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  1. The forum population is far to small of a sample size for reputation to mean anything anyway , I know alot of the people actively posting here don't respond well to fact logic or reason or changes would of been made long ago. But here's another attempt On a extremely good day , best case scenario on the weekend there are 150 people logged in to the game its self .Evidence from many games has proven that at best 10% of the game community will visit the forums more like 1% actively - So lets go with best case scenario , 15 people actively visiting - 10% (and thats going off 150 people on the game not the usual 30-70 or factoring multi boxers , so the number is likely far lower) So of those 15 people even fewer are going to care enough to even give reputation , Making reputation a completely inaccurate measuring tool as its going to always be the same people posting positive/ negative reputation , And anyone with a view that doesnt fit the 5 people on the forum actively will naturally be met by a flood of dings on the rep .
  2. You cant expect reputation +'es on the forums if you step out of the 4 or 5 active members of the forums opinions you will obviously get spammed negative. So it wont make me feel better at all , As the function is meaningless. So feel free to keep spamming the negative. But as pointed out in another thread.... You can keep using the same equation it wont yield a different result then it has for the last multiple years, No matter how much the 4 or 5 of you are convinced it will regardless of years of evidence to the contrary . But carry on.
  3. ^ you should . I could write a long post, But I'll keep it short In the long run more will leave As i said before you can't keep doing the same equation and expect the result to change 5 years is a long enough sample to know the equation isn't working.
  4. Dings mean nothing when its the same few making the dings , forum population, My post was highly relevant , You cant have an election with one unsuitable person standing Thats not democracy its communism but actually it kinda fits.
  5. We have seen what people think and this thread has gone remarkably quiet people trying to hide from it.
  6. what you have to ask yourselves , Is a advocate that has clearly shown himself to be heavily biased and want to do things a lot of the GAME population (not forum we all know the forums are mostly populated by the minority more hardcore players usually static BI and VGE) Hence the forums relative activeness, Is this really better then no advocate at all really ? Are we THAT desperate? The login numbers were struggling to get above 100 most of yesterday and are currently at 50 now , That's a Saturday and Sunday ?, It is summer now , But the winter numbers were no better this year or last? Do we really want to make things worse ? Really , Find someone suitable or this advocate election will be decided by really low voter turnout , As people will remain uninterested in the game , Things need to start heading a new direction not the same old from the same group. No doubt some will get mad at this post some will find away to make personal attacks. But the thing is its been the same group in the community for a good few years with a vision - The vision hasn't worked - No matter how you shape it , It hasn't there are far less players then there were, And the population continues to decline , You cant keep doing the same equation and expect the result to change , Continuing down this path only ends one way , You've had this proven to you irrefutably over and over for the last multiple years with the population count. Pushing advocates in that agree with your minority view , May quieten the nay Sayers but it won't be your silver bullet the end result will remain the same, A change of direction is undeniably needed , To name a few areas The rotation /The raid system in general Multi boxing Class/race balance The way building works The economy (or lack of) Missions need to be more worthwhile and more obvious If the game doesnt stop boxing there needs to be a way to protect new players from the negative impact of boxing , Not sure how to do this , But boxing is extremely harmful to new players for a few reasons. Thats not all but I'm sure your all aware of the problems.
  7. Sadly there are no limits to boxing.
  8. If they can outdmg the public groups and others and cover every time zone . The little 3 may do well from the rotations removal but some how i doubt it Static is pretty much entirely gone VGE isnt doing that well either anymore Frankly neither is BI when you remove the guys capable of boxing halve a group, Bi is relatively insignificant, There power comes from 2 or 3 boxers mostly The spawn timers are only controllable to a certain degree eventually it will fall on a timer which gives outside groups a chance , In the current system with the way things work , People are breaking the rules trying to force people to follow a rotation that isnt supported by the ToS
  9. Correct me if im wrong didnt she leave due to something to do with an argument over a static raid trigger being taken down by someone else, Was pretty soon after...? I could be off.... But i dont think so , Point is she blurred the lines between player opinion and her position as advocate , Although i wasnt involved in said discussions i remember reading a few of the posts. I feel like moul wants to use the position to push his agenda with the rotation ALOT of his posts read that way , Which is the reason I'm saying he isnt impartial. And yes i know the advocate has no real power just a voice between the people and the devs, But still they should be impartial , I didnt agree with allurra on alot of stuff Same with ben (tends to happen since in their guilds their rotation opinions are polar opposite to mine as they dont want to give up the free cash cow that keeps giving to them and a tiny number of players) But they were not so openly out there with an agenda, I'll give them that atleast and on most other stuff we agreed. Sidenote i wouldnt apply for advocate not because I wouldn't get it because I'm not impartial i clearly hold a pretty right wing opinion when it comes to the rotation, Just like your not impartial your opinion is FAR too one sided . Its clear reading your post . The rotation is irrelevant , The content was put there for anyone capable to use , The only decision is the person are they capable of completing the raid before they engage it , This is what i mean about your opinion , You cant have that opinion as an advocate, The rotation directly contradicts using the content as it was intended it is there for anyone able at anytime.
  10. He cant be nominated as he wants to go the exact opposite direction of pestilence and is overly in favor of the rotation which by your own reasoning means he cannot forfill the position of advocate as he also isnt impartial as he clearly sits on the polar opposite position to pestilence, You cant have it both ways.
  11. Youve just shown why you shouldnt be an advocate you're not impartial. http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=5904be30e4b06cb867ea4eec Dont be so sure the friendly community agrees with you
  12. He made the point of getting a equal shot at the loot. This wont happen how things currently stand the little 3 are self anointed owners of 3/4 weeks of the rotation , With the public raids being carried out at precisely the same timezone every raid. Thats not an equal shot.
  13. Yeah the rotation doesnt exist beyond a gentlemens agreement , No one needs permission to do a raid , Very troubling read from someone who would be the future spokesmen of the community , people dont need permission to be nominated to enter the rotation , If they wish to do a raid they need simply kill the trigger and complete it. They need no one elses permission insinuating otherwise is misleading . I would nominate you pest but this will be over before it begins the rotation crowd are the only ones on the forums , mouli is relatively pro rotation and will stop alot of the message getting to the devs. So its a waste of time , He will join ben and other advocates in exile soon enough when he sees just how many are against the rotation in his pms.
  14. Well if nothing changes in the rotation the suggestion wouldnt change anything at all really , Which seems to be what your trying to do. Was merely pointing out if you fix half the problem but dont address the other halve , Your just going to have alot more raids with faster triggers 75% of the time 99% of the population dont have access to due to the rotation. Its highly relevant to the topic.