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  1. were the two toons on the same account? if so, you CANT log the in at the same time, its not allowed by the game software, you can however log two toons from different accounts,
  2. I was flying in FriedaJD through Aragoth prime on the way to Fenris when i gate crashed. since then I haven't been able to log in getting a Connection to the global server error. before i can even sign in, i have rebooted my systems and still have still the same error i have tried signing in on my other computers also with same issue, could the most recent windows security update cause this error or are the login server gerbils dead again,
  3. try running the EnB config Program (a administrator, and use compatibility) and select the resolution that fits what you want, if want windowed mode select run in window
  4. I see Ghentte is on step one of this war inc,good girls don'y, which is talk to Raynard Duvet on Adriel mining station, you must complete this step before going to the gates Woodstock HGM
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