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  1. This forum and Net-7 account was Mordor's so the forum account and email passed with him when he died, so no way a new password was acquired. Mordina was on an account part of the 9 account master controlled by Mordor that I have the N-7 log in information. Vonprogen is not one of those 9 accounts and not linked to Mordor's accounts in any way. This was a force move of a toon from one master account to a completely unrelated master account without him having any information than just the account's name only. Again why he went this route AND was able to convince a Dev to authorize it seems so extreme for somebody just taking back lending somebody a toon. Fact he deleted one of Mordor's accounts to was just insult to the injury. And in fact Von wouldn't even know that his Net-7 or Forums isn't listed under Mordor but under another name only a couple of us know.
  2. Sure but this means somebody was able to move a character from a master account to their account with ONLY the account name, not even the password. Remember the password for the account had been changed and the person that got the Dev to move the toon, because they couldn't even log in to that account anymore. So saying anybody can just guess one of your account names and then get one of your toons moved to their account. Makes you feel secure doesn't it? The shutting down part. I have used Mord's account to feed gear to his guildies after he has been gone and for building. So he is still contributing to helping his friends even though he has passed on. In fact I had given Vonbon's other PW a set of turbo and some gear from those accounts when he came back. In fact some guildies asked me to make them some item using Mord's toon so they had a device, engine or whatever with his name on it, as he was very beloved.
  3. hey bud need you help with some shady crap that happened.

    1. iceminer


      if you wonder what it is, see the dev web help I posted about a stolen toon and deleted account.  Woody said a GM can't address this issue only a dev.  But this is messed up, would have been nice to also know what dev helped him do it.

    2. iceminer


      if somebody can steal your toon they only have the account name and not even the password, it isn't a good thing to be let happening.

  4. I was letting Vonbon borrow one of my Progen Warriors I got from Mordor when he died and gave me his account information. With the current fall out between he and I, I decided to change the password to the account and take control back of this character. Today I get on and can't log in the account and the toon Mordina gone from the guild I moved her to last night. Found out from Woodstock that the account was deleted and the toon Mordina was moved from Mordor's master account over to Vonprogen one of Vonbon's accounts. He had to get Dev help to accomplish this as woody said he can't even do anything about this. If he told some dev it was his toon that was 100% a lie. He couldn't give you another log in from that master account only that one. I would like this toon moved back. Since the account was deleted it would also be fine to move it to one of Mordor's other 8 accounts on that master. This is shady and completely over the top action for a petty thing like not being able to use somebody's toon anymore they were kind enough to let you borrow.
  5. he must have to shave your butt. No way you still have hair dealing with me all these years.... Kenu is probably a cueball too.
  6. I know it was you trying to duck me, just like in live.
  7. Hather you better find me when you get back on!!!
  8. You say "would be hard to exclude the TT from a mission making device." Well it was in live because it was an EXPLORERS mission line. Adding the TS would be fine, but it was never intended for anybody other than explorers. JD didn't get it, TT didn't get it. Just a lot of things have been done to NOT change things as it would take away from what happened in live (the TT getting the PT's Bubble skill late AND device building), but yet THIS was changed from live. Thank you for helping Prre and us with the info. It was nothing against you in ANY form. It was about changing story line from live. Like taking all the Terran restricted off the Loony's items.. BOGERIL HATE TERRANS. That was why the restriction was there, but complaints happen. Just the fact things that used to be protested (back in st2) that changes won't be made if they were that way in live, but now they can/are was the hipocrisy I was bringing up. I had a talk to Arthur Dent all is good. Just because toons HAVE a skill doesn't mean they should be included for all missions. Or JT would get the TA mission (terrans), Everybody stage one Agrippa (Progens). These were Explorer reward prints. All is fine, just wanted to wonder the thought process for changing away from this.
  9. well the TT never got the builds in live. It was for explorers now the explorers are locked out. Just backwards now.
  10. So helping some people finish these missions just really makes me wonder one key thing... How did the build missions SUDDENLY go from EXPLORER only mission to TRADER missions? These were part of a long series from the devs from live to "make it up" to the Progen Sentinals and Jenquai Explorers. Loony's missions, Mars Mining Project, Call Forward, Compulsary Comtemplation, etc. The prints for the device, reactors and shield were mission rewards to explorers at the end. NOW the PS/JE can't get them? WHY/HOW was it decided to change this around to the traders getting them?
  11.        Well as a PS main that drives on a lot of raids.  Not sure I really want ANOTHER debuffer for impact as Basilisk, Salamander, Chili Popper already is a lot for a level 8 reactor to deal with, in addition to Decay/Atrophy/Burden/Menace etc.  Even my 5 slots I have too many toys to equip that my TAO, Diaymo, QSP, etc have to sit in cargo with all the debuffing.  And thank goodness the PS has a level 9 shield to take the beating from GL/Menace/Triple Debuffing at the start of a wave.            I only use my 5 gravity link to get first aggro 9k+ out, that is the PW's job on the raids.  And also impact debuffing is the Terran's job.. The group cooperation for buffs/debuffs is always a part of the game.  I'm sure everybody would love to be able to debuff all the ammo types they can use, but not how set up to run as a group environment.  Also my repulsor fields on the TE/PW/PS is a nice little damage bonus for the tanks taking their beatings.         Few would say a JE is a poor raiding toon with DEA turbo/reactor boost.  Sapping for power.  Group cloaking.  Rallying cry to remove menace (great for Fishbowls and GoBB.)  CC would be nice, but they do quite well without it.          We all raid differently and have likes/dislikes for classes and equipment use.   But to claim the JE and PS aren't raiding toons is really a stretch.
  12. Another crash when we were doing the Gen'ril in DT on the final wave.  Just putting in a screen shot so maybe go back and check server info if bug related or not.
  13. The Banbury stop off on our trip was a highlight to meet Prre and his family.  We did a London-Edinburgh-London as mom wanted to see London area where her grandfather was from (Marlybone) and wanted to see Scotland.  Almost same trip me and the ex-wife took.
  14. both friday and saturday server crashed on the scooter boss wave.[attachment=3054:ScreenShot31.jpg]   pic has him up and as you can see the group buffs already are gone from the crash.
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