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  1. While I would welcome anything that gives my TS a further advantage I have no problem soling. Gear up as you level and you'll do fine.
  2. Maybe try to get a few young programmers as interns (unpaid), you get help, they get experience and can put it on their resume. Dunno if it's feasible but just a thought.
  3. Bah Humbug! But Anyway Tsunami (leader of Damage Inc) and Lactra (leader of Epic) are emptying the guild vaults Christmas Day, free FOC's Spitters, Casters, etc. I know, I should not have told but log on Christmas for the give-a-way!
  4. For once Ghent I agree with you. I've done it on a few websites, not sure if I got anyone but I will continue to put it out there.
  5. I have 7 150+'s, many have a LOT more. Why would we not save items we need for building? If you cannot become rich as a miner you are doing it wrong.
  6. Mining is indeed a get rich scheme class. Miners can make more than any class on the server simply by mining gas clouds. Some people may buy some ammo ores but that's about it. Usually its 15 mil/stack. Once again gas clouds make more. Mine/trade/trade back/refine/trade to an alt with negotiate/sell. Your miner gets a lot of exp, and you maximize credits. As for making comps, I rarely have to. I keep a mule full of looted comps as most traders do. I can get virtually any refined ore I need just ripping them. So you would also have to ask for the drop rates of comps to be lowered also. But then since most real traders have mules for ores then we would just use our's before buying from market. Many like mining so stock just increases, not decrease. I have 3 ore mules. Also pop rocks have some decent drops on occasion that can only be gained by mining them.
  7. Welcome back! We can always use another at Damage Inc
  8. We need an innocent victim to blame though. I blame.... Machinegunbob. Sorry Bob
  9. I have an unexpected delivery, Tsunami is the daddy
  10. Thank you sir! And thanks Gwindor good idea!
  11. Seconded! The Wall of Spam pretty much fills the chat
  12. I guess this is the place to bring this up the TS 5% turbo device is somewhat underwhelming. I did get one on my TS (Skidrow) in hopes of maybe some future buff but maybe add something else to it? As it is its easier to get a lvl 8 Bastion shield for the same buff. Edit-But I do love the other goodies ty
  13. I know Bob and yet Mouli has constantly been trying to make Damage take a rotation slot we do not want. And even when Tsunami declared the agreement done he is STILL trying to tell people what to do. He has zero authority.
  14. You're not getting it Mouli, the rotation is DONE. We will put it up in General, everyone is welcome. We WILL make room.
  15. Really Mouli? Are you really this ignorant? And I'm voting to remove you as Advocate. You do not seem to realize what that means.
  16. No Ravina, DD logged in at Controller while Static was doing it. The Dev was not watching but part of the Static raid and DD was immediately messaged
  17. So I was under the understanding that dev's were not allowed to be in guilds other than their own personal guild or one with other Devs. Apparently there's a dev who is in Static. I suspect bitterness over the what used to be an agreement among the so called Big 3 when a couple groups from multiple guilds though mostly Damage Inc took a Gobb raid that Static seems to feel they own. So today one of my guildies was scolded because he happened to log on his toon at Controller by a dev. I'm looking at you Deborah/Redkite. Is this allowed? Seems like a conflict of interest.
  18. Someone said Pornhub and you had your little snit fit. It was 2 am est and you complained about kids? As for friends yes Nikolatesla is a friend (and also leader of Epic Gamers), I dont really know Jacoby but have no problem with the guy. And yea I gave you some crap, you deserved it for whining. Anyone who joined in did so of their own accord, not at my prompting. Edit-I've helped a lot of people in this game, and so has Nikolatesla. All I ever see you doing is chat.
  19. Skidrow is mine, I said or did NOTHING risque or posted any links. I merely spoke out against you playing channel police. It was around 2AM.
  20. Heya Executioner Its not all as bad it's made out to be. C'mon back and play. I believe we were in Eclypse?
  21. Actually there were a couple Static there, one rolled on the core.
  22. Theres been quite a bit of discussion in a couple guilds on the raid rotation. The once "Big 3" aren't big anymore and leave the triggers up and wasted. There was also a no multiboxing rule which the now "Little" 3 violates because they no longer have the people to do it. If your guild can't do it give up your place in the rotation and make it public.
  23. I can log on, but it locks up after I pick which toon I want and push enter. Stuck on galaxy screen. Any help?
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