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  1. there are a lot of blackmail-type e-mails circulating this very moment. pointing towards the server here is a bit of a stretch though. any malious code can fish password from your webbrowser these days, and post them in some bogus e-mail message. you might want to check your own system first. internet through a VPN + get a decent malware/ addblocker / antivirus seems to be getting mandatory. even if you never visit malicious websites. embedded adds are easily infected with malware aswell.
  2. Tried the "help" section in the top right? (helped me out in the past) launcher > Help > Advanced Settings > "Force Update" let it re-patch to recent version. doesn't seem to be anything concerning 4K. (i've ran it on 4K with the net7 config Kyp mentioned, its a remote desktop connection to my PC using an Nvidia shield though)
  3. wow, that thing looks impressive, might even get my pops on board as he likes doing wood projects. thanks for that Mim!
  4. Alurra (and possibly others) been pondering getting a 3D printer like the Prusa i3 MK3S, seems a tad expensive, but it feels better to me then getting a cloned version of it, or a cheap one to start out with. not afraid of a little construction-work that comes with a complete kit, and not a fan of getting separate components (like you would building a PC) i realize the thing would probably have zero pratical use beyond printing stuff for fun, but creating stuff in a 3D program and then printing that just seems really appealing. i think i prolly will need to set up the thing in the basement, or at work in order to find a safe place for it. (am thinking you'd never let these things run un-attended) any thoughts appreciated,
  5. while solo during "off" hours; - a place to generate traffic with large numbers of low lvl stuff to shoot? (VG grade, like the seeding navs?) (i'm assuming we can't be kitted with gate guardian turrets so we can solo stuff?) - PM travelling gear, roadrunners and the likes for zipping around. (could just gate between two sectors the entire day, but unsure if that helps)
  6. for reference. couldn't get the game to launch, installing VCRedists didnt seem to work. finally dragged the .dll sat in the live folder into the PTR folder and got it running . nubspoon tactics work every now n then!
  7. don't spose we could run both live and PTR at the same time, or will that interfere with testing ?
  8. happy to assist second screen available for 5 alts some days are worse than others, but gate / station exits boot me to desktop at times
  9. got the same message today, it was looking for version 2.45, was working on the same machine yesterday without the error. inplace re-installed Net7 launcher > Help > Advanced Settings > "Force Update" *patches up to 542* okay now, not sure what i messed up.
  10. i've pondered doing that actually, but it's still a bit beyond my skillset at the moment. the textures themselves don't seem to have a whole lot of identifiable functional patterns . (other than panels/armor and stuff that looks like exhaust ports) been eyeballing blender's discombobulator, looks to be an easy way to recreate scifi spacecraft hull panels and the like. YT
  11. back from dabbling (Xenon + Pirates wiped out) a bit in X4 Foundations (an even older "love" pre-dating EnB) picked up a second hand HP Deskpro for about 80 EUR (new ssd drive, windows 10) . also got about 24 old 24-inch LCD's sitting at the shop collecting dust. just need to find a cheap GPU that can power 3 LCD's (DVi+VGA only) . concerning the TLS bit; have a bit of work to do on some customers VOIP Phones, the supplier is also dropping TLS 1.1 support , which'll mean firmware upgrades for most (autoprovisioned luckily, but forced reboots/some downtimes) if you do nothing you lose network phone directories etc.. used to remember when windows 98 went through the same thing as XP, you could basicly connect a 98 machine to the open internet and watch it get infected fairly quickly.
  12. Mim, posted a short summary on the previous page a while ago. theres a single big problem though to summarize it : the W3D (or converted) files are in no shape or form "ready for use" by 3D printing software. hence you want to learn how to use your modeling software of choice (i picked blender cause i already had a wee bit of knowledge there) out the top of my head, concerning the ageing process / naming convention: e.g.: SPW23 (Progen Wings variant 2, age 3) S - Ship P - race P / T / J W - ship-part H = Hull / P = Profession / W = Wingtype 2 - variant (1-3) in case of SPP prefix you'd get : 1 / 2 / 3 ; trader/warrior/explorer 3 - age (1-3) some bits are harder to find, such as the Sentinel solar sail type thingies, there doesnt seem to be a variable for profession solely. (sentinel sails would be SPP33)
  13. Mim, mine was around 30 EUR to get printed (i don't own a printing machine) Alurra here could prolly make an actual estimate of raw material costs. but yeah, as zackman mentioned, models are still protected by copyright laws, so private use is prolly the only thing you can get away with. i've been spotting "fake" warhammer 40k models being sold here & there though, not sure if that means companies aren't actively tracking & trying to sue ppl for copyright infringement. (my guess is they are.) will be resuming my own work (sanding /primer / filler ) at a later point, summer heat is kinda killing my motivation atm. :)
  14. Beta > Sunset like most here i guess. got drawn in by a co-worker that was in the Beta. Galileo - Guardians of Destiny (also current) Partisan - JE later on with Dutch Alliance Sjaak - TE played together with Aodbigjoe/GeneralPhreaker?/Snake? to name a few remember being dragged along trips with Snake doing all sorts of weird out-of-the-box stuff. Vrix shenenigans in ROC, getting Militia groups to fight eachother in DT and spawning Scooters etc. in the last months before sunset joined a single guild where a very large group of players gathered (Reborn/Scorned i can't really recall) oh and the guy in market selling stuff with the truck ascii art, wish i remembered the name.. last seconds on Galileo were in an ascendant Voltoi raid with a boatload of people.
  15. picked up some of that cyanoacrilate super glue you mentioned Alurra: "Loctite Super Glue 3 Precision" fixated the parts with some rubberbands/clamps and let it sit for a while (there wasn't any immediate adhesion like w. normal plastics) it seems to be fairly sturdy now. also picked up a cheap plastic 7mm stick/cylinder type thingy which fit nicely. tbc
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