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  1. Used the Net7proxy.zip. It works now with both the VMnet1 and 8 enabled. Apart from the Windows 10 smartscreen pop-up "no worries".   Was able to group just fine.   Ports used by first client when I check were: the local ip-address (private range) at 53591 unspecified:  50223, 51536 and 51537.   I started second client and this one went for: the local ip-address (private range) at 57947 unspecified:  52815, 52816 and 56741   DId some extra test like gating..  Again no worries. Buffing no issue's. No problems seen yet with Wormholes. Summon worked fine. Getting access to TD via key was without incident.   Not sure what else I might need to test...
  2. I will add that those who like to run vmplayer and e&b will most likly only be able to run their vm's normally in 'bridged mode'.   This I did not test yet Works as I assumed, just tested it.
  3. I wrote "disabled" not remove :huh:   As to your question: you get no error what so ever. A second session is just not set up. Yes, you see 2 Net7-icons in the taskbar but only 1 netproxy seems to load and stay active.   Because of this any additional login of other accounts make use of that single netproxy resulting in the last account being logged on being active. Previous logged in account get dropped.   The workaround I wrote was in response of this thread: https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/11401-dualboxing-not-working-on-win-81/.   The added images show what I mean: Capture001 is of all network cards available in my computer. Capture002a and Capture003 show the NIC that I disabled. Capture004 shows which local ip-address are found by Net7 when the normal NIC and both the VMnet1 en VMnet8 are active. Capture005 illustrated the Virtual Network Editor with their respective configured DHCP scopes.
  4. For those that run Windows 8.x or Windows 10 AND have VMware Player or Workstation installed.   First make sure you can run E&B. Use the guide for Win 8 (https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/8167-windows-8/). Use the guide for Win 10 (https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/11418-windows-10-the-install/).   Navigate to your Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center Open Change adaptor settings Disable VMware Network Adapaters VMnet1 and VMnet8   Start Net7 as usual.
  5. Thanks for your replies guys.   I like to think he can now play on whereever he is in peace.
  6. Dear readers,   For those that knew my dad, Wolfsjennie or any of his many alts, I have the sad duty of tell you that he suddenly passed on (June 1945 - May 2014). On his behave I like to thanks those that helped him enjoy this game. I know he played it happily for many hours. When I have the time I will move his avatars to Joves Fury where he used to spent lots of hours manufacturing devices etc.   Guildleader Greystrider TeamRelaxed     If possible leave the thread for a week or 2 so before removing it from the board. I am posting this thread so those who knew him, know why he was not online of late. (Sry, I did not know were else to post this message.)
  7. Think it is level dependent in how high cost are calculated. Clueless what the value's are.
  8. Funny that CC seems to be all about JD's. When CC is "adjusted" so to make the warrior less OP it is allmost double the impact for the JE as it has 2 mounts less.   But I am only allowed to mine ores or defend myself against field guardians..   Is this even taken into account when "calculating" stuff?
  9. Oke I will bite (again). Group cloak has been a non-factor in all the raids I was in so far. (Sure, we love to see mobs wander off.) Coma... Have you played in raids and used a Coma of late? Think again. Coma is deemed a No-No. Chimeara oke.. Usefull and also something a JD/JS could deploy (not to mention other device's or ML's can do that debuff too). Pheonix device/scumtum's sometimes usefull. Most of the time not really as a good reactor + martyr's heart device covers that.(Never really seen reactor issue's unless multiboxing was a bit overdone). We JE can provide a group bonus buff for extra reactor-recharging sure. But when shield-leeching or debuffing the group usually is not in good range as the normal range group tend to be at it Projectile launcher range. So when I was part of a raid I was not formed up simply to be able to SHield-Leech/debuff or get some damage in. Jumpstart... TS/PS can do that too with 4 ML's/PL's so they can add to the overal DPS so they dont suffer from the default range most drivers tend to be at with is projectile launcher range. I asked once if the tank wanted enviromental shielding (at top level it adds energy convertion to all group members. (Anser was it was not needed.) Scan-range is something I could provide but with the devices available some of the warriors don't need even that. With most raid buffing is done at the start an alt for the tankers is more efficient and basically not really needed if the tanks do theirs jobs right after.   What I tend to see here is feedback from a technical piont of view rather from a practical one.
