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  1. Lol, ok so we can. On it! “I need some sleep.”
  2. Are we allowed to actually recruit other players on “public forums”? Or is this wishful thinking? I am only asking because ghent96 is on to something. If we could reach out to some of these potential gamers it would be Epic..
  3. Thank you all for the amazing support. Although, I am somewhat bummed out. As of late I log in to play, but I am always late for the last BBW or Troller content. 

  4. Completed my first raid (FB) since getting back. Feels good to be back. Thanks again to all those that have been so helpful. 

  5. Wow, over a month in and I am feeling accomplished. Level 141. I wanted to thank the community for helping me get here. Now the grind truly begins. ;) 

  6. Garway... my toons name was Avaitor, I joined the guild after taking sometime off. I was invited to the guild by "Psych: I think. We had been together in a prior guild as a bunch of TE's. Great to see you :).
  7. As I read this post I started smiling. I am looking forward to joining you once again as a raid ready player. Lol, great to be back sad to feel so far behind.
  8. Mouli2, thanks for the link it was a fun read and informative. I am currently out pacing my credits because I am doing CL, TL, and EL jobs to power level my TE. I am broke because grinding mobs for money is just simply boring until your eyes bleed from CL jobs. I have played this game since live and I am eager to get one of my toons to 140 so that I can do some end game raiding. Anyhow thank you.
  9. Andromeda - Lunar Dawn - TE 114 Stress Test before last wipe - PW 144 Back after almost three years current - TE 126
  10. Team Speak, sounds fun and practical since I suck at spelling and grammar.
  11. Lots of useful info for new players. Thank you.
  12. Welcome back Matt, good to have you as part of the family again.
  13. Finally got my old forum account back. Feels good. Looking forward to helping out. 

  14. Thank you so very much Woodstock
  15. Not enough time in the day to play.
  16. Wife Agro at a all time low - she must want something
  17. I am using Windows 7... And I know how to change the size of the game window, by changing screen resolution. Yet I cannot move the windows, so that I can see both screens at the same time... Any suggestions? Thanks!
  18. This post helped me: Net7Config.exe For Running Custom Resolutions Started by Tradermagoo, Jan 26 2012 10:09 PM It explains how to config computer programs and files...
  19. The L9 Agrippa projectile that I am to manufacture - was listed in my beams section... Therefore I was confused as how to progress on the weapon build. [quote name='Aviator' timestamp='1349874084' post='64183'] What do I do next? Missions Agrippa Technology Stage II Examination - Weapons [AT_Version 2.7.-] (2/3) Give a self-built Agrippa Technology Examination - Build Weapons to Architecti Telum in Nostrand Vor City to pass your examination for Stage II of Agrippa Technology - Weapons. Do I need to make a weapon for Telum or what? I do not understand the mission description... Thanks. [/quote]
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