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  1. Halloween is fast approaching, (44 days) Any new content this year ? Are there already new content made for this year ? Can we suggest content ? Are you accepting content submission/sugestion ? Will there be a Halloween event this year ? Will it be in October and near Halloween ?
  2. Do you know why ? Missing Bogerils ? Missing sector with Bogeril presence with them ? Opportunity for the Content DEV ( do they still exist ) to make some mission or new Bogeril there too
  3. Will doing a Wiki page to list all the Soalr Sail I noticed that there is no Solar Sail 5 and 6 and I have never seen the v'rix modified one eihter ... https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Solar_Sails Bogeril and V'rix Solar Sails Engine that are found on mobs or by doing mission. On Mobs in Witberg Sector Small Bogeril Solar Sails level 2 Engine Bogeril Solar Sails‎‎ Level 3 Engine Large Bogeril Solar Sails‎‎ Level 4 Engine V'rix Modified Solar Sail Level 4 Engine Reinforced Solar Sail‎ Level 8 Engine Mission based acquisition : Zeke's Solar Sail Level 7 Engine
  4. They are Free of charge and demands , just need good player home for a borrowed time 😉
  5. HI , Made a Vault for ALL the players on the server for Valentine shield Those shields are ONLY availaible during Valentine day Event during February so many of you may not have heard of them or seen them. Below is the buffs of most of them with varying percentage by level ( Below is at level 5 ) Equipment Engineering (Equip) Reduces equipment install time by 45% when equipped. Increase Speed (Equip) Increases ship top speed by 100 when equipped. Deflect Energy (Equip) +27 Energy Deflect when equipped. Warp Charge (Equip) Decreases warp engage/cooldown times by 32% when equipped. * 1) Please don't be a scrooge take one as you use and once leveled above it try and remember to put it back *2) Please DONT use the password to steal the account and get control of it LOGIN = Valentinegift ( upper case V ) Password = valentinegift33 ( all lower case ) Level 1 = https://www.net-7.org/?#item/Aching+String+of+Heart Level 2 = https://www.net-7.org/?#item/Suffering+String+of+Heart Level 3 = https://www.net-7.org/?#item/Lamenting+String+of+Heart Level 4 = https://www.net-7.org/?#item/Pulsating+String+of+Heart Level 5 = https://www.net-7.org/?#item/Beating+String+of+Heart
  6. Note : to start the First mission you need the 5 parts + Table of content in Cargo , when you vist Sergeant Jones at EarthCorps High Command, : Bogeril Fragment 1 Bogeril Fragment 2 Bogeril Fragment 3 Bogeril Fragment 4 Bogeril Fragment 5 and the Bogeril Table of Content Found at Nav Withberg 4 from Bogeril Tinhorn and Bogeril Tyro Then if you talk again to [[Sergeant Jones]] you get to do the rest of the mission
  7. Maybe you did the mission ** Somethin' Shimery ** in the past and forgot about it and are on to another mision who is many step further along you can look up your toon completed mission on https://www.net-7.org/?# , by selecting your toon name ( wil being logged in ) on the left and going to the tab mission log and on the page that load select the tab completed mission and look if you already compelted that one. https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Somethin'_Shimmery allow acces to Borrowed Tools https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Borrowed_Tools allow access to Homesick for Biscuits https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Homesick_for_Biscuits allow acces to Blood is Thicker https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Blood_is_Thicker allow access to Solar Energy for the Layman From Zeke cousin Zach in Dahin https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Solar_Energy_for_the_Layman Allow access to The Legend of Great Pappy https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/The_Legend_of_Great_Pappy Which is the last part until now I dont recall a problem at level 58 for somethin' shimerry only The Legend of great pappy as Combat level 25 for requirement on the wiki and it's the last mission so far
  8. You need 9 item to start the mission Zeke like : 3 X moonshine level 1 3 X Moonshine level 2 3X moonshine level 3 Total = 9 Could also be your bogeril faction is too in the negative or too low ( can't really confirm that it does as no part of the mission relly on any faction ) Jenquai Defender , Progen Warrior , Terran Enforcer are all Warrior Class and excluded from doing this mission but helpful/needed for help in the last combat part ( for this moment in time ).
