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  1. Na magoo, Its not called  negotiation, when multiple people (including yourself) is saying that they are trying to bully others out of using raids. Its bullying when they are sending single players to start events they cant possible due (Like your clan). Further, If thats the way you guys want to behave I'd expect the staff to step in and do something, not sit there. This is why the game is having issues, The mechanical operation of the raid instance should of been fixed.
  2. No point in wasting money on a game that is dying out, With people that are just repeating the same cycle (which in the normal world we call insanity). This game will never get fixed with its current addresses, It needs a radical approach to revitalize it, That includes improving the content in the game now, not running through hoops to try to find new additions, fact is until you get more coders (at the very least) there is no logical way the game will ever produce content to satisfy the population.   The best move for the game now is to fix level 150, and advertise, with any hope you will find a few more coders out there willing to help, and thats when you add content to the game. Let people find content in helping the new population, rather then ways of exploiting them for guild drama, and forum battles, Its utter nonsense, and i gather from conversations iv already had with 3 staff members that the people are on their ends of helping.       If the game gets fixed, we can sit down and talk about buying some serious hardware, and going somewhere with the game, in the mean time if i am going to spend money on this game, it will be offers to EA Games for Rights on the game, for the sole purpose of 1. Shutting the game down due to douch-bags, and (or) 2. Creating Enb2 (Because all logic says starting a new game makes hell of a lot more sense).
  3. I donate my time and effort to help this game, It does not need financial donations its doing fine.
  4. Says the Trolls BFF, Please gather more stooges from your corp, two of you idiots are not much of a match i need more to provide a challenge in this game of pointless childishness.
  5.   I talk a lot of reason, for example, there is no reason to have terran beam weapons in the game if they are going to be USED.     I am launching a game in 4 months (projected) that will produce 400-600m a year, already started production of the following game, 50 million is a joke, Much like random ants like you.     You talk about dollar amounts, but you don't seem to comprehend that EA is well aware we are here. They have chosen not to care. Your money won't change that. Learning what happens with our donation money might. Does any dev ever see a payout from it? Unreported income come tax-time? If you were really interested in shutting this place down, threaten to hire private investigators to follow the U.S. based devs (yea, Zack gets to be free and german. meh). That's an actual threat.   if i wanted to shut this game down i'd call up EA games and tell them about the source code editing, Check mate game over.       Like you do going from thread to thread to attack me? Give me a break, your picking the wrong fight dude. You don't attack people for coming to a game and trying to help out. Just equally is how you don't attack someone who is asking players for opinions to get a better scope of how people feel. That is not Endless "Bravado' Its trying to fix the game.    At the end of the day the simple truth is this, I came to help this game, and i am offering to develop a new game for the player base here, You can reject that, Thats fine I don't need you to develop a game, I have a dev team i pay for that.     All your ranting and endless stupidity on a buisiness model when we all know this game cant make money only shows the level of stupidity and bullshit coming out of your mouth and incase that line was not clear enough for you   QQ MORE ABOUT ME SAYING YOUR JOKE OF A CLAN SHOULD NOT RAID FOR A FEW MONTHS, Tool
  6. There is one guild here bullying the others around (or trying to do so), And are for sure bullying other newer guilds, or general population around. Drama has gone on long enough, personally think they need a little taste of justice and should sit out of raids for a few weeks, then be put in the back of the line for a few months so they get a really good idea of how they should not bully others. I have little respect for such individuals, Tbh.
  7.  It's their time and energy that has built this world up. They do it as volunteers.   Yes i know, I was one of the developers trying to help with this (and still am trying to do so). A break from the game for school  robbed me of being able to help during that time. The Game can be fixed now, there is simple Light code, Or near code free fixes.     If you want what's listed above. Build it.   I am investigating this in the conceptual phase at the moment, if it looks good, i will do just that.
