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  1. i can warp with no speed ( warp graphics working ) thrust around, working good there couldn't take the wormhole a JE poped open for me.. i had to just log off to get control of toon again. I had just come out Chernavog station to take a WH to Jupiter to see this Petear sector..
  2. Cipher: Edited to remove attachment.
  3. had a toon in slot 4 ( Plateautt ) i deleted slot one toon and started a PS toon ( Gopheressps ) in slot 4. The skills from the TT saved somewhere and were injected into the PS hot key skill slots. These Skills from the TT were grayed out in the slots so i picked one up and droped into space to remove it and INSTA CTD. (I did this last night but it was late were i had made a TT but deleted it and put TS in that slot.) This is a repeatable issue CTD. If you drag a skill from the the Character skills tab onto these grayed skills it over rides the grayed and there are no problems BUT if you try moving a grayed skill you have a INSTA CTD.
  4. computer 5/6 proxylog.dat computer 4/6 proxylog.dat
  5. I was grouped and had just used shield sap on the spawn with Desash.
  6. Cipher: Edited to remove attachment.
  7. Lost connection while in Paramis killing Chavez.
  8. Cipher: Edited to remove attachment.
  9. Cipher: Edited to remove attachment.
  10. What went wrong after the update ?


  11. This needs locked/closed there was an internal conversation on this matter and it was resolved I thought.
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