  9. Raw topaz is one f the rare Ore that are required for a mission that one cannot get from a component or item to dismantle. Explorer class can't idsmantle component ... players wont kill there exploring and mining because the Traders can disamntle something nor will they stop mining on the cheap. plus after your 150th mined raw topaz and ask on market channel for a stack with no reply and you are short n time on your play time a new vending exchange possibility for trader and player who have high traders class with comp skills to do it faster open up. Player already multi-box ... Plus most item in the game can be obtained by looting a mob or dismantling 10 different item to get parts or 10 different component to get the ore. it's one of those rare instance where there is no redoduncy or exchange in the game.. You personnaly don't like the idea , but you offered no valid or really serous counterpoint here. Raw topaz goes into = Topaz gemstone that can't be dismanlted back to raw topaz ... Collegia Research Authorization MXXIC that is used to make Hull Mesh Laminate III that goes into Security Optimal Override Alpha plus some explorer get ask for 300 of them fo skill and begining mission. Make it a hhidden faction based vendor like the one in Ishuan ( Lydia Haruka is an NPC with an unlockable shop. The shop unlocks after completing Protect the Sundari Manufacturing Facility ) make the component tradable fro higher level ore or comps or item in exchange for ti make it a credit sink There is always more than one way to skin a cat or to do almost everything in E&B ... T
  10. Net-7 Sol seem to be a hidden faction as it's not listed by default on the Faction map at https://www.net-7.org/?#faction_chart But it appears that shooting net-7 mobs in enough numbers lock you out of the Net-7 Sol station. Solution to gain it back ?
  11. Glenn commission faction = Neutral , nothing killed give it faction. https://www.net-7.org/?#faction_chart so Killing Glenn Commission mobs make you loose access to their station : anyone know the job terminal that have Glenn comission faction jobs ? Cigny 61 , Kinbasha-Mbal as level 50 job for Glenn commision in trade explore and combat
  12. Raw topaz is one f the rare Ore that are required for a mission that one cannot get from a component or item to dismantle. would be loevly if a level 1 or 2 or 3 component was added to the datavase so that it coud be dismantled to get 5 Raw topaz from dismanteling it
  13. ++ TRIBUTE to dead DEV and Player who Died recently ++ It would be nice to have two new sectors in Adriel region of Universe with NPC controlled entry with a credit sink fee One sector would be level 1 to 4 mining the other sector 5 to 9 mining ----- The entry to the new sector would be controlled by a key sold by the nearby NPC suggestion of NPC name could be players and dev who died recently and be a tribute to them and a quick storyline to listen to about there time and contribution to the universe. Their Ships could be posted as a guard to the special mining sector or inside the sector as explore points.
  14. The PRS systems as only the existing raids in an offer right now. Offering for blueprint designs by giving access to the Mobs that are no longer in-game for example, the V'rix dropping the https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Blindingstrike or the hard to find Mobs in a raid form with all level 50 plus Mobs instead of there usual low value with 15 million credits entree point could be a nice credit sink and nice raid change option that would entice builder to play raids ...
  15. It would be nice if at level 150 or max engine build an engine builder could start a Polar express engine type reasearch line. For level 1 he could have afull trader engine with 4k speed ( meaning doubling all the cargo space for trade tiem unlike the only 16+ of the polar express BY first collecting high level engine to study and dismantling get exotic parts from all over the universe do some level 1 and level 2 engine gathering and giving to npc For level 2 increse warp speed by 250k and cargo doubler by 50% Same as above for learning to build it , lots of running around to get level 2 and 3 engines and exotic part in the universe For level 3 ncrese warp speed by 250k and cargo doubler by 50% Same as above for learning to build it , lots of running around to get level 3 and 4 engines and exotic part in the universe For level 4 increae warp speed to 5k and cargo tripled Same as above for learning to build it , lots of running around to get level 4 and 5 engines and exotic part in the universe For level 5 and 6 have faction giving 10k engine 10k pro for red dragon 10k for chavez 10k for Bogeril 10k for v'rix each dfferent 10k faction on a different building print with different task to acquire the blueprint. for level 7 have engine that quaruple the shield for healers first one as to get level 7 8 nd 9 shield that can be dismantled get different parts from them in a list to build level 7 engine require help from other class and player with shield if the player did not get them Level 8 could be one for increase range for warrior one for increase reator for healers one ofr 5 cargo for traders on for increase speed and reactor for explorer/miners.
