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War Inc. - Good Girls Don't...

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Anyone had this mission?


Initiated from Lady Van Helkein-Navarre in Margesi Station and then from Raynard Duvet in Adriel Mining Station, with instructions to destroy Infinitcorp cargo ship in Freya near the Centauri gates. But cannot find this bugger anywhere in Freya, even brought in my JE with maxiscan.


Is the cargo ship difficult to find or do I need to file a bug report?

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The mobs you are seeking spawn a good 30k from the gates you are sent. Look for the spawning sparklies and continue to thrust until you reach the target mob.

This mission is a low-level mission and can be Content as part of your toon's development.

I wrote a Walkthrough for myself and recorded the experience.

The downside is that it rewards GETCo Faction and that Faction is not on the PDA; which is a waste of reputation gain.

From the situation room at NET-7 SOL, this is the Pakkrat.
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Thanks Pak your info was illuminating!


But I figured out what was going wrong in my case. Even though I was in the correct location and would have been able to view the spawn of the cargo ship, I was in a group of 2 with both having the same mission arriving at the same step at the same time, thus preventing the cargo ship from ever spawning.


I tried a different approach by both toons forfeiting and restarting mission again. We then grouped and and moved to the gate into Freya. First one entered Freya but the mission step updated but no spawn, then the second entered Freya and had the same result but received the flashing message. Responding to the flashing message roughly said that someone else was currently engaged in this local mission and that I should try again at another time.


It only got to work by doing it one at a time with the other staying outside of Freya.

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Warped out, then back, still nothing. Gated, then back. Nothing. logged off then on again, then warped out and back. Nothing. Mined awhile, came back, nothing. This mission trigger is just bugged, and needs to be fixed.  It shouldn't require this much work or guesswork on the part of the player.

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I see Ghentte is on step one of this war inc,good girls don'y,  which is talk to Raynard Duvet on Adriel mining station,  you must complete this step before going to the gates


Woodstock HGM


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nah i'm now on the 2nd attempt thru the mission.  I forfeited and re-acquired.


IMO , the trigger is buggy. If a player logs out after step 2, or during step 3, the mob probably will never spawn, or re-spawn. Could end up being the same trigger problem with future steps, so i'm logging out for the night before step 4, talk to Duvet again to aquire the next target.

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Pretty sure that only the cargo hauler that spawns from the mission trigger, with your name attached to it, counts for the mission step completion.  The problem seems to be if a player logs off, the trigger to spawn the mob times out or never activates. This will probably happen at each step where the player has to destroy a cargo ship.  If you think you're going to have to log off, wait, and do it before activating those mission steps - eg - log off during a "talk to Duvet" step instead.

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Just did the mission on 


Moulinneufr scout , level 38 = 8 / 23 / 7


upon exiting in Freya, rotate until i saw sparkles , warped to it, killed the named hauler.


mission updated.




New toon


Mouliterscout  33 =  7 /18 / 8


upon exiting in Freya, rotate until I saw sparkles , warped to it, logged off to character selection


loged back in  after 30 seconds in Character selection ,  the named hauler came back and shot at me

I did not shoot at it at all.


warped to Carpenter , warped to Nav OMP ( Orsini Mining Platform ) 


found Infiniticorp Cargo Hauler level 10 , shot and killed


Mission updated.  




Tried witberg with previous above toon could not find Infiniticorp Cargo Hauler level 10

( Not an issue sometime I don't find / or don't understand where things are. ) 


Could not verify Mission Upgrade on my own , only found cl21 Heavy hauler at my northest Navs













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I was stuck on step 6 doing my best to follow the suggestions above...and thanks for all of those details...


Killing L21 InfinitiCorp Heavy Hauler at Net 7 Affiliate ACBN in Witberg updated step 6 for me.

It's a NW nav point.  SE of Othman.


There was a second Heavy Hauler but it did not aggro.

Both conned red to me.  No other mobs aggro'd.

Bogeril in the area conned yellow.

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