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  1. Ammocomps is my old acct used as a Vault that is no longer in use..   Please update with this :   Guild: Voncorp Galatic Empire   Founder: Vonbon   Alt: Killerklyde
  2. Thx for the update , we appreciate it... :D
  3. i Understand , beleive me... BUT .. after all these crashes it has shown many things that are causes... so lets look at these and do some fixin is all im sayin...  :D
  4. i just got a an email from a freind of mine that i invted to play that never played before and he said thx but no thx... ugh that's the 4th person this week....   can we take the server down for awhile and fix the issues instead of just restarting it to keep failing ?
  5. dead again....   since this is the 8th time in as many hours could it be possible to just take it down for awhile to have a real good look at it for proper fixin ...   Cuz at this point its not playable anyways... it wouldnt hurt to take it down so the DEVs can really look at these issues..   just a thought.... :D
  6. the video needs to be longer Darkk............. lol
  7. We needa P-wipe badly..... all of my ships need paint jobs ...
  8. Happy Birthday, VonBon!

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