  16. Just did the mission on Moulinneufr scout , level 38 = 8 / 23 / 7 upon exiting in Freya, rotate until i saw sparkles , warped to it, killed the named hauler. mission updated. -------------------- New toon Mouliterscout 33 = 7 /18 / 8 upon exiting in Freya, rotate until I saw sparkles , warped to it, logged off to character selection loged back in after 30 seconds in Character selection , the named hauler came back and shot at me I did not shoot at it at all. warped to Carpenter , warped to Nav OMP ( Orsini Mining Platform ) found Infiniticorp Cargo Hauler level 10 , shot and killed Mission updated. ------ Tried witberg with previous above toon could not find Infiniticorp Cargo Hauler level 10 ( Not an issue sometime I don't find / or don't understand where things are. ) Could not verify Mission Upgrade on my own , only found cl21 Heavy hauler at my northest Navs ----------
  17. The CL11 InfinitiCorp Cargo Hauler spawned 15k east of the gates. The cargo ship can also be found in witberg at the northest nav. Try the infinity corp cargo hauler next to OMP Orsini Mining platform in carpenter
  18. There are way worst studio/publisher. The video Game Industry is vey talented at creating crummy fake game developpers who take poor souls money and never deliver anything Lack of comunication on your part ( not you the best serve guy we don't deserve) but the Board of directors of Net-7 lack of communication , goals , funding , update and work coming. Net-7 emulator is a good law and realism case study. - copyright should not be kept by people who decide to close there usage a payment plan or way to transfer it outside one entity to a working entity should be a legalised thing after 5 years of the end services. - Satus Quo kill projects. There use to be a lot more activity both in the devlopment side and the player side. One goal the EMU project should have as priority #1 is get the copyright liberated from EA. for now we all have a damocles sword over all our collective head that can fall on it at any time and on the whim of people you just insulted that at this moment in time don't even care or realise this project exist The game as been closed for almost 15 year now September 22, 2004 ... Thanks for the hard work you do Mr Zackman , but insulting EA and the player community doesn't help.
  19. https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page http://enbmaps.de/?breite=1366&hoehe=627 https://enb.gearlist.co.uk/home.php https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1H5Yk1GsXnlq_fB1-ICK_MQUfmE-rwZdfWzzmnDd-rXQ/edit#gid=0
  20. Sorry , the beast has died of hungryness due to lack of food, The Dev are fully aware of the demand for a multi year repeated often demand for occasionnal players to have triggers for unique item drops. The Dev also offered an outside Auction page based on the Mail system. Which they have swept under the Rug, never to be heard of or spoken again because they where all in favor of getting rid of he pesky Player Advocate position ( not me, this demands, predate my volunterring as the only one wanting to do the job of player advocate properly at the time ) Plus, to get one there is the Market channel in the game and this forum to ask if any other nice player as any they want to trade for what ( feather , credits , can try $$ ). Beside, In the high level, gear raid, the system, there are much better at dropping higher cap and buffs reactor and weapon and device except for Traders. -------- In many ( begging really ) discussion with the dev ( more proposal they just said just no to, without an explantion as to why really ) about breath of life : - It Was proposed a mission guy like the one with the Hellfire Access Card - It was proposed a credit sink vendor in the 900 million per object with restrcited acces like the hidden vendor in Ishuan Station - It was proposed a trigger mission like the red dragon - It was asked for more drops as per the 3 time zone America , Europe , Asia - It was even proposed a X-mas event mission in 2017 7. The Nutty Professor Christmas Alternative. Professor E Hubble feels that the Breath of life requirement for the shooting star can be replaced. So he offers a new mission for a new level 7 -8 - 9 reactor line Shooting Star Ho HO ho, that replaces the Breath of Life with a Breath of Reaction. But first you must learn to build 10 most unused vendor sold reactor, deliver them to the professor, then you have to gather 100 item all around the universe. then he takes all the item and gives you the blueprint for the Breath of Reaction who use the 100 item you just delivered to him - It was asked that they ( Main devs ) put it Breath of Life and other Uniques on Ebay and orher real auction site for 100$ as to help with server donation /maintenance - it was asked for 2 3 more drop location at different time - it was asked that they Both drops, be made an event within the Raid system in Saturn at different time zone I had previously 3 breath of life, i gave mine away, as I already have the reactor built So there needs to be more forrum communication with the hoarder/hunter/conglomerate/guild getting them first and communication between players , The Dev are truely not interested in fixing that one. They really don't see it has an urgent problem
  21. @Kyp , i read you personnall reply entirely. I even had a point by point reply. I just don't see the point after reflecting on it. I has a single player, and nothing more, will always try to get more player to play the game and get the most content to play and also pass on my observation. I will also demand for more contribution and contributor as they go hand in hand with getting more content. If as project leader that affect you personnaly that is not my intent. Sorry The rest is out of the realm of player discussion and it was my msitake to see your participation in this thread and frankly h-ijaking of it due to your misunderstanding of my frist post discussing fan based alternative promotion on other social media you don't use and demand if any regular dev was in charge of item promotion so that the Emu would be able to get FREE publicity off Alienware Arena giveaway system as an opportunity to get you to revist your closed Dev system and internal development logistic. @Kyp thank you for your reply and participation in this thread and long and great contribution to the EMU.
