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  1. Earth & Beyond Service Rules of Conduct While you are a member of the Earth & Beyond Service, you must abide by the following rules. IF YOU BREAK ANY OF THESE RULES, YOUR EARTH & BEYOND ACCOUNT, AND YOUR RIGHT TO USE THE EARTH & BEYOND SERVICE, MAY BE TERMINATED OR SUSPENDED IMMEDIATELY BY ELECTRONIC ARTS ("EA") OR the NET-7.ORG. IF YOUR ACCOUNT IS SUSPENDED OR TERMINATED YOU WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO A REFUND OF ANY AMOUNTS PAID BY YOU TO USE THE EARTH & BEYOND SERVICE AND YOU WILL FORFEIT ALL OF YOUR UNUSED ACCESS TIME. General Rules 1) You may not harass, threaten, embarrass, stalk, or cause distress, unwanted attention, or discomfort to another player. 2) You may not use any offensive, sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable remarks. 3) You may not impersonate EA or Net-7 Customer Support or any other employee of EA or Net-7.org. 4) You may not violate any local, state, national or international law or regulation while playing Earth & Beyond. You may not use the game service to engage in illegal activity. 5) With the exception of in game sales of in game items, you may not market, promote or advertise anything, or make any other form of solicitation (including pyramid schemes and chain letters) on the Earth & Beyond Service or any Earth & Beyond Web Sites. 6) You may not modify any part of the Earth & Beyond Website that EA or Net-7.org does not give you permission to modify. 7) You may not arrange for the exchange or transfer of any pirated software or other contraband while you are on the Earth & Beyond Service or Website. 8). You may not organize or form any groups based on slanderous or hate philosophies. These include, but are not limited to, groups formed against race, religion, and sexual orientation. 9) You may not use the Earth & Beyond Service or Website for activities other than activities permitted in the game universe or events associated with Earth & Beyond. 10) You may not post or communicate any player's real world personal information within the Earth & Beyond Service, Web Pages, or Bulletin boards. 11) You may not give false information or intentionally hide any information that is required by the Earth & Beyond Service. 12) You will follow the instructions of authorized personnel while in Earth & Beyond Net-7 forums and website. 13) You will not upload or transmit on the Earth & Beyond Service or Websites any copyrighted content unless you have the express written permission of the copyright holder. 14) You will not attempt to interfere with, hack into, or decipher any transmissions to or from the servers running the Earth & Beyond Service. 15) You will not exploit any bug in the Earth & Beyond product or Online Service. You will not intentionally use any bug found within Earth & Beyond, whether or not it grants an unfair advantage. You will not communicate the existence of any such bug (either directly or through public posting) to any other user of the Earth & Beyond Service. You will report any such exploit using Bug or Exploit Reporting methods described by the Earth & Beyond Service. 16) You will not create, use, play, or provide any emulator or other site where Earth & Beyond may be played and you will not post or distribute any utilities, emulators or other software related to Earth & Beyond without the express written consent of EA. You will not attempt to play Earth & Beyond on any service that is not controlled or authorized by EA. 17) You will not do anything that interferes with the ability of other Earth & Beyond users to enjoy playing the game in accordance with its rules or that increases the expense or difficulty of EA or Net-7.org in maintaining the Earth & Beyond Service for the enjoyment of all of its users. 18) You will not share your account login or password with anyone. 19) You will use the Earth & Beyond petitioning system in accordance with the Petition policy. You will not intentionally submit Misinformation through the petition system. 20) Scamming is illegal. You will not engage in activity to mislead another player while using game trade functions or other in game functionality. Violations include, but are not limited to, promising one thing and then providing another as part of a trade. Though 'scamming' might seem to fall within the 'role play' aspect of some MMORPG/PSW games, it is not acceptable in Earth & Beyond. 