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Good Evening!


In live I played on Galileo. There I was in Sirius Cybernetics Corporation, Jemhadar and a few others mainly with a 150 of every toon. Here in the Emu I played since the very beginning but left due to RL on many occasions but always coming back! I was very active and playing in Static in the Emu with all of my toons but it died and I left. I then ventured to Builders Inc years ago with all 3 of my new toons and was very active there. There were tons of active players there when I last was on.


But I was unable to logon and hadn't played for several consecutive years. I just returned to playing actively last weekend, so it's only been about 1.5 weeks of play each night after work. But Builders Inc. is completely dead so I have left and am homeless now.


I am looking for an active guild!!! Who is playing now!?


I have asked which guilds are currently active and received 4-5 different answers... The truth is what I seek, although I am not a Jenquai =P

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EpicGamers and VonsGalatic are the ones I see most frequently ingame.  [I don't know anything about their internals, nor their support for players.]

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