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  1. A bit late on the response, but there is a page in the E&B Wiki on this -- https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Tour_Routes
  2. I did a similar route calculator in python, but its all command-line right now and I haven't put a web UI on it yet.
  3. Pretty sure if you dig around in the forums there's some discussion of folks using hotkeynet in EnB.
  4. Sadly there's no easy way to get that. If you're lookin' for a guild, jump in game, be active on new players and/or general chat, see who's responding and who's willing to help you. You can pm them in-game to see if they have any useful guild advice for you. Yeah, that takes work, but it's sure to find you the best fit.
  5. So the problem with those guild stats is they don't show 'active' member count. They may show inactive guilds as larger than they really are. And they can be easily inflated by alts -- a given player can have around 45 alts.
  6. Just updated net-7 wiki front page to point to the christmas_2019 page for 'live holiday content'. -Z
  7. The game IP mostly falls under copyright law, which thanks largely to lobbying from the mighty mouse, keeps having the timelines for copyright to fall into public domain extend into the future. -Z
  8. Aside from the Net-7 wiki which is a great resource, there are a few external sites with guides and what not left over from the original game. Also for gear and how to build it the item database on the net-7 site is really great. Use the search function to discover what types of gear are available at given levels. It'll tell you where vendor buyable stuff is, list builders for stuff that can be player made, but won't tell you where to go to get mob-dropped stuff -- for that check the Drop pages on the net-7 wiki. The difference between info on the net-7 website/item database and the wiki is the wiki is source from the player community, and the net-7 site is from the devs who want to leave it up to the players to discover where things are and what to do. Also asking in new player chat or general chat in-game can often get a lot of advice from players. -Zarg
  9. WoW has items like Heirloom gear that grant xp gain increases to alts for players who already have max level characters. Don't want the accelerated pace? Don't use the xp gain gear! Wonder if such a thing would be appropriate here. Sounds like a subject for a good thread in the suggestions forum.
  10. Well you can also get the data by exploring the zone and then going to the maps section in net-7 portal, but it doesn't show hidden navs, and it only shows navs a given character has explored. Another way to go is once explored it, target all the navs and hit control-T on them to get their coords, then log out and extract it all out of your chat log text file. Again, I've got the data, and/or have ways to get what I'm missing. At this point its more of putting in the effort to just finish the project. -Z
  11. We take all types, including new players
  12. Perhaps you can help me finish my enbmaps clone/replacement. I already scraped most of the data on my own enbmaps.de clone.
  13. We learned a lot and found a bunch of bugs in the PTR. I eagerly await seeing those fixes propagate back into the live game. It'd help a lot. I wish we could've done more big group raid testing in PTR. I'd forgotten how bad lag can get in big raids like fishbowl. -Z
  14. When I was farming glenn commission rep, it was out of jobs from the job terminal in F7. Go figure
  15. Yeah, the job terminals are the only way to gain Glenn commission faction. Its a very slow grind, but it does eventually get there. -Z
  16. there was burst of activity and then the ptr was dead for a while, and now that its back not a lot of folks have come back. I'll poke in. I really think we need to try to schedule a time to get many people together to stress test -- duplicate some of the network outages we see in big (3 group+) raids. -Z
  17. Well, just tried the PTR and it looks like its back online. yay! -=Z=-
  18. Still dead. We have found and got a lot of things fixed with prior testing, is it worthwhile to continue? I dont know if we ever rally got a good stress test together. -Z
  19. I was trying it last night and just now -- apparently still down I think. It seems the PTR net-7 launcher lacks a server up/down status check; all you can do is click the 'launch' button, and if nothing happens after that, server must be down. -Z
  20. I ran a macro that built some 2400 Badger Claw 1 devices, discarding them as it went. No problems, crashes, or lockups encountered, though a few timing issues along the way where sometimes a build would take longer than usual.
  21. Weird. Just did it again, and only a few minutes after the previous one. proxylog.dat
  22. Had been sitting idle in Paramis station with E&B running while I was web surfing. Got a popup about some C++ run time error in the proxy. Attached is the related proxylog. proxylog-runtime_error.dat
  23. I just wanna say I did come across a slew of other PTR related bugs -- including stuff with the early PTR charcter setup process -- and Cipher was quick to fix them. Thanks for the hard work on this! I can't think of any bugs I have still open beyond things in the nature of the PTR (i.e. functions not available due to lack of PTR linking to an equivalent of the net-7.org website). -Z
  24. Zargate was sitting idle outside joves while other members of my group were inside doing stuff. I had just logged a JE out to character creation and at about the same time this game client disappeared (crash to desktop) with no warning or error popups or anything. Hope this proxylog is helpful...
  25. Fixed with /ptrenableskills. Thanks! I know this command is 'deprecated' but maybe just leave it obsoleted and not disable it, so folks wiht old charcters can still fix them? As for missing ammo comps (and zenrei cannon) on my old characters - I'm just going to fix them by making a new character, trading the stuff over after setup, and deleting that new temporary character. I note many of the 'only player made' ammo comps for i.e. Zet Missile Launcher and Archos are given out with /ptrsetupcharacter. It doesn't look like the Athanor Hardrain Slugs needed for Zenrei cannon are included. I'll made a new pw to test, and yeah, no Hardrain Slugs.
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