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  1. This post was created to find out game status not for your petty bickering Spa/PirateBands. Take it to another thread.
  2. Is there a time table for stability/content? I realize that you folks are volunteers but, without fixes/content it's difficult to attract players/donations. Server population dwindles monthly. Squashing bugs is great but, what good will that do when there aren't enough left to support the game?
  3. What's going on with the game? No server fixes. No new content. Its hard to donate when there appears to be no progress on either front.
  4. If the triggers are up, call out for people in general chat and commence the raid. Dump the rotation.
  5. Thank you for the resolution.. My sincere apologies and thanks to Plateau.
  6. I have 1/2 a dozen items missing from my character. This happened Wednesday evening. The missing items were replaced by duplicates of existing items some of which are unique and I shouldn't be able to have 2 of. I opened a ticket in game which was handled by GM Plateau. On Thursday the response was "there is nothing we can do" and besides you can go out and have the items remade with the exception of the Seal of the Dragon. That I can put you on the last step of the mission. When it came to the missing bullyeye device I was told that there is no record of me ever having one and I could always go get another. This is BS as I've had the items for months. Basically indicating I was lying about having the device. After telling Plateau if the problems couldn't be fixed I no longer needed to pay/play. His official response was thank you for playing the EnB emulator. Lousy service at best. I don't believe the problem can't be fixed. I do believe either he didn't have the skills to fix it or he was just lazy. Take your pick.
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