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  1. well thx desphex, didn't have to do it. runs fine now. automatically uses only one core
  2. enb config can be easily run from the tools menu in the net 7 launcher
  3. Never had to set it on xp sp 3 mode I installed from scratch using the net 7 basic install instructions runs fine on windows 8.1 after i disabled the ip6 and checked the prototype reorder in the net 7 launcher.
  4. I checked the prototype reorder and now no more hangs so far. must have missed that in the post reading.
  5. i have this problem, that the game lags down to unplayble on 3 computers. 2 running w7 ultimate and the laptop running w8 enterprise. the 2 pcs are at different places and different network providers ADSL resp. cable. how long it takes until it is slow changes. it can be 5 minutes, it can be 30 or more minutes. seems to be related to the number of players
  6. I did read the related ticket... my tt is lvl 16. i got 40 k with me and walsh still not talks about the component skill... so the question: lvl 10 trader needed? if so it should be stated that way. If not what goes wrong?
  7. [quote name='Krewltee' timestamp='1262526304' post='1558'] i had this problem. if you don't get the EULA, then net7 is aimed at wrong executable. aim net7 at client.exe found in "c:\program files\ea games\earth & beyond\release". [/quote] thx that was the correct answer and help!
  8. [quote name='toonsterpw' timestamp='1267456687' post='10715'] I got my problem fixed it was in the net7 launcher [/quote] i love answers like this... how did u fix it?
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