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  1. Got it on first kill, took me 10 minutes to find it
  2. Aah thx, it's working again. Earlier i received a weird error when clicking my character, something about invalid Signature ID in red letters. Wasn't thinking anything of it, but obviously it was under there ;)   Thx!
  3. Hi all :)   Where is that nifty signature generator? I cannot seem to find it on the Net-7 page any longer?   Kind regards, Kami.
  4. Hi all,   First off, thank you so much for this game!! I've been enjoying it like when in live, i really love how you all put in the effort and managed to recreate the best game ever.   Since last patch, i'm experiencing some weird lag that will occur a few minutes, sometimes hours, after logging in.   My navigation actions respond as quickly as ever, but when i want to interact with something, like talking, selecting, or firing, i'm experiencing a lag somewhere between 2-5 seconds.   I have this on two seperate computers, and i can vouch that it is not network related. Sometimes, it occurs on one computer, while the other is fine. After some time, the issue appears on both computers.   Restarting the client resolves it for a while; yesterday i could play normally for a few hours after restart, but tonight it is becomming laggy again within several minutes.   Does anybody have the same issue, or an idea where the problem lies?   Personally, i feel it has something to do with the client itself.     Kind regards, Kami.    
  5. Can i ask what nav / mob it is? Can't seem to find that info anywhere.
  6. Yeah, i found this thread (wish i looked for it sooner :P): https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/5823-server-status/page-255   They are restarting. Also, it gives the status in the launcher. Current status is 'Starting'.
  7. Hi,   I can't seem to load into the game; Login goes fine, but as soon as i enter the game, the client hangs on the map screen, and crashes to desktop.   Are there any issues? My toon was docked at Nostrand Vor.   Kind regards, Kami.   --   Never mind, seems there is a server restart ;)   Sorry for the post.
  8. Same problem as of now; I cant log in, it hangs at the loading screen, and the client says failed to respond..   Are there any issues atm?
  9. Seems it was confirmed by other people. Searing GM and Blacklung are aware of the situation. Stay clear of F7, as it seems to be related to the issues.
  10. Hi all,   I was wondering if any1 has experienced this thusfar.   I've been playing again for a while now, and never had a crash or anything. Today i entered Glenn for the first time, and made my way to Friendship 7.   I noticed that it doesn't have a model / skin, just a yellow waypoint in mid-air. I can dock it tho.   Then, when warping to another wp, i crashed to desktop.   This happens every time now. I don't even need to warp; just moving around makes the client crash. Also, after undocking from FS7, i appear somewhere in mid-map space, but moving and warping to a waypoint doesn't move my ship, nor my location on the map. After logging out / logging in, i appear outside of FS7 again.   I'm kinda stuck now; cant move for 2 seconds, or my client crashes.   Any1 know what to do here?   Kind regards, Kami.
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