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  1. Most of the Oni parts are a very-very slow drop rate. Colloidal Magnetic Transmitter (9) A. Reclaimed Manes Essence (6) - Splendid Mane - lvl 51 B. Daeva Photon Emitter (8) - Oni Daeva - lvl 41 C. Wraith Neutropics (8) - Oni Wraith - lvl 45 & 50 D. Oni Bioflux Pheromone (8) - Oni Fiend - lvl 36
  2. I made a discord server I tried to design it like the forums, it's still a work in progress currently there's custom emotes, roles, channels and voice area's that can be used. Yes I know there's a TeamSpeak however some people prefer discord. Also there's more security on Discord, you have to had at least verified your email and been a member for 10 minutes to join. The #welcome room is where you're announced, there's a section where you're automatically granted the role of New Player whenever you join the discord. In order to be granted access to the main area you must post what you main race is that you play. You're not going to see anything else, until you do this sorry that just the way things are.
  3. There's a few things you could do. . . Try posting on Enb Reddit about the emulator project, though it may not get much traction as there hasn't been a post on 2 years, could also try posting on Spacesimgames. Make sure to keep the Facebook updated or make a Twitter site that has detailed updates for people to follow about the game. See if you can get streamers to stream the game on Twitch with details on how players can join the server. Make a Discord page for everyone to join, meet up, create events and or just get together.
  4. I really need to get back into plaything this, it's just I have had to much going on will probably need a tour for sure.
  5. Some people have reported getting blown up by Old Nick and A Bag of Coal, I'm guessing even if you mess up by accident on one of the missions Old Nick still takes that as being Naughty.
  6. It did this alot yesterday around this time, might be the xmas mission doing or something.
  7. I had a previous issue on my laptop to were I couldn't load up the net7 launcher the normal way, it seems to be a aero issue. However it is not just this game that has this issue, it is the entire windows 7 line as well as laptops more so then desktops. Posted below is a fix until the dev's he can figure out something. [color=#FF0000][b]SOLUTION 1:[/b][/color] Hover over the taskbar LaunchNet7 an press [color=#FFFF00][b]ALT + SPACE-BAR[/b][/color], then click [color=#d3d3d3][b]Maximize[/b][/color]. [color=#ff0000][b]SOLUTION[/b][/color][color=#FF0000][b] 2:[/b][/color] You can also right click on [i]LaunchNet7 on your desktop > select Properties > under Shortcut Tab > find Run: select [b][color=#0000FF]Maximized[/color][/b] instead of [b]Normal Window[/b].[/i]
  8. I tried what you said, unfortunately it didn't work so I still can't play the game. [color="#ff0000"][b]EDIT: I have a temp fix until you can find a solution for it.[/b][/color]
  9. It acts like it's starting to load, then nothing happen's I loaded it earlier today, however when I hover over the taskbar I can see the image of Net-7 when I click on it, it loads a blank screen. [b]EDIT: I uninstalled Net7, then reinstalled it however the older model's worked fine, the 1.9.9 and update 125 is when the problem started.[/b] [img]http://imageshack.us/a/img547/1824/unabletomaximizenet7.png[/img]
  10. I've been around since December 17th of 2009 on the forums, typed in Earth & Beyond on Google one day just to see what would happen. I still have my old copy of the game I bought from E/B Games for $8.99 and my official prima guide for $14.99 both are dust collectors right now.
  11. On the actual x-fire forum to be able to track ingame activity, the developers here would have to request this game be added to the list, they would also have to submit tracking data to xfire. There are two types of xfires one that clients and use an the other is for people of the games to use, to create the game files require to track the game from there server.