  10. So the JE is a orejockey only... wow Speechless here really. Choose a Jenquai but for raids become a Progan... Wow I mean wow
  11. Crowd control.. Oke, I will bite. Get me my Compulsory Contemplation asap then, oke? And sure during raids people want to fly all over going after mobs or behind them... The JD with group summon will love my crowd folding. And yeah the PS has 4 mounts so my bad.   Reactor recharge.. a good reactor and a martyrs heart works wonders I am told. From what I saw during raids it was TT's running out of reactor power because of the overall firepower was lacking... When it comes to taking down a L60 I can. It just take ages as it should. Were I to do so on a JS I would take less time. So that's a non-issue. My piont was never about being able to outgun a warrior so what's that about?   Play a JE and try to join raids then come back.   Btw giving L9 PL's to Jenquai as a race is not a solution either as a JD with 5x L9 PL's would be OP by default. Getting a L9 device extending the range of a beam to projectiles-range would be more sensible as most group-drivers in raids keep their group at PL-range and never in beam range.     Frankly when you suggest we Jenquai should then opt for PL's via a mission is like basically saying:. "Stop being the race you selected to play but become a Progan"  I mean.... Seriously?   When I debuff or shield- leech I am always in front of the group in the raids I was in.
  12. Fine then make sure PvP never enters this game. Still the Terran scout is an explorer and has 4 mounts and the Progan Sentinal 5 mounts so I would gladly trade 1 device for 1 weapon mount just to be just as efficient as Jenquai Seeker. Low signature is not the issue, it is the low amount of firepower I as a JE have as non-combatant compaired to other explorer-classes or non-combatants overall.   Btw... if you consider PL9 on Jenquai's you again need to test on the Jenquai with the lowest amount of mounts... JS has 4 mounts remember... sigh   Or create L9 beams with a bit more Ooopmh that are JE only to put them on an equal footing when it come to the semi-usefullness in raids.
  13. If  a PW does the same damage as a JD with CC then I demand L9 shields for all Jenquai characters. Glass canon anyone???? sigh Btw.... As a fully maxed out Grandmaster I still lack a skill while all others can access all their skills. Again sigh. (Compulsory Contemplation, remember? Might even make some use during raids?)   Raids seem to be PW's mostly anyway from what I have sen of late. Debuffing by mobs no where near as it should. Mostly piont and shoot and skill needed? Nah, too difficult I guess to make raids won with skills needed.   Perhaps we could use a developer for Jenquai's again as from my piont of view we have a little to much Progan of late.   Ooh, btw can we have some more variation of usefull beams? Plasma is indeed getting really old.   Or maybe it's time I get 4 mounts for beams too on a Grandmaster. The other support Jenquai has it (Jenquai Seeker) just like the support terran (Terran scout has 4 mounts too and it is an explorer class).
  14. If indeed the additional clutter is mandatory for a better build I think the design itself needs a review but that me..   Having written that some L9 devices I wonder about: * DV-BF-X4 "Diplomat"  Mk. IX (Trader only), I lack to see the point of this device as is. TT have max L8 Device Tech. Befriend is wasted on this device when used on a Jequai Seeker I guess. Replace "Befriend" with "Negotiate" would be an option though. * DV-EN-X4 "Greasemonkey" IX (Trader only/Terran only), a TT would be able to use it IF it had L9 Device Tech. Kinda piontless * DV-PSI-X4 "Profiler" IX (Trader only/Terran only), again a TT device without a use. Had de Terran Scout been given Repair and not Patch Hull it might have been usefull for this character type. But as it is also " Trader only" it has no piont. * DV-WS-X4 "Roadrunner" IX (Trader only/Terran only) Loose the "Trader only" bit and a Terran Scout could use it. * Satyr's Dread Derangement (Terran only), if only the "Terran only" bit was removed... This is mosly handy for beam users and the class weapon for terrans is not the beams.     Floor is yours once more.   (made some adjustements as I forgot the Jenquai Seeker has L9 Device Tech.)   Btw I am not trashing the hard work done by your current team. I do believe we now have a chance to change things around even Westwood/EA overlooked back in the day.
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