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  1. TeamSpeak is down as well - IP
  2. Net7Proxy - launcher is functioning but getting "Server Failed to respond to Login attempt"
  3. No Net-7 websites were available when things went down. Now can get to https://www.net-7.org/?#home but game still won't log in
  4. Was online playing then saw players logging off 'en mass and the I got dropped as well.
  5. [quote name='Hypnos' timestamp='1308995698' post='42526'] I have uninstalled/re-installed launcher and still show 'Offline". I am not much good at this sort of thing, once I get beyond the obvious fix's (obvious to me that is). thus far I have piddled with trying to get on for about 12 hrs. I've burned incense and bit the head off a live chicken...STILL nothing..... Anyhow, any suggestions would be greatly apprciated. Hell even a little sympathy at this point would be nice. (Still gettin' chicken feathers outa my mouth) Thanks for your help, Hyp..... [/quote] The chicken sacrifices won't help.... the server is off line....or at least that's what I've read/been told.
  6. [quote name='Hypnos' timestamp='1309025641' post='42552'] Oki Doki, I've forced updates, and installed the certificates. When I force updates and start launcher, and after it finish's running the updates when it starts up, it starts with host as dev.net-7 rather than play.net-7. It's online (of course I can't log into it) when I change it to Play.net-7 it goes back to saying offline. *sigh* There's little question that I'm mising somthing, I simply have no idea what it could be. Thanks again for all your help, Hyp.... [/quote] Hyp - the reply to my question about not being able to log in.... was that the server is currently off line.
  7. [quote name='nulian' timestamp='1309016629' post='42541'] Thats because the server currently is down. [/quote] Well, that would explain it..... Where can I go to check server status in case this happens in the future -- or is there a regularly scheduled 'down-time'? Thanks.
  8. I was on and playing then things locked up. Just did an update this morning (actually two loaded). Now I have the same issue - server is showing as 'off-line'.
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