  8. Yes, I am well aware of that, and its intentional. I want to bat the hornets, and let them know they cant be bullying people around, and to work with the community is better then ones self. Imo, it should be based on a need System, Who NEEDS it, Why do we have to have this clan vs clan crap? mix it up, and give the management of the rotation to a GM. Public players = First. Problem solved. 
  9. What needs to happen, Is the Lead position needs to swap, after each Rotation, So one clan cannot hold/or  monopolize  the roster. Talking to multi-parties now, I am starting to lean toward the drama is coming from a single direction when it comes to raids.   On a development side, The instance need to be lowered, and need a random regeneration factor set on them (something like 1-2 hours to 5-6 hours) so one single clan cannot monopolize it anymore.   On top of this, random spawns (Boss mobs) should become even more frequent and offer the same loot as raids.
  10. When it comes to weapons, The weapon themselves should be filling the roles of (Alpha, Dps, Burst).     Alpha damage should be done by missile based weapons Burst damage (High, short and frequent intervals of alpha; should be carried out by Projectiles) Substained Dps should be carrier out by Beams   If we rated each race according to these concepts,   weapons should work out something like as follows (1 out of 3)   Terran Dps: 2 Alpha:2 RoF:2 Range:1 Crit :3   Jenqui Dps: 1 Alpha:3 RoF:1 Range :3 Crit :2   Projan Dps:3 Alpha:1 RoF:3 Range :2 Crit :1
  11. There is a massive In balance to Terran's At the moment. What i am attempting to do is make it more viable for them to use other types of weapons. If you noticed one of the first changes...   Increase the max skill of all races for weapons to Level 9. This is to encourage more use of the weapon types out there, rather then sticking the three races to those respective weapon types. This will help encourage and raise the diversity, and fun factor of the game.   What i am attempting to do with the races, is to create a balance between the weapon types, and to encourage more competitive play for the classes, rather then the single play. Forget the skills for now, They will need to be addressed as the weapon changes take place, Which means we really can't predict how good or bad the skills will be until the player base uses it.   Terran's   As it stands now, if any of the three classes is not viable for the use of all three of their weapon types, its terran. Have you ever tried to fit beams or projectiles on a terran enforcer? This is why the buff above for their shielding. They just cant handle using other weapon types, and it makes no sense to keep it like this, one of the original developers would of saw this problem and fixed it, its something long coming. Its likely here, that we have all the skills playing the majority-role of encounters when it should be playing more of a support role. The game should be more developed and centered around gear (specifically that of rare loot; with crafted offering that bonus over vendor loot) and this will lead to a stabilized economy later (provided we get more people and a few sinks).   Projan   Projan actually should have the highest critical strikes, and hits in the game, Not the highest Raw /Base Dps. what i mean by this is that projan weapons should be naturally tuned for that. Projan are ment for combat, and naturally should be dealing higher damage rates, and longer survivability times.  In short, Projan should have the alpha (Even though i would not design it exactly like that see below for why (second post))   Jenqui   Jenqui should depend on their cloak heavily; However they should not decloak and 1-2 shot things, this is broken / overpowered. This needs to be toned down in alpha, and raised in Dps (for a proper balance). Believe me, Its much better for the player base. If the game becomes balanced we can look at more suitable content, and its easier to develop rather then to play guessing games with extreme hits off various things in game.The increase Rate of fire on Jenqui will help make them better then they are now. It will allow them to get more shoots off per recloaking periods, but will come at the cost of their beam damage being lowered. Honestly, you really shouldent kill something in 2 hits in the game, it should be more like 5 or 6, maybe 7 or 8 (At equal levels)       As for shielding, The stats are like that, but they are not behaving that way, and we really should go to looking at making the items even more racially supportive (skills/passives on the items that boost race concepts), to encourage the races to lean more toward their technology.
