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  1.   Thank you. I added them to a note to find. I don't need the cords. I just wanted to know they do exist. Been overall unlucky finding any real hidden ones that weren't on paths to moons and such.
  2. So recently I've been just exploring sectors with free warp, and I was kind of disappointed. Besides asteroid nodes already found on map sites. I can't seem to find any real hidden ore fields, besides a few in Uranus which are easy to find anyway due to being on the way to moons/planet. I've been used scan boost devices with activate and equip, and just warping around I have found 0 hidden treasures besides a bunch of level 40s in middle of no where.    Are they just really rare/only in certain zones? Or just not common to find fields very off path. Currently just disappointed with amount of free warping 3 accounts to find nothing anywhere besides those mobs. They weren't rare/uncommon either as I've seen them in another zone by basic navs.
  3.   Yea, I did the TS way before at one point. Had to use the forums to assist lol, but yea I kind of just gave feedback. Most 'newbs' won't make a 'new' class off bat usually, but some do a little research and find there are more and might make one, or get introduced by players who have played before. (Such as this case)     Been a while, but If I remember currently some JE were a pain, but I could be having memory a loss, but nothing compared to the PTs.
  4. I'm presuming JT is similar, but I can not say for certain. Though if follows the trend of other 2 'new' ones. I feel the difficulty/annoyance of some of the early game missions are kind of high especially for new players and buggy. I had to spend 10mins my self even looking up how to do a PP quest, because it simply would not update. Plus it took them forever to even find the point properly (without use of outside materials) as the point didn't appear till 10k away.   Just in general comparing New classes to old classes. The new missions for them has a much higher 'difficulty' /learning curve then others.   Opinions on changing I have none, but I guess things should be taken in consideration. Since I've introduced a few, but having to babysit them through parts where I end up getting confused or annoyed with it also. I feel this is fine later in the game. Since well some of the missions give good rewards, but for starters it like eh, really?   Just my 2 cents.   Also The Missing Transport is the bugged one where it took him a few log outs/and walking over/stopping at the point several times for it to update.
  5. I'm looking for a partner to play with casually here and there. Playing with a alt character probably of course. I'm looking to play a JE/JD. I play during 12noon-8pm CST on general for my video games. Though I work, and play other games. I'd like to re-visit the community though and have someone to play with. :) 
  6. https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/2094-new-player-help/ Search helps. It has been there for a bit. Scroll down.
  7. Bumping* This to new posts page to ask if any new information should be added such as websites or another information. I adjusted the format a little in certain cases to make it more 'pleasant' to the eyes.
  8. [quote name='Terrell' timestamp='1320083424' post='47866'] Anyone else notice this line in the patch notes? Added Gender_Required and Skill_Required to possible mission conditions. Wonder what missions are coming in the future that are only doable by female toons, and which ones will only be doable by male toons. It's interesting that the devs added this possiblity to the game, makes the choice of your toon's gender much more relevant than the last 3 emotes and how other players relate to said toon. Since most of us have multiple toons, it's may not be such a good idea to have all one's toons the same gender. I think it was a good addition, what do others think? [/quote It is probably a line made for missions. Such as Gender_Required = Female then posts <chat 2> directed more to female toons. "Hey Girly" would be an example and for male it would be "Hey there soldier" for a sexist NPC or such.
  9. Updated and formatted a little. I haven't found much around in threads or ideas to update. I'm also rarely around anymore. Also I don't know how to change reason for edit. Hah.
  10. [quote name='C Del' timestamp='1302729825' post='39056'] Hey. Guess what's a good way to get yourself banned? (That) P.S. In all seriousness, don't do that. We have chat logs, we will look through them, and when we find that you're making false accusations and wasting the GMs' time, the banhammer is going to swing right back around in your direction. [/quote] Pretty sure he wasn't going to make false accusations. When I played language happened at least every 3 minutes or so with all chat channels up. Usually Ty understands basic concepts of reality from what I know. [size="3"][i]Just saying[/i][/size]
  11. Bumping on new content list, since someone might have something new to add that I don't know, or people have forgotten about thread to add new things since I don't play anymore. <3
  12. Since I don't see a off-topic forum and I recently been browsing this forum again. I noticed trends currently in all games. 'Hate.' For most part its hate hate hate hate. Starting to get on my nerves when I read posts (here and anywhere). I do play other games. I do hate certain parts to. I do enjoy giving criticism/feedback on things. I read about 6 topics today, and I wonder has the forums been like this lately? I knew when I left the forums/game I saw a trend of this here and there, but not as much. Also. I heard JDs are OP compared to progen now? I laughed a little. Though I haven't got on really.
  13. Hah, Yea. I'm going to probably get Black Ops and a 360. Though I hang with a good COD4 Community so it will stay. Though Aion is blah. Sadly I do prefer WoW over it. Game wise, community wise/graphic wise no. I just couldn't get into Aion. I don't really play EnB anymore, I just hang around mainly to aid anyone that needs something that I can help with. Killing people with AK-47<3 all day. Nomnom.
  14. Aion over COD4? I am disappointed. Though Hey Hey.
  15. I would not object to placing what donations go toward besides the simple "Project Costs/Server Costs." etc So new players know exactly where the money is supposed to be going towards. I'm also not objected to linking to 'staff' recruitment (GM/Betas/Devs etc) in the post such as example "If you have skills in coding/want to contribute in more then just playing the game and keeping up the community you can look at positions [link]here[link] also if nothing seems right for you. You could contact [insert beta lead profile link here] and look into applying as a beta tester, to in which you can help round out Missions/Dialog/Graphics(Errors) and other such things. It is not up to me though, and in which if something would enjoy letting people know its fine with me tbh, and C Del has every right to add to the post if he sees fit. If you want to go through him etc. Course other dev(s)/admin(s). It's w/e. I don't hang around to much. >.> Due to some addicting game I found + my other games I enjoy to play and other reasons I could list, but not the place to.
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