  12. only certain people seem to be able to recruit members, we should have a person from each timezone do it. PST, EST, GMT (UCT)
  13. It's just links to the three guides I did for new players so they do not have to search for them. Terran Enforcer Terran Tradesman Terran Scout
  14. It's just links to the three guides I did for new players so they do not have to search for them. Progen Warrior Progen Sentinel Progen Privateer
  15. It's just links to the three guides I did for new players so they do not have to search for them. Jenquai Defender Jenquai Explorer Jenquai Seeker
  16. Hey...if there is an accidental wipe they could always make the xp x2 for a week to get people caught back up the drop is fine though.
  17. virpyre


    I was sitting outside of Net7 yesterday an the news reporter made an announce about the mondara maelstrom doubling in size, however seeing how it's not in the game I wonder if they know something we don't I miss hunting in the maelstrom's, but hated getting dropped out of warp from v'rix checkpoints. I also remember the Centurita and mainly Khan started aggroing the v'rix, that's why the v'rix desecrated the progen home world an renamed it 1C4615 (ACOYAU). Side Note: [b]1337 4l13n5[/b] = [b]aii7 olainu[/b]
  18. There are three ways to talk about this... 1) Alot of people out there use a muiltibox program on here allowing them to play more then one character at a time. Most people on here have a trader class with them during combat just to haul ammo. For me and others I do not use this program when I play the game, I just stick to default. 2. It would be awesome if there was an npc in the game that we could talk to and put our ammo in crates. What I mean is talk to the npc ask him to compress your ammo into a crate. Example you have 5 stacks of 710 (3550 rounds) slime ball ammo to convert into 1 ammo crate. The crate it would say something like "Five stacks of Slime Ball ammo, right click to unload *Note: Player must have required inventory space to use otherwise load will fail.* 3) The Dev's could also just double the stack of ammo in the game. Lv. 1 Missiles Ammo is 50 it could be raised too 100 Lv. 2 Missiles Ammo is 80 it could be raised too 160 (prototype missiles is a stack of 650) Lv. 3 Missiles Ammo is 100 it could be raised too 200 Lv. 4 Missiles Ammo is 130 it could be raised too 260 Lv. 5 Missiles Ammo is 150 it could be raised too 300 Lv. 6 Missiles Ammo is 180 it could be raised too 360 Lv. 7 Missiles Ammo is 140-200/ rage = 300 it could be raised too 400/ rage = 600 (Miner's Fury is great at 600) Lv. 8 Missiles Ammo is 230 it could be raised too 470 Lv. 9 Most of this ammo is okay, except for Zet's & Smiter's they would be the only two needing to be doubled Lv. 1 Projectile Ammo for Progen is 300 it could be raised too 600 & Lv. 1 Projectile Ammo for Terran/Jenqai is 200 it could be raised too 400. Lv. 2 Projectile Ammo for Progen is 300 it could be raised too 600 & Lv. 1 Projectile Ammo for Terran/Jenqai is 200 it could be raised too 400. (prototype projectile ammo is a stack of 1,000). Lv. 3 Projectile Ammo is 400 it could be raised too 800. Lv. 4 Projectile Ammo is 500-700 it could be raised too 1,000. Lv. 5 Projectile Ammo is 600 it could be raised too 1,200. Lv. 6 Projectile Ammo is 700 it could be raised too 1,400. Lv. 7 Projectile Ammo is 600-800 it could be raised too 1650. (Flechette ammo is fine at 1450, Slime Balls is 710 raise to 1,420) Lv. 8 Projectile Ammo is 900-1,000 it could be raised too 1,800. (Ichor Balls are 810 raise to 1,620 Dark Matter Sludge & Dragon Fang's are fine, Dark Matter Fluid should be 1,000) Lv. 9 No change needed
  19. I see no problem with one, heck on star wars knights of the old republic alpha to beta they wiped so many times it's not even funny. Once they launched from there tested phase to alpha alot of those players were moved into a special group on the forums commemorating there participation in that testing period. On most beta game periods people are rewarded with a special item displaying a text like "[b]A Special Item That Only Beta Testers Get[/b] is a rare item given to testers before the final reset, on Month Day, Year." once the beta is launched into live, usually for this to happen players that participated in the beta are given a special code they can use to activate when they sign up the new account, however the code is usually only valid for 24 hours.
