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  1. OMG!!! I got in my forum account!!! Now if I could only get access to all my game accounts!!! lol NVM!! I got into the system, now to just change all my email access, thanks for making me dig a little deeper in my memory banks for the info!!!
  2. Graybusch


    OK, I am stepping out in this area....Any further constructive comments or ideas please send them to the ADV forum if you think there is ANYTHING I can do to help...I will also post any ideas/comments I get from guild leaders (with their permission)....
  3. Graybusch


    Kieth, while I sympathize with your desire NOT to make ALL raids similar, your "easy button" response is exactly what power-down on a PS is if you think about it....no chance at aggro/full reactor/full shields/scan range/instant shooting capability...no other class can attempt that...I don't play a PS so please tell me if those are inaccurate descriptions of the ship in power-down mode?   So we could remove THAT easy button I suppose as an alternative as well?? That would take DEV input but I guess its a thought?
  4. Graybusch


    I think what players are looking for is a "let's not make it a 'might is right' situation" where we have whole groups who do nothing but sit on a spawn, just to enjoy that part of the game, or have to dedicate a toon to just watching a specific spawn point. I think if we knew that "hey if we don't bug these guys doing it now, they won't bug us when its our turn".....   Look, its GREAT to find something that is so cool and in such demand, but to attempt to keep it all for yourself (win or lose like you outlined above) kind of takes away from all players....I know you like the goodies there, but it isn't a "you are more skilled" example or a "you have done the mission line where they haven't" or "you have collected the stuff to make it happen", this scenario is purely a "sit and watch and press the kill button" hoping you hit it first.....   I want to stay partial on this one....BUT it is hard to stay partial when the adequate response would be to tell players to "camp" ANY site....   ***Disclaimer*** I have NEVER attempted to kill the Warder or even watch it spawn...I have no interest in it other than to identify a player issue here - the rest will be up to either guild leaders to discuss adding it to the gentlemen's agreement or if that is unsuccessful an attempt at DEV resolution - I just fear that if we as players do not resolve it we lose control over the possible decision and may not like the resolution given by an outside source.....    - With that said I would like an opinion from ALL guild leaders if they can catch me in game or in TS....I would LOVE it WE AS PLAYERS can resolve this in a way that keeps it in the player's hands, much like the raid schedule....
  5. Graybusch


    Gotcha Overt - I kinda like it....
  6. Graybusch


    Interesting solution ideas Overt & Mimir - Seems like these solutions will be player-based and may not require DEV action if we can create an "agreement" much like the current raid schedule...Anything that we can do ourselves I'm always in favor of!!!
  7. Graybusch


    I have to say this issue has been stated to me several times, that there seems to be the same groups killing this mob every time it spawns within seconds of spawning. If you guys can come up with some ideas on how to address it please post it in the ADV forum and I will take it to the meeting. I know some people say leave it as is, but if there are players that are being totally excluded there must be something we can come up with to at least give all players the same shot at it I would certainly present the ideas to the DEV's   Also - Give me some examples of "speed of death" or "engaged time before death" or some screen shots or something....Maybe it is as simple as "needs to be more challenging" or "possible trigger?"   I dunno, I don't claim to know the best way to handle things so please shout out your ideas to me in the ADV forum and I will compile a presentation for the DEVs if you'd like!
  8. I put a post with the reported "new issues" starting today in the Advocate section for the DEV's. Also relayed that it is starting to accelerate degradation of playability....Hoping to hear back soon. Will keep everyone posted and keep your eyes here in case they answer in this forum.   ***If you get any new "bugs" just gimme a hollar and I can add them to the list
  9. For some reason it tells me every time that my EA username and password could not be verified. I used my N7 registration stuff, is this wrong?
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