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  1. @crighton Connect to a 4G/5G (phone) hotspot? rule out modem/firewall issues.
  2. long time since i visited the forum, but Oof.. Reading the first post, i imagine some sort of default tool allowed for unlocking of the database files? Mad props for you and your crew Kyp, whilst sorting out this nightmare...
  3. the dropdown box seems greyed out at first glance.. but it is extremely unlikely 48.24.x.x is your private ip address. posted ip address lands somewhere in the State of New Jersey. (might be a good idea to obscure that part to be honest) as per the ancient IANA textbooks; the only valid ones for private ranges are: Class A: to Class B: to Class C to if you use CMD to run ipconfig, the " IPv4 Address" section should be the value you need it the launcher. the net-7 . launcher-tools might also be helpful > help button > flush dns. advanced > force update . etc.
  4. the appeal of starting a fresh character is ever present across many games i think, it is, imho, also a more viable strategy for long-term enjoyment of the game instead of racing through the finish, getting everything you want, and then burning yourself out. the social/guild aspect plays a role, but that will only take you so far as to keeping yourself invested in the game. the only real concern with twitch is the aspect ratio, might be better to go full vanilla and fullscreen in 4:3 ? , most of us will have gotten used to the "stretched" look, but might look weird to an "outsider".
  5. concerning twitch; the Earth and Beyond channel has 87 followers... i was thinking, next single character raid, i might record or stream with Nvidia shadowplay and see if that works. seems plausible not all of those 87 followers are actually playing on the server.
  6. Ah.... thanks for clearing this up. i hadn't realised they were infact separate functionalities... looks like account vault is sufficient for my immediate needs, always thought the setup-fee + daily cost was needed.
  7. Hope this is the right spot to place this. Could someone shed some light on how this is supposed to work, or am i "doing it wrong" ? - add new vault - pick one of my vault toons (e.g. vault1) - yet this toon can only be selected as a source, not a destination for a vault transfer? am i supposed to make all characters that are transferring items a "vault" ? i would expect the vault-character to be a destination in an item transfer-process, not a source? e.g.: - edit vault1 character - add "rights" to all other toons - tick team vault - select normal character as source - select vault1 as destination add more vaults as needed (faction/loot/ore etc.) must be missing something..
  8. thank you for taking the time to investigate Karu. will see how this develops (seem indeed fine now)
  9. for several weeks i have been experiencing slow, or even no response, after ticking the reply box. Firefox, Chrome, Edge. makes no difference, disabled extensions like adblockers etc. try to post 4-5 times: stuck on "saving..." random attempt, say nr.6, instant response, message posted. work & home location, different times of the day. not sure whats going on, or simply the server being busy, i'd like to think i've ruled everything out on my end, but who knows..
  10. you are right-clicking the BIN folder? RMB the launchnet7.exe instead. the tab header should also reflect this and read: " LaunchNet7 properties"
  11. by "the game window opens", you mean it gets as far as the intro movie? wild guess, but there isn't many things that can kill a running program, except maybe an overzealous Antivirus... Also running w11. recentely reinstalled and haven't had to make any changes besides granting admin-rights + xp compatibility to the Net7config.exe.
  12. @Gwahir maybe a seperate discord channel can be created for this?, could be as little info as a gentle reminder when raids are expected to be starting, with proper timezones for all. just a thought.
  13. really digged the looting role, AND the bonus XP .. happy to do so again.
  14. happy to set the alarm again!, only on weekends though, lol
  15. eh poke me if it's during EU-friendly times. PW/JD/JE/TE/TT/
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