  12. On the note of Weapons and classes.     Terran Weapons should travel the farthest and fastest. Jenqui weapons should be the fastest rate of fire Projan weapons should be the highest Damage, but slowest rate of fire   Terran shields should offer the highest regeneration, with moderate hp but no resistance Jenqui shields should be moderate in all aspects Projan shields should have the highest resistance and Hp, but lowest Regeneration   Terran engines should offer the highest speed but cost the most energy Jenqui engines should offer the lowest energy costs, and reduced visibility Projan engines should offer the slowest speeds, but offer improved reactor rates
  13. Below is a few Items that is Immediately Needed   Advertise for the game (population is a huge issue) Increase the max skill of all races for weapons to Level 9. Trade Terran Destroyers Rally With Terran Traders Shield charging Ability (Making closer range weapons more viable for TE, and Damage higher (though crit) for TT) Greatly Increase the resistance granted from Shield charging (30%) and its hp amount by 68%-72% Improve Terran Shield regeneration by 65% Reduce Jenqui Critical strike change (Beam) by 10% Add a daily credit Decay rate of 1.5% of your total Credit value Experience for trading needs to be increased greatly. Experience for trading should be based on the level of goods, and should behave accordingly. At present, the game will grant something like 30 exp per item on level 1 trade good, and a few hundred on level 4. The game should be reworked in a way that its generating 300 per on level 1, and a few thousand on each level above accordingly, however it should be also worked that the trade goods must be accessed based on the level of negotiation, or designed in a way that its to expensive to buy a trade good for lower level players. This means that end game trade goods would cost hundreds of thousands of credits. Experience for exploration needs to be increased greatly.  Exploration based on level needs to be reworked, and vastly increased. Players being granted say, 3000 exp max for a location is unacceptable.  Exploration income for mining should be vastly increased, and should become a major exp income for the class. Combat Experience needs to be increased Moderately  As it stands now, the experience grinding is extensive, and should really be increased. The general "combat level" should be granted ever 5 (Level 1) and increase each level by 50%, Ending at level 150 requiring 1850 Kills to level a combat level.  Item drops for trading experience on npc's needs to be reduced by about 13 to 15% Below is a few Items that is Urgently Needed Raids should be reduced to 5 man group encounters Raids should be reduced in timer resets to 1 hour Raids should be only triggered by a full group (preventing abuse from single players) New "Single mob Boss encounters" should be created, that require 10 to 20 people to kill, but drop loot from raid encounters. These bosses should have a 2 to 6 hour random respawn timer, Allowing players to circumvent the need to attend the raids to acquire raid loot, but should be done as a group activity. Docking fee for death should be set to 2.5% of the players total Credit Wealth Increase the Production (Item building) fee of items Greatly Increase the Refinement (Ore refinement) fee Greatly Add an automatic Docking fee to Space stations not belonging to your race, to hostile races that costs an additional amount (50%) Increase the cost of all vendors modules greatly (Level 1-2 50%, Level 3+ 200%) Increase the cost of all trade goods greatly. Increase the cost of all specialize trade goods (The trade vendors that sell 1-3 items, rather then many different types of trade goods (IE things like Sol news etc) Greatly. Improve Jenqui Cannon Damage Improve Jenqui Missile Damage Improve Terran Beam Damage Increase Terran Beam Range Improve Projan Beam Damage (critical strike) Improve Projan Missile Damage Below is a few Items that is Not-Urgently Needed Reduce the power of Unique Modules (The ones that everyone always uses) Rework the Inner-Racial items in the game, so that they now offer more unique technological advantages. For example, Projan reactor 450 cap, 7 Regen vs Projan reactor 445 cap, 9 regen should be changed to 550 cap, 5 regen vs 350 cap 12 regen. Rework the racial difference of items, to suit the classes and race better (Example, More resistance bonus on projan tech, more speed on terran, and more visibility reduction on jenqui Below is a few Items that are Desirable Improved Model Texturing Improved Planet Texturing Improved Environment Texturing
  14. we need to advertise the game, im sure people will come if they know its here.
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