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Dev interfering on raids

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So I was under the understanding that dev's were not allowed to be in guilds other than their own personal guild or one with other Devs. Apparently there's a dev who is in Static. I suspect bitterness over the what used to be an agreement among the so called Big 3 when a couple groups from multiple guilds though mostly Damage Inc took a Gobb raid that Static seems to feel they own. So today one of my guildies was scolded because he happened to log on his toon at Controller by a dev. I'm looking at you Deborah/Redkite.  Is this allowed? Seems like a conflict of interest. 

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Well iff this has happened and Dev/gm did use gm power to find out when it spawns and logs on to a toon that is in a none dev/gm guild then yeah that is wrong.

But Let dev/gm's sort it between them.

We have now raised our conserns about this.

Let's leave it with them to sort.


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I understand, and i'm sure the rest of the staff will too how a Dev toon in any raid/group would not be allowed, but we are allowed to have play toons in other guilds as long as we don't use our Dev accounts to do so.

This shouldn't be the last reply from staff, but I felt the need to state what I am as I too play on Play accounts with other people.

If any Dev/GM tagged toon is in a guild/Group/ or raid, that could have repercussions.

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The Devs and other Staff have always been able to play in "The normal way" And I wouldn't have it any other way

They are very aware of what is right and what is wrong and I have every confidence that all will be handled in the best way

It has happened before, many years ago, and it was delt with




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Let's be straight.


I made it clear at the time that I was on my play toons,

I did not have a dev toon logged on.


So when I asked daffyduck if I could help him while doing the raid on my play toons he got hostile and asked if I owned the area & that I could kiss his ass



At which point I told him to leave me alone or I would kick his ass for dissent to an EnB staff member


So to be clear.


1. Redkite and all my Dev toons were off line during the raid.

2 Only my play toons were online

3. If anyone gets hostile with me while I am playing when I have been nothing but polite to them it will not end well.

4. Before anyone starts suggesting it, I do not provide favours to Static in fact I go out of my way to ensure that my dev status is not compromised.


5. When in dev mode I treat all players regardless of guild, race, gender, faith, fairly and equally.

6. if I know exactly what time raids will spawn, why was it that member s of damage inc and epic stole static gob raids last week?


Now maybe the non-static players at the static raid could explain why they were there? Surely they have seen the raid before...

I can't think of a valid reason for their presence............




I have a full copy of the conversation on my laptop and am more than happy to share..............