21) You will not intentionally accept an item that has been hacked or otherwise manipulated outside of designed game mechanics from anyone inside or outside the game world. The Earth & Beyond team has the right to confiscate any such illegal items, even if a player had no prior knowledge of the item's origin, and no reparations will be made. 22) You will not taunt or otherwise encourage other players to violate any Terms of Service or game rules. 23) You will not allow another player to taunt you into violating any Terms of Service or game rules. 24) You will not use partial masking in order to use inappropriate words that would otherwise be in violation of the rules. [Note: If we can tell what word you are trying to mask, and the word is in violation of the rules, then the partially masked word is in violation of the rules. Hint: Try using cartoon speak when you really want to say something naughty. "I am &^%^$% lost!" This is an example of complete masking and is acceptable.] Naming Policy Names in Earth & Beyond are subject to the same rules and guidelines as other forms of in game official website communication. EA or NEt-7.org Staff has the right to change character, ship and guild names that do not conform to the guidelines. If Net-7 changes a name for a violation of the naming policy, no reimbursements will be given. In addition to the aforementioned general rules, these following rules apply to any in game name that is user defined including, but not limited to, guild and ship names. The following types of names are unacceptable: 1) Vile, profane, rude or racist names including swear words, anatomical references, racial slurs in whole or in part and homonyms for these words in whole or in part. 2) Combinations of names that produce an offensive result. 3) Copyrighted or trademarked names of products, characters, services or concepts. 4) Proper names from Earth & Beyond. This also includes any name of any Non-Player Character. 5) Names of current or former Customer Support Representatives or employees of EA or Net-7, or names that are similar enough to these to cause confusion. 6) Names chosen with the intent of harming the reputation of a player, Customer Service Representative or employee of EA or Net-7. 7) Names containing titles within them, such as but not limited to: The, Lord, Lady, Master, King, General, Governor, Father, Captain, Admiral, etc. 8. Names that contain sentences, phrases or more than two words. 9) Names where the combination of the first, last, guild or ship name form a phrase that violates another rule. (This includes names that may appear offensive when combined with in-game titles or awards.) 10) Names based on a real life persons or historical figures that others might find offensive, including infamous criminals, world leaders or organizations. 11) Names that include numbers, punctuation, spaces or other special characters. Naming Exceptions: Guild and ship names may contain "The" and may contain multiple words. EA and Net-7 is committed to making the Earth & Beyond experience as enjoyable as possible to our users. As a Massively Multi-Player game, Earth & Beyond will host thousands of users within the game universe. Although EA or Net-7 cannot be responsible for the actions of our users, we will not condone actions that do not comply with the Rules of Conduct or actions that violate the general spirit of game play. Players that violate game rules or Rules of Conduct may be subject to the temporary suspension of their account and/or services as well as permanent banning from not only Earth & Beyond but also all other EA Worlds Channel services and Net-7 Services. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU AGREE TO THESE RULES AND WILL ABIDE BY THEM. YOU FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU ARE AT LEAST 13 YEARS OLD. YOU FURTHER AGREE THAT THESE RULES WILL APPLY TO ANYONE THAT YOU ALLOW TO USE YOUR EARTH & BEYOND ACCOUNT OR USER ID AND THAT YOU ARE PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONSEQUENCES (INCLUDING TERMINATION OF YOUR ACCOUNT) THAT MAY RESULT IF ANY SUCH PERSON BREAKS THESE RULES. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT IF YOUR ACCOUNT AND YOUR RIGHT TO USE THE EARTH & BEYOND SERVICE IS TERMINATED OR SUSPENDED BY EA FOR ANY REASON, YOU WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO A REFUND OF ANY FEES PAID BY YOU FOR USE OF THE EARTH & BEYOND ONLINE SERVICE AND YOU WILL FORFEIT ANY UNUSED ACCESS TIME THAT YOU HAVE REMAINING AT THE TIME OF TERMINATION. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT IN ORDER TO HELP MAKE EARTH & BEYOND A GOOD EXPERIENCE FOR EVERYONE, EA/Net-7.org MAY OCCASIONALLY FIND IT NECESSARY TO MAKE CHANGES TO, OR RESET CERTAIN PARAMETERS OF, AN ONGOING WORLD IN ORDER TO BRING IT BACK INTO BALANCE. THESE CHANGES OR RESETS MAY AFFECT THE CHARACTERS UNDER YOUR CONTROL AND MAY CAUSE YOU SETBACKS WITHIN THE GAME UNIVERSE. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT EA/NEt-7.org RESERVES THE RIGHT TO USE NUMERIC CODES, GLOBAL UNIQUE IDENTIFIERS (GUIDS), COOKIES OR OTHER TECHNOLOGIES IN ORDER TO IDENTIFY SPECIFIC COMPUTERS THAT ACCESS THE EARTH & BEYOND ONLINE SERVICE. COMPUTER IDENTIFICATION TECHNOLOGY MAY ALSO BE USED TO ENFORCE THE EARTH & BEYOND TERMS OF SERVICE AND RULES OF CONDUCT. THESE RULES MAY BE CHANGED, AND NEW RULES MAY BE ADDED AT ANYTIME. YOU AGREE TO CHECK THE EARTH & BEYOND/NEt-7/EnB Emulator WEBSITE FROM TIME TO TIME TO REVIEW ANY RULE CHANGE THAT EA MAY HAVE MADE. YOU AGREE YOU HAVE READ CAREFULLY AND UNDERSTAND THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS SET FORTH IN THE EARTH & BEYOND LICENSE AGREEMENT. This is the in the Starting Procedures of the game that you must agree When starting the game
  2. I very rarely have issues with random crashes unless the server has been up over 699 hours, Several things I can recommend (not going to mention packet optimization or prototype reorder boxes being marked on the Net-7 launcher.) 1. How long has it been since you restarted your home gateway/router you should do it at least monthly so that it clears its cache and memory and resets your net connection achieving a better connection? 2. Have you left you computers online with out restarting it for long periods of time, this can cause spurious data losses,? 3. What is the weather where you are and what is it like between you and the server, this does effect it a lot more than one would think, especially through the south lately with the massive rain storms and in the midwest with all of the tornadoes knocking down the lines. Even Fiber optic cables can not stand up to the winds speeds of a tornado, or the flash flood washouts of infrastructures. The most recent server restart was just as the severe weather started hitting the central, north and south parts of the country.
  3. Also Disables all nav discovered announcements, Gating and docking announcements, and all NPC audio (speech) is also disabled(muted). I verified this in game. this is ok if you want to play "Quiet Mode" but personally I like the speech and in game audio notifications, Meagan can be tuned down by turning the computer volume down also.
  4. Just a friendly reminder that UNATTENDED macro running is not allowed
  5. when ever you have an issue with a mission you should submit a GM help Ticket so that the GM's can assist you in your mission Issue, please include the name of the avatar with the issue so that we GM's can assist faster. I gave your Avatar Traderjoey the report he needed for the mission, Please use the command /getgmitems to retrieve the report
  6. This mission is offered as a push-mission. Look for a flashing Message button at the top of your screen when you approach Master Jubei
  7. Send me a GM Help Ticket with avatar and Account names and i will do a temp password change for you.
  8. ENBConfig is the EnB configuration program the .NET framework if you do the windows update that dropped today April 9 2024 there was an update to the .NET framework, you may need to run update on your computer before you install the EnB game then the Net-7 Launcher Client, i have installed the game on both win 10 and win 11 and have cone through installs with out any issues. the install instructions here in the forums are very accurate and work as advertised.
  9. The only thing a GM can do is physically move your avatar in or out of Zweihander.
  10. Nice work, i am following your project with interest .
  11. we appear to be down i have red server status showing on the server status app
  12. They Will both be missed I remember Starfox and his since of humor
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