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  1. am eyeballing the Prusa Mini atm, still more expensive than the competition, but seems more newb-friendly. only just released. https://www.prusa3d.com/original-prusa-mini/
  2. i would like to see them, even though i don't have an actual 3d printer (yet) curious how your STL's look now, AND the end result ofcourse
  3. the geometry for the wings isn't manifold/airtight ( i could lift individual faces ) attempted a quick fix, if you are willing to have a look (just removed vertex doubles) the spikey bits trailing the wings are just 2 faces and not actual geometry, those would take a bit more work, but looks like you didnt include em either mimwings.blend
  4. those wings/solar-sail panels look quite challenging :EDIT: for those wanting to get into Blender, it recently received fairly substantial upgrade to ver.2.8
  5. need an amazon account for those links? https://imgur.com is fairly straightforward
  6. could propably separate em into parts Mim, dont have a max-level Sentinel though, so some pics for reference would be nice, see below. not sure what to do with the arms did you get the above mentioned snapmaker in the end?
  7. it also seems to be reporting warnings for known passwords ? (i am not a web-developer) on the https://haveibeenpwned.com/Passwords page. *slaps self around with a trout* upgrading my passwords...
  8. ah sorry, not too helpful then. i would recommend dropping a reply in Wolfie's topic, maybe he'll have an idea (and has notifications for his thread enabled) not too familiar (at all) with al the coding/programming language, but you would expect negative X- values for a slave monitor on the left then? tonight ill try swapping my own secondary screen to the left in device properties and see what happens, bit curious now actually since i had intended to get a 3rd LCD hooked up edit: okay, i did a simple swap of the screen to the left side of the main screen, and it is indeed unresponsive, the only thing being registered is the "mouseover" action complete with audio feedback. but name field & password quit /accountmgmt /accept are all unresponsive when you click them. oO edit 2: the AHK loading script is loading the second client on -1920x0 , so your "upper left" theory seems to be correct, it''s not something related to AHK it seems either. there must be somewhere around here that has a 3 screens, or a screen on the lefthand side of the main LCD? i was planning the below setup, which to me, would make the most sense? im going to have to rethink this [ client 1 or 2 ] [ main client] [client 1 or 2] needing the mainscreen to be on the leftmost is a bit of a deal-breaker. (and having to move to the right side of the main LCD to reach the leftmost LCD , is sure to get you plenty of XP debt.. /puzzled edit 3: moderate succes now, should be workable with 2 screens atleast, not for my intended 3 screen setup though. 2nd windowed client manually dragged to the left side. all buttons okay. completely overlooked the settings in the GPU-vendor controlpanel instead of windows settings. (Credits : Kazper) nvidia: surround config : span amd : hydra grid? so you'll have a 3840x1080 desktop, instead of extending it via windows settings. think i will have to resort to a 4k screen myself as secondary so i dont get overlap with 5 alts. was hoping i could position one alt on the screen left of my main screen, could technically manually launch 6 clients in varying resolutions and drag em where i wanted (and hope none crash, or disconnect) /back to my original setup
  9. since it isn't mentioned anywheres. are you running it in windowed mode? should be able to do whatever you want with them once they run in that mode (to my experience) also might want to have a look in Wolfie's topic: even if you never use the macro stuff, its a great way to launch the clients and devide it across your 2 screens automagically. (works with 1920x1080 just fine)
  10. there are a lot of blackmail-type e-mails circulating this very moment. pointing towards the server here is a bit of a stretch though. any malious code can fish password from your webbrowser these days, and post them in some bogus e-mail message. you might want to check your own system first. internet through a VPN + get a decent malware/ addblocker / antivirus seems to be getting mandatory. even if you never visit malicious websites. embedded adds are easily infected with malware aswell.
  11. Tried the "help" section in the top right? (helped me out in the past) launcher > Help > Advanced Settings > "Force Update" let it re-patch to recent version. doesn't seem to be anything concerning 4K. (i've ran it on 4K with the net7 config Kyp mentioned, its a remote desktop connection to my PC using an Nvidia shield though)
  12. wow, that thing looks impressive, might even get my pops on board as he likes doing wood projects. thanks for that Mim!
  13. Alurra (and possibly others) been pondering getting a 3D printer like the Prusa i3 MK3S, seems a tad expensive, but it feels better to me then getting a cloned version of it, or a cheap one to start out with. not afraid of a little construction-work that comes with a complete kit, and not a fan of getting separate components (like you would building a PC) i realize the thing would probably have zero pratical use beyond printing stuff for fun, but creating stuff in a 3D program and then printing that just seems really appealing. i think i prolly will need to set up the thing in the basement, or at work in order to find a safe place for it. (am thinking you'd never let these things run un-attended) any thoughts appreciated,
  14. while solo during "off" hours; - a place to generate traffic with large numbers of low lvl stuff to shoot? (VG grade, like the seeding navs?) (i'm assuming we can't be kitted with gate guardian turrets so we can solo stuff?) - PM travelling gear, roadrunners and the likes for zipping around. (could just gate between two sectors the entire day, but unsure if that helps)
  15. for reference. couldn't get the game to launch, installing VCRedists didnt seem to work. finally dragged the .dll sat in the live folder into the PTR folder and got it running . nubspoon tactics work every now n then!
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