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Chat log from toon Deborah


As you can see I'm in the middle of a raid,


Conversation points in bold



(16):19: 4:39  To daffyduck: can i help you with something?
  (11):19: 4:48  [New Players] TsunamiTE: there was another mission
  (0):19: 4:59  COMPUTER: Darktt is quickly recharging his shields.
  (0):19: 5: 4  COMPUTER: Reeses's weapons slow down.
  (0):19: 5: 8  COMPUTER: Darktt is patching Luckypw's hull.
  (0):19: 5:25  COMPUTER: Disruptor V1.0's Menace use has been interrupted.
  (3):19: 5:30  Daffyduck (private): nope....just looking...why
  (11):19: 5:32  [New Players] TsunamiTE: was it called trock or treat mission/
  (0):19: 5:35  COMPUTER: Janwarrior logged in.
  (11):19: 5:38  [New Players] TsunamiTE: trick
  (0):19: 5:45  COMPUTER: Janwarrior logged out.
  (16):19: 5:51  To Daffyduck: just wondered
  (11):19: 5:55  [New Players] Mouliprowar: mission he most halowed gourd
  (11):19: 6: 9  [New Players] Mouliprowar: you see trick or treat somewhere ?
  (0):19: 6:21  COMPUTER: Luckypw repairs her systems.
  (0):19: 6:26  COMPUTER: Obsolete Model V summons Luckypw.
  (0):19: 6:28  COMPUTER: Darktt is patching Luckypw's hull.
  (0):19: 6:29  COMPUTER: Dadbanditte's weapons slow down.
  (3):19: 6:30  Daffyduck (private): am i doing something wrong
  (0):19: 6:35  COMPUTER: Skullystt logged out.
  (0):19: 6:36  COMPUTER: TolkenJE logged in.
  (0):19: 6:37  COMPUTER: Darktt is patching Luckypw's hull.
  (16):19: 6:43  To Daffyduck: not while you are watching
  (11):19: 6:44  [New Players] TsunamiTE: no  but thought there was a mission u had to collect stuff for the mission
  (0):19: 6:45  COMPUTER: Darktt is patching Luckypw's hull.
  (0):19: 6:51  COMPUTER: Obsolete Model V's Hacking use has been interrupted.
  (0):19: 6:57  COMPUTER: Tsuros logged in.
  (11):19: 7: 3  [New Players] Mouliprowar: yes in ast years from sergeant jones
  (0):19: 7: 3  COMPUTER: Darktt is patching Luckypw's hull.
  (0):19: 7:10  COMPUTER: Skullyjw logged in.
  (0):19: 7:10  COMPUTER: Matahari is hacking Obsolete Model V's systems.
  (5):19: 7:10  Attempt to hack enemy comms has failed!
  (5):19: 7:10  Attempt to hack enemy weapons has failed!
  (0):19: 7:12  COMPUTER: Darktt is patching Luckypw's hull.
  (0):19: 7:14  COMPUTER: Reeses is hacking Obsolete Model V's systems.
  (5):19: 7:14  Enemy communications hacked!
  (5):19: 7:14  Enemy weapons hacked!
  (5):19: 7:14  Enemy engines hacked!
  (11):19: 7:16  [New Players] Mouliprowar: not active at the moment i tried it
  (3):19: 7:18  Daffyduck (private): ahh...so u OWN this place
  (0):19: 7:23  COMPUTER: Darktt is quickly recharging Luckypw's shields.
  (0):19: 7:26  COMPUTER: Lillyraine is quickly recharging her shields.
  (5):19: 7:26  Lillyraine has recharged your shields by 0.02 units.
  (0):19: 7:27  COMPUTER: Darktt is quickly recharging Luckypw's shields.
  (11):19: 7:29  [New Players] TsunamiTE: k
  (2):19: 7:33  Obsolete Model V : Syssss..tem...eeeeeerrrrroooor....Initiate Control.....
  (0):19: 7:33  COMPUTER: Darktt is quickly recharging his shields.
  (16):19: 7:40  To Daffyduck: go careful...
  (0):19: 7:40  COMPUTER: Darktt is increasing his shield capacity.
  (8):19: 7:42  [Guild] TolkenJE: Hello
  (0):19: 7:45  COMPUTER: Obsolete Model V regains chemical deflection.
  (0):19: 7:49  COMPUTER: Moulinneuf [ADV] logged in.
  (0):19: 7:52  COMPUTER: Luckypw makes Dadbanditte's weapons hum..
  (3):19: 8: 1  Daffyduck (private): you can kiss my ass...
  (16):19: 8:12  To Daffyduck: and you can be kicked
  (8):19: 8:14  [Guild] Duffman: lo
  (16):19: 8:18  To Daffyduck: from the game
  (2):19: 8:33  The Controller : What could you think to gain from this hostility? What is driving you to meet your end here?
  (3):19: 8:35  Daffyduck (private): why
  (16):19: 8:53  To Daffyduck: dissent to a dev / member of enb staff
  (0):19: 9: 2  COMPUTER: Daffyduck logged out.











Leaves me wondering if it's worth the time and effort creating new Christmas content, right now I can't be bothered............

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Well lets get this clear right now...nowhere in that chat u identified urself as a staff member...secondly  looks like u were egging him on  from what ur chat shows..3rd..DEVS>GM has no business to interfere with the raid rotation..according to staff rules..clearly ur stating u have problems with the " PUBLIC" doing the raids ..u were there apparently to help static  cause.. what happened with GoBB.. when i showed up u  werent friendly with me either and were pissed with DD  cause u said u would take care of DD later..i had to ask u why u were threatening DD with banning him and u said u were a dev  and had been 1 for 2 yrs..well ive known deborah forever and never knew she was Redkite..so lets get something else clear raid rotation is about dead  and will be soon no matter what  u want...the guild leaders of VGE and Static need to realize the "Big 3" are dead and gone    Vge has lost their leader basically over raids and rotation..BI has joined forces with the public..that leaves Static still trying to enforce the raid rotation...let it go..u can barely ever muster people to do it and when u dont have enuff u let it sit and waste  when u can easily just ask the public...i have no issues with Static other than raid issues..Redkite u really did usurp ur powers as a dev..either the higher ups step in solve the raid issues  or as far as me and my guild is concerned raid rotation is null and void as of this moment. end of story btw this is Tsunami




