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  1. It seems to be better. I tested it out on Chavez in Glenn and was able able to grab agro on about a dozen and operate with about 2seconds lag, where before it was 5 seconds lag or worst. As a few more agro'd it did get a bit worst, but there seemed to be an improvement.
  2. Myself and several of my guildmates are having an issue. We can have 10-30 mobs on the screen fine, but if we agro 5-10 or more we lag out to the point of having to fly away and having it clear within a minute or so, or in cases like the FB having the computer lock up. (not a ctd) but lockup requiring a restart. Happens in Glenn with the Chavez as well. I downloaded monitoring software and the heat for cpu and video card are fine. Have tried adjusting the settings for video and sound, have updated video and sound drivers. Ran the game in 256/32bit/16bit color, tried different compatability modes and tried running it not in comp mode. Ran in 640/480 and not, ran windowed and not. Adjusted in game graphics as well. AMD Athlon II x4 630 Processor 2.80ghz ATI HD 4600 video 4gb ram Win7 64bit Running out of stuff to try, any further help on this would be appreciated.
  3. I think we need more mobs near the ore fields like we did in live. Encourage groups of combat/miner teams to share their xp. Half the group xp possibly to discourage power-leveling if that's something you want to discourage. Plenty of things to do but don't take away the roids, it's what explorers do. We mine. Hope the changes don't last long, cause there's no point in trying to mine much now, from what I can see. And for sure find a way to callout botters, they ruin the game for everyone. Half the money, or xp on ore trade in if neccessary. I don't think it is but I love mining the big circles whatever the xp/rewards are.
  4. Apparently if your mining grouped with your guild mates to share mining xp your doing something wrong. Grouped with guildmates chatting and trying to clear what someone said was an unclearable field in New Edin and they pop a lvl 66 on top of us and killed 3 of the 4 of us. (Didn't get me though did ya ). Devs where right there to watch and I guess it's funny to them. Seriously though, why not say hey don't mine here, or hey I want this spot to mine? Whats the deal, we're here to have fun, not to have fun at someone else's expense. Grow up dev's.
  5. Been looking all over for this sweet little program I had found on the forums here. The program when ran gave a server status icon down on the bottom right by the clock on windows machines. I cannot find the program though on my computer or here on the forums again. Great little program for everyone to have if someone could point me in the right direction. It would be appreciated.
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