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  1. New Password Failed not Recognized. Not sure what happened, I typed it in as provided by Net 7 support. Bummer.
  2. Thank you I just created a support ticket through Net 7.
  3. Hi guys, Just got back from 2.5 years away from the game and I am not having any luck accessing my old account. I do not have access to my old e-mail that is linked to account. Although, I can provide proof with an I.D. if necessary. I just want access to my old forum and game account. Forum name was "duartealain" been around since the third stress test. Game account was "Aviator2" I believe. I am currently using Aviator as my current forum account. Please help me recover my credentials if possible I last logged in about 2 and half years ago. Sincerely, Alain - Aviator
  4. Awesome. This is Aviator, although I lost my email account credentials. I am coming back with my new toon "Saywhat". I would love to rejoin the Builder's Inc. See you all in game.
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