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Soooo while we are talking about the raids..we have for the last few months been inviting all people of enb to all the raid rotation raids and post it in general  so we welcome all to them  join with us..if we all cant play together then why is this game still up and running



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Get this straight,

A dev was not interfering with the raid or the raid rotation.

I was playing my play toons, my comments to daffy duck was polite the evidence is there....


I'm not going to respond any more to this thread....


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 dissent to a dev / member of enb staff


U are shooting your self in the foot here.

As u said u was not on a dev/enb staff toon at the time.

So in the end u where not A DEV as u said then threatening with with that.

Common, u are making no sence.

Are u OR ARE U NOT a dev on that toon. 

Cause how i see it U ARE just cause of the way u said that.


And then u go:

Leaves me wondering if it's worth the time and effort creating new Christmas content, right now I can't be bothered............



common now what the hell is the about.


as per Blacklung:

You may not argue with or neglect to follow instructions of Net-7
staff. The player names of Net-7 staff begin with the word DEV,
, and may be identified in that fashion.


Also u did not say u where a dev til the end.

But that does not matter.


As far as i know u can not be apart of a guild that is NOT a gm/dev guild at all.

So u beeing in Static gives an advantage to Static as a whole. cause u can use your dev powers to see when stuff spawns.

Not saying u do, but people might think it is.


Now do u see the problem of having a toon in a none dev/gm guild?


daffyduck: ahh...so u OWN this place

 To Daffyduck: go careful...


I would see that as a threat iff someone said that to me.

That is why he said what he said after.


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So sorry, I don't have much to say raiding wise as my toons have just barely started raiding, but how dare you threaten to not create Christmas content! That sounds like letting the dev life and player life affect each other again... Please don't punish the whole community for a disagreement between a couple of the more powerful folks in the game.






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With all due respect redkite you sir are an arsehat....you say oh I'm playing my toon as a regular player not a Dev....then you make veiled threats to another player, and when said player tells you to bugger off you threaten him by reveling to him that you are in fact  a member of the staff and that he could be kicked....hmmmm dick move mate, dick move.

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No Ravina, DD logged in at Controller while Static was doing it. The Dev was not watching but part of the Static raid and DD was immediately messaged

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forgot word
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Me Eating Popcorn .... What ? the raid drama is so much fun to watch ....


First of all some Info :


- DGM exist and are human .... not sure if they where created by KYP to help or laugh at us mortal players ;-)

- Dev and GM have play toons

- Some DEV GM play toon who are officer in some player guilds

- Some DEV GM play toon are also Guild Leaders


NOTE : it's not open to a debate in this thread it's just the reality you may not be aware of


Read between the line here people , I wont give name or more detials.


Some Dev GM play toon are really the opposite of what they are as Dev GM are if your not friendly with them on play toon.  

It's OK we can't all agree as we are not all the same or from the same region or speak even the same language


Now you know.


My personnal take :


Some people have been taking decision and taking action that are tolerated by the mass 

Some people have been taking decision and taking action that are tolerated by the DEV GM


We did not have an agreement or real dsicussion , tolerance is not agreement. Hence the recurring 

battle between what is , what is not and what people think or simply invent to satisfy their own agenda

want and needs.


AS The player Advocate : 


0. If you plan on insulting any other players and DEV GM to impose your way , DONT' you will lose,  badly


The rule are clear don't insult other player or harass other player , as a reminder some of them might be DEV GM on play toons


 1. Why would a DEV interfer with Raids ? They have the power to make Raids and PRS ? Make no sense to me to suggest it.


2. OFF COURSE making unilateral decision without agreement will lead to biterness and conflict , but then you don't really cae as long as it

give you more raid chance right ? 


