny


    Can not get into the game. After Net7 is done patching I click play and can't log in due to INV-300 error. Trying to troubleshoot. I believe it is an issue with the certificate. When I go to LaunchNet7 > Help > Check Certificate it errors with Could not check ssl certificate status. Details: The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly. I am running Windows 7 SP1 32bit with ESET Smart Security 10 Tried turning off my firewall and antivirus but I still get the same INV-300 when I try and connect and the same error when I try and check the certificate. Please help. I would really like to play EnB again. From error log
  11. trekkiejonny

    Text bug?

    Was talking to Reclaimer Ort on Arx Spartoi. In his dialog there was this "@Name". Thinking its a posible syntax error with a command in text to display my name. JPG attached.   [attachment=2914:Reclaimer Ort Text Error cropped.jpg]