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  1. I recently had an issue with INV-300 error with my Win 10 system running a i7 after launching the game caused a reboot. Reading about the issue on the forum said something about an SSL cert problem and blamed the OS not the game, so I was going to upgrade the SSD on the system from a marginal Toshiba 240 GB to a Samsung 512 and reinstall Win 10 not just clone it over, after all said and done system ran faster game worked again. Today after the small update I get the INV-300 error again, not just on my Win 10 system but also my other two that run Win 7 that I play the game on as well, a Athalon dual core, and my intel i3 laptop. So I don't know, I've loved this game forever and have contributed to help fund the server, but having to do a full restore on all 3 systems is a bit much for me at this time, so maybe this is it...Game over baby.....
  2. After I made sure I had acquired all of the skills up to level 50 the hull upgrade mission was then offered to me instead of the suicide mission to Primus and it went exactly as Prrekoorb described so maybe that's the issue.
  3. Thank you for the response, this "was" pretty much what I expected but not the mission I was given from the warship Genesis which was find out what happened to Var at Preatorium Mons. I still have one skill I was supposed to aquire at lvl 45 so maybe I have glitched myself somehow, I'll just have to keep trying, thanks again Prrekoorb.
  4. Hope I'm putting this in the right section, but I finally reached level 50 and started my hull upgrade mission landed on Primus planet and immediately get blown up by a CL 54 Vrix, it's swarming with Vrix way over my CL. I may have missed something along the way but how am I expected to complete this mission for my new hull if I can't possibly get past this swarm of Vrix that outclass me by a mile in my lvl 30 hull at CL 16?
  5. Arethusa

    Why I Think We Need A Player Wipe.

    Wow...slogging through this thread has given me a headache, but it was worth it.
  6. Arethusa

    Can't Log In

    I understood that the Forum account and Game account were separate and I had been trying to create the game account, your reply helped clear up the initial instructions from the FAQ, I had to use my Forum account to "Log in" to the emulator to create my game account, which I have now done and the game launched and is running beautifully. I almost wept.....almost ;-) Thank you so much for the help, and taking the time and effort to keep this game alive and will show my appreciation in $$$ to help keep the server up.
  7. Arethusa

    Can't Log In

    I am still having the same problem, "password and/or username not accepted". My original password never contained the characters listed in the above post, just letters and numbers, I even went back and did change my password, it still will not accept it. I have re-intalled both Enb and the Net-7 launcher, ran my Registry cleaner, created a new "verified" Net-7 account but the game still does not accept my account.