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  1. Hey man hope you are doing great. 

    Going to check TS out soon again to check you guys out. 


    Looks like ENB is still being played regularly by quiet some people and its amazing to see that there is still allot of movement within the community. Keep it going you guys!


    Cheers to Kyp and the guys! 


  2. By me Replying to you in no ways means that we are changing ISPs or are going to ! But if you want to do some searching and get some info on other providers you can and should post in this thread or start a new 1 thanks !  Provide links and pricing.  Satanic
  3. Yep those Projens lol  Enjoy your vacation Buba  :)
  4. Guys these arguments and type of comments do not belong on the forums ! So please refrain going forward ! If you have a problem with someone or any other issue post it to private chat to the persons that you have an issue with ! Not on the forums as there are many other players who don't need to read this. We need to clean up the forums they are not a place to argue /rant and rave but a place to communicate calmly ! Important Information about raids member achievements ETC Thank you I'm not picking on any 1 person But am asking please post with moderation not tempers !
  5. YES the old code from the original game has been rewritten from scratch so has been a very  Gargantuan Job ! Seems to me we are not far off on the game play from live ! ? And going forward every day with new content fixes ! The story line will be advancing in the near future as the main coders @ Developers get done with the big projects they have in Real life Jobs !
  6. [b]Still Needed:[/b] [img]https://forum.enb-emulator.com/public/style_images/currency/money_dollar.png[/img] [b]469.30[/b] is what is needed to meet Julys donation lvl And it is the 27 th today, 3 days left ! thank you to all who have donated in the past and present !! [quote name='Mimir' timestamp='1310766529' post='43299'] I was wondering that myself... I only remember seeing the advertising for the last few weeks, so maybe it was more of a safety net? [/quote]
  7. I Agree with you there is a whole lot more to this game besides the fast pace leveling ! there is really a very nice storyline to this game and quite a large back story ! would be nice to have a chat channel for the people who want to immerse themselves .But really there already is a channel for each race and profession so that has it covered in my minds eye ! [quote name='Morgue' timestamp='1304957356' post='40425'] I enjoy playing EnB and have done so since the Live Beta. This game has never really had a RPG feel since no one is actually in character. It might be helpful if we got a RPG Only chat channel where you can go when you’re feeling the need to immerse yourself into the EnB culture. I monitor most of the channels, but really tire of all the off topic stuff especially on the New Player Chat. I feel guilty when I turn it off because I really appreciate the help I have received, but the game could take on a whole new feel for those of us who would like to stay in character and enjoy the back story and playing the game and aren't just here to see how fast we can get to Level 150. [/quote]
  8. Hello this is your Dusty Old Bookkeeper again! I sincerely apologize to all players for not posting a financial report sooner! I Will be doing this annually from now on ! [i]Here we go .. [/i] First, let's say that this financial report is overdue. There have been several changes and problems that had to be dealt with on the hardware level before we could make a comprehensive accounting to you all, and explain what has been going on, and what is ahead. As most players know we have switched servers as our contract(s) ran out on the other ones and costs were going through the roof, so we upgraded to newer servers to try to control costs. We also added a web server to the package for redundancy and to prevent services from becoming unavailable if we have technical problems with one of the other machines and it also increases overall reliability and performance with the newer technology. [b]Basic cost breakdowns are as follows :[/b] Server OS Software cost: $115.80 USD /mth Web Server cost: $191.08 USD /mth Play & Development server machine cost: $767.90 USD /mth Microsoft Sharepoint Development Collaboration system: $ 30.00 USD /mth DevExpress Development Package cost: $ 67.00 USD /mth So monthly project costs without any NEW Software cost : $1171.78 USD per month We only have the Donations goal currently set at $750.00 per month. While we had a reserve coming into the year, attempting to maintain the monthly costs on the current servers and required expenses, this has caused us to evacuate a large portion of the balance. Given the above information to prevent the project's failure or to avoid any cutting back in the development progress being made, we need to raise the donations immediately to a functional level to account for price hikes and changes in the respective economies of both the US and the UK. We're thinking that a new goal of $1225.00 USD per month allows us to maintain current services and reserve a little for any newer development issues that may arise. In a perfect world, with 11,656 registered accounts (while we are pretty sure that many aren't active) at this time, or assuming multiple accounts from the same individual or family (no more than 3 in general) so we'll divide that number to get: 3885.33 estimated unique players accounts. If everyone were to donate, costs would be covered by an amount of 0.32 cents per person. Not everyone can afford to donate and we understand that, we just wanted to break it down for all to see. With all that said, thank you to those who do donate to these goals. We are very appreciative of your contributions and want to give E&B back to you in all of its former glory (and then some!). Your Dusty old Bookkeeper, Satanicexhile / Rich J THANK YOU TO THE DONATORS! AS YOU MAKE THIS PROJECT POSSIBLE FOR ALL!!!
  9. HI MY NAME IS SATANICEXHILE ,THE OLD DUSTY Bookkeeper I Just want to thank all the player's who donate to help pay the bills for servers software licenses and new software to advance the game! We/I/The Board of Directors Do Not waste a dime of your hard earned money! We more than appreciate all your playtime and support from the Donors and Non donors. All player's! Thank You Very Much! There are some Very Nice Things Coming In The Future! As I am also not only the Dusty Old Guy Bookkeeper, I lead the Graphics Team. I need volunteers who are willing to help improve the graphics in the game, new content, and some improvements in the old - although limited on the old. You can contact me through the forum -send me a tell ! { AND AGAIN THANK YOU ALL!! } - SATANICEXHILE
  10. hey you around or decided to quit i havent heard anything in a long time i have some projects ready to start and a work partner for you he does 2 d and some other things let me know if your interested i sure was looking forward to you helping us as we are starting to get down to the final basics now thanks Rich J Satanicexhile

  11. hey you ready for some 3 d work ?

    we have a holloween party we need some wepons for i have the 2 d asset

  12. AS C Dell said it would be really nice to get the Client code would make it allot easier to update the graphics of the game !and help in other areas also.
  13. :(as CDell said it is very hard to find qualified people to volunteer for upgrading the graphics allot of people say they can but don't have much experience ! And most really good modelers are really busy in real-life. We Do have many posts out there for volunteers though. { Can you volunteer some time} ? And what is your experience with graphics and modeling ? Thanks Satanic
  14. LETS NOT LOCK IT ! Might Learn something . I know i need to, I hope to learn untill the day i die !
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