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  1. RD base sounds good was thinking about that the other day......so bloody bored with always doing the troller/gobb cycle
  2. With all due respect redkite you sir are an arsehat....you say oh I'm playing my toon as a regular player not a Dev....then you make veiled threats to another player, and when said player tells you to bugger off you threaten him by reveling to him that you are in fact a member of the staff and that he could be kicked....hmmmm dick move mate, dick move.
  3. Does seem fishy, and would be an overstep in power....one that needs to be delt with.
  4. I'm "logged in" and there are no mission steps that I can see... just like the OP said, me and some of my guild members noticed this two weeks ago, all the missions steps have been removed.
  5. There's an avatar customization terminal at Jove's Fury in Jupiter they are on either side of the doors (the first ones you go through) when you land.
  6. Last night every time I gated, it locked up/froze couldn't select target to warp to nothing, had to terminate client due to not being able to logout. This happened for the next 5 gates after which i just stopped playing.
  7. Welcome back and welcome to the loony bin that is DI see you ingame. Loqutis (the guilds resident Borg)
  8. LoqutisX

    New Theme

    Told you, you'd go blind from doing that pesty but yes I concur the letters should be bright white vs. the dark grey on black background.
  9.   Yes we are, if you send me a PM here or in game I'll get you all sorted (my in game is Loqutis, Voxx or Udar) cheers :)
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