  20. The Robot is on Zweihander Planet in the water so I have heard... In [b]Live[/b] the Pumpkin Chucker & Eyeball Popper only worked one day which was Halloween, after that you could not shoot it anymore until the Halloween. On [b]Live[/b] for xmas they didn't have a chunker, they had Santa located in netural sectors handing out presents depending on your level would depend on the tech level of present you got, once you opened the present you would get any random item in the game including event items; one year I got a Lv. 2 String of Heart Shield on one character and a Lv. 3 Bobcat Beam that's what they should do this year imo. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A526OLqZHjc"]12 days of Earth & Beyond[/url]
  21. Here's what I have noticed about traders: [u][b]Terran[/b][/u] [i]Build Skills[/i] Components Devices Engines Shields Weapons [i]Combat Skills[/i] Befriend Hull Patch Recharge Shields Shield Charging [i]Passive Skills[/i] Negotiate Navigate [u][b]Jenqai[/b][/u] [i]Build Skills[/i] Components Devices Engines Reactors Weapons [i]Combat Skills[/i] Recharge Shields Reactor Optimization Cloak Fold Space [i]Passive Skills[/i] Negotiate Scan [u][b]Progen[/b][/u] [i]Build Skills[/i] Components Reactors Shields Weapons Needs Devices [i]Combat Skills[/i] Menace Shield Inversion Recharge Shields *Dismantle [i]Passive Skills[/i] Negotiate Critical Strike * = Not In Game
  22. There's other reasons it's not just Christmas we have thanksgiving too in my state the price went up 13% from last year we can't even afford a thanks giving dinner this year...these are two hard months back to back. I may not speak for the others but I just got married on the 26th of October after the wedding money is very very tight yes even $5 is tight, me and my new wife have been trying to buy a new house since September since our eviction, with only one person working right now things are so tight we are having trouble getting things for her 9 year old daughter who's birthday was last sunday. I'm sorry but I can't help, until next year.
  23. I have a PS and a JE...I play the PS more but his combat is hard since he is rather new OL 32 (10/13/9) CT (Critical Target) should make things better but not until 45 guessing anyway things go most classes are not much fun until after 50, the JE is just level 13 (4/5/4) only plan to use him as a taxi really nothing else. I have played a JS too they're pretty simple to level in there starter area, the manes there provide a decent source of income, you can get about 200k or more with patience, before they took out Psionic Shield for the JS replacing it with Reactor Optimization with Psionic Shield combat was manageable all you had to do was pop it, then apply Shield Recharge...of the tradesman classes I prefer TT since he can HP + SR, would be nicer if Reactor Optimization recharged reactors at the expense of the users reactor as well as everything else it does. Every class should have certain skills others do not have, some have two and possibly more...I know that at one point in time all classes 130+ were supposed to get another unique skill but only two got them. TE = Bio-repression & Rally TT = Befriend (Unattainable - Mission Bugged) & Shield Charging TS = Afterburn & Nullfactor Field PW = Self Destruct, Combat Trance & Shield Sap PS = Powerdown,Repulsor Field, & Call Forward PP = [color="#8b0000"]None that I know of which really needs to be addressed[/color] JD = Summoning, Energy Leech, & Psionic Shield JE = Wormhole, Shield Leech, Environment Shield & Compulsory Contemplation JS = Reactor Optimization
  24. We were talking about this last night in new player chat, trying to figure out what is the least played alot of people said "Jenquai Explorer", and a few others were saying "Progen Sentinel". So I decided to make a thread here for people to discuss the matter in more detail.
  25. All I remember from live is the PW was the best at dispensing devastating damage and taking heavy damage without being disabled. I would see them everywhere blowing something up or helping out a player with SI they were very popular. Right now it seems that you actually need a shield rechargeable & jump-starting class to be in a group for a PW to succeed.
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