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  1. Concur, Toons quit responding and to talk bar quit the game
  2. Server appears to be Down, I have red server light indicated on all computers and can not log in through the launcher. I am in game on the chat tool, have been for a while So I have to assume it may be the login server at issue at the moment
  3. ok I answered your help ticket and you should have the answer by the time you read this.
  4. If you send a GM Help ticket to me with your Game Account name and a Avatar on the account i can issue you a Temporary Password that you can change after logging in tot he game (Net-7.org Sign in on the account. navigate to the WebHelp selection of the top menu bar, then go to the InGame Issues (GM Support) and fill out the information and i will do a temporary Password change and send it back to you Via Email with the Password and instructions on how to use it and change it to a more permanent password
  5. I believe the server has decided to crash.
  6. Create a GM Help ticket with your account info and I can change your Game Password to a temporary password to log into the game once. I'll give further info on how to change your password after I receive the GM Hel Ticket, Sign in to the Account on the net-7.org page go to the WebHelp on the top ribbon menu, select Ingame Issues (GM Support) fill out the form and submit. Please include your account(s) names needing Password change and I will perform the password Change(s) as soon as I see the ticket I Will respond to the tick jet with the new temporary password which will be case sensitive,
  7. are you a new player or a returning player?
  8. Karu The GM's Cannot do this particular function that he is asking about.
  9. Looks like the server has decided to take some time off, all 9 of my computers show red light on the server status app. players also noting that weapons are not firing
  10. HulkFairy has been unblackholed and moved to the Net-7 News Station in Saturn Sectoer
  11. you might be Black holed, submit a GM Help ticket with all of the names of your avatars involved so that the GM's may unblackhole them.
  12. usually the blue swirly means its someone's mission roid/hulk from a job terminal mining job its the games way to show you which ones in a field are the jobs takers. its kind of a warning to other players to not touch that item so that the other player can clear his field for the job
  13. He is back i am baby sitting him and will be for the next few weeks
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