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  1. thanks again to the community for the assist, unfortunately no luck yet. My old set up was with a 1080p TV and now I am running a Samsung at 3840 x 2160. It will display a window with some E&B imagery and then it closes that window while the client remains open. What the heck. Sincerely, Alain
  2. thanks for the assist... no luck thus far. Lowered the resolution and it just makes a smaller window and then closes it. Not sure what to do. I would play on HD and not 4K. What a bummer.
  3. New Password Failed not Recognized. Not sure what happened, I typed it in as provided by Net 7 support. Bummer.
  4. Thank you I just created a support ticket through Net 7.
  5. Hi guys, Just got back from 2.5 years away from the game and I am not having any luck accessing my old account. I do not have access to my old e-mail that is linked to account. Although, I can provide proof with an I.D. if necessary. I just want access to my old forum and game account. Forum name was "duartealain" been around since the third stress test. Game account was "Aviator2" I believe. I am currently using Aviator as my current forum account. Please help me recover my credentials if possible I last logged in about 2 and half years ago. Sincerely, Alain - Aviator
  6. Awesome. This is Aviator, although I lost my email account credentials. I am coming back with my new toon "Saywhat". I would love to rejoin the Builder's Inc. See you all in game.
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