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  1. I know there has been alot of debate about these, whether it be due to camping or time constraints.  This is just a suggestion at a possible solution that might also help fix a couple other things that I have noticed (lack of certain classes at raids, no value to credits).  I welcome constructive feedback!     Terran Scout/Progen Sentinel MIssion for a raid activation device  (reason for these two classes is that these are probably the least common found in a raid, especially the TS)  The device would include pieces made by other factions and classes.  Not quite agrippa, but deffinitely not "easy".     The device itself would have a 12 day cooldown.  This cooldown can be reduced to 7 days by having an NPC power up the device at an excellerated rate at a fee.  ex: 100 million credits per day for a max of 500 million credits.  This would help create a credit sink, and bring the value of credits back into the game (maybe).      I tried to keep this short so people will read it, and I have some ideas on specifics for the missions for the device.  I would also like to get some feedback if this is even possible or if poeople would be interested.  Thank you for reading!        
  2. This guild was started after emu went "live".  No relation to any previous guild in the game.   And we are still recruiting players, so join one of the friendliest (imo) guilds in the game!  :)
  3. We are now over 150 members (yes there are alt's), and we are still growing!  We are looking for friendly new people to join with us as we raid/level/job.  Whether you are new to the game or a vet, we have a spot for you!  Lots of builds in house and a ton of knowledge in a friendly, relaxed environment.  Ask in game or on the forums for more information!
  4. Damage Inc. was founded by BeastfuTE, TsunamiTT, and Zant.  We have all been playing EnB for years and have a lot to offer!  It is a pretty laid back and friendly environment.  We have members from all over the world and are all about having a good time and enjoying the game.  Looking for more members to join, raiding is a deffinite interest.  So if you are looking for a nice place to hang out and build / mine or want to hunt in packs - Send us a tell in game or post in forums!
  5. I did some test builds last night with my TE, build weap 6/7, negotiate 5, station faction +14k. As I went through my weapons, I noticed lvl 5 were around 175%, so I figured I would see how many lvl 5 weapons I would have to build to get up to 200% (above 195% average). I used the custom buckshot gun as my test weapon - all vendor parts (to eliminate upgrade % increase). Results: Per every 25 built, I noticed a slight % increase (approx 3 - 5 %). After I built 100, I was able to achieve a steady output of 195% - 199%. I was unable to achieve 200% without the use of a terminal controller. After completing this, there was no effect on higher lvl build % ; meaning that building lower level items will not boost % for higher level items. If anyone else has input, or data to help upcoming builders, please feel free to add on your results/suggestions! ~Beast
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