  22. 1) Good to know 2) Can you translate that into actual current data ? Who is on the board who is on the reserve board ? 3) Ghostbuster would disagree ... 4) Why I see a need for an aprroved new entity separate but cooperating with the current setup. Your current tax setup is great but very limiting 5) Example Friend of e&B is created , independantly from the EMU , they have there own server and actualized tools access. they are able to hire employee and create content based on contract from the player or any entity requesting it. More of a independant pactching and content creating service that dont have to be limited by your US based requirement for taxation and current limitation. It's not negative. - New content for all race and class from 1 - to level 9 - More raids and activeation device for existing raids - Advancement in the storyline - Possibly some PVP - etc ... I gave it two tries. Once as applicant for content développement the other as a student into mentoring to become an aspirant content developper. Three if you count my time as Player advocate. So the burden of trial was meant by me , I did not pass your requirement and frankly a lot of other do not as well as I have proven without a doubt your demand and requierement are too high. I don't even get why you'r still offering and discussing this , I moved on from that and I have no hill will toward you for that at all , do you ? People have gotten used to no GM or waiting for woody to come on , not exactly a high as far as GM offer goes based on the hsitoric of people doing it. No offense to you or wooddy but the minimal should be 1 GM online and again due to life restraint and human reality woddy ca't be cloned at this time and can't be here 24/7 365 days You migh want to build a specific website tool that show GM last time online. Since you want to discuss time , you said that you can't have 40 ful time developper That translate into 120 fully devoted amateur people people at the minimum and 600 if you want them to contribute 4 hour per week only do you have between 120 and 600 CDEV today ? Would be impossible for me to have a full view , suggesting that and that my observation are meaningless seem a bit far fecth and for the crowd more then actually what I observed. Getting you to realize that your tax exempt setup , alone on it's own is limiting growth and development would be a miracle at this point. What I wrote - Split/outsource the content development - Split/outsource the crowdfunding from the Emu - Split/outsource the marketing and promotion of the game - Eventually get the crowdfunding high enough to buy back the copyright The remaining team out of your own accord and word are unable to meat content patch upgrade requirement and tool modification concuretly no fault of your's or them you lack ressource and man power and it's probably due to lack of funding. Agree to disagree on any willing to learn, use our tools and communicate/write effectively I am a data guy : beside me and my two attempts how many requested to help and how many did you allow to do so ? Content development is learned , access to your tools is hiden and limited, communicating with you with the best of intention is hard. you expect people to be Mozart like you, wich the vast majority of us will never be. EA did not see the 250 million / 1 billion game Earth and Beyond could have been. You also passed the copyright and shutdown requirement 2-3 years ago and are grandfathered rights to play by now. Being afraid of taxes is a US fear , as canadian we say how much and split it among ourseles to get more service. So to resume the EMU as to stay as his and none of what i proposed can be done with and inside the current EMU setup Hence the logical conclusion his to go outside of it and cooperate with it un-officially. do you understand th difference here ? I don't want to work with you , under you or be tied to you because you are tied to contract and taxes setupt that are limiting possible growth. Are you open to outside cooperation or do I have to do everything under the guise of ROGUE fans ?
  23. 1. No one is discussing startign a new Earth and Beyond under a different entity. 2. NPO can receive service, aid and equipment on loan for free from outside contributors. 3. Don't put too much into what the DEV say , there history and past action contradict a lot o there own rules and own words. Why I suggest ceating many different entity to not be tied with those rules and contract. EA does a lot of stupid things, that have nothing to do with cost or profit 1. Are you a lawyer ? 2. Professional copyright and game industry Lawyer tell me I can 3. it,s a common pratice these days to separate promotion and marketing from content even between ownership and creation even patent are in other corporation/llc Promotion and marketing and outside patching is intellectual property theft ? Just to be clear NO and not at all Do you know how many Windows , Apple, Linux , OUTSIDE service and paching company there is worldwide ? Your non argument is based of some Asian racism the biggest intellectual property thieve are in the USofA followed by russia. You see my Name on that Cntract ? Is your's on it ? Are you on the emu board ? 1. Show US a copy of that contract 2. Scan it and Show me a outside developper section 3. Scan it and Show me a Crowdfunding section ( since crowdfunding is newer than that contract ) BTW don't ever call me or suggest thievery on my part. What I suggest as been done / allowed By EA , recently Also contract can be renegotiated and what is not or people not in that contract by signature are not bound by it Laywer seem to think no one will pay millions to create a non profit to contribute to a non profit movie /game / edifice and that crowdfunding cannot raise 250 million or more. Since when is EA a tax collector in any country ?
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