3. Seem to me, most of the biterness come from those who decided to impose some new rule without any agreement.


4. If you are a DEV / GM on a play toon and there is a twit starting to offend you ,


identify yourself as an E&B emu staff !! No need to give name.


if he dont calm down , ask for another Dev / GM to deal with him , if another one is not around , temp ban him on your DGM toon. 


GM need to replace Blacklung as he is MIA and recruit new GM - newbie to patrol the server. 


5. Claiming that the big 3 are gone and done and then entering into conflict with them suggest you might be wrong about that 

and that they decided to show up. 


6. RedKite , it's not cool to suggest you won't make content based on a little disagreement , we players Appologize for a twit

insulting / picking a fight or getting on your nerves on your play toon.


But may we remind you that for 1 twit there is hundred of player who are nice and like and appreciate your work and effort

both as dev and on your play toon and that we should not be punished for his actions. 


RedKite We expect an appology and excuse from you for going too far on that one as we again appologize for any twit who join the game

and is disrespectful to anyone.


 7. Damage Inc , it's Guild Leaders , Officer and players , can you please calm down and take you rethoric and victim attitude down a notch ? 

It's not because you make a decision that it's agreed upon server wide and by all other guild and EMU staff or that you can dictate or demand

and impose your will. Your action and demand have consequence , I please ask you to be mindfull of others as your going to cost us

content, and make the few dev and GM still around go and do something ellse that they do for free because of your current attitude.


8. If you want more raid there is PRS Time , Maker , cost 


thread in the Player Advocate Seciion make a request for a PRS there 

or go on Teamspaek and join the PRS channel and wait or a DEV / GM to fell generous and join in to provide one.


Can we go back to being nice to each others and have fun with the game in a civilized and fun matter? Please ...







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2 minutes ago, Zarg said:

Yeah, lets "go back" to being nice to each other.   Open up time-triggered raids to the public and play nice together.  That's what we in DI strive to do. 


Trigered raid have never been so open to the public ...


Also Damage Inc is a guild and not public.  


You want to speak for public and act like public be public aka not in a guild ...

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Under the raid rotation's classifications, DI was never one of the 'big 3' and raided in the public spot.   Because we got so big sometimes it seemed like we were the only guild raiding in the "public's"  turn in the rotations.     


I can't speak for the rest of the guild leaders, but certainly when I'm involved in the time-triggered  (as opposed to crafted-triggered raids like Fishbowl/Gate), I make sure we try to recruit for the raid from general chat and what not.  And I know of no circumstances where we've turned down anyone,  except perhaps when they arrived woefully undergeared  (like showing up with less than maximum shields for their class).


That being said, we're not going to spend hours trying to recruit others for a public raid.  We give a reasonable lead time between announcement and raid  start time, and that's it.

Edited by Zarg
clarified wording surrounding raid recruiting period
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Really Mouli? Are you really this ignorant? And I'm  voting to remove you as Advocate. You do not seem to realize what that means. 

Edited by Thuvia
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Yes , Tolerating a big guild like DaMAGE IInc in the public spot was the Advocate mistake.

That is in addition to epicGamers too many people vying for the same spot.


- We need to either upgrade you in a rotation spot if we keeep using roation going forward

- Have a meeting and agreed solution by all of the server for the replacement solution.


Have been trying to make a new agreement but I was told to shut up an no change by other side.

This deadlock is whats causing a lot of the problem.


So I dont consider it my role to push for a new server wide agreement


As always I am here to play the arbiter / referee if you decide to sit down and have a real dsicusssion toward a new agreement.



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To be honest, I think a large part of Damage Inc's success has been because we were in the public spot, and forced to work with other guilds and the general public to get raids done.   It makes for excellent opportunities to get to know other players, show goodwill, and generates recruiting opportunities.


I think the insular nature of the older guilds is also a large part of why they're withering.  A guild needs new blood to keep it active.


More public raiding is good for everyone involved, in my opinion.

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