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  1. Gwahir


    I just joined the disco channel, not sure why its as dead as it is? Such a useful interactive useful tool, especially for when servers down, or trying to find someone. Not to mention its a fun place to chat with people too. Really handy for voice converstaion. So come on folks, hop on the disco channel! We can all moan together while the servers down haha Tulkas btw, Ghwair was my main in live
  2. I hope this update has some new exciting features, like the smoking mirror haha, its sure taking its time its time today
  3. Ive uninstalled and re installed the game, but Im getting an 'unhandled exception report' everytime I run the net 7 launcher. Is it my end or is the server down? Ideas, Help appreciated. Regards Tulkas
  4. Hey, game crashed and now I get an illegal error when I try to log in to net 7? Running the repair software now, just to check if its my end
  5. Hey, is the server down? or is it my end?
  6. Still not working here, if I hit local cert it hangs then says incorrect log in. If I unblock it, I just get an inv-300 straight away
  7. its moved on a bit, its now an inv-300 error rather than connectiong
  8. exactly the same here too, someone wake c-del up!
  9. Cdel, are You the only person who can reboot the servers? It always seems to be you who comes to the rescue! Cheers again though.
  10. I'm having exactly the same issue.
  11. New mob aggro is a lot different, I'm properly impressed at the way the Devs listen the the members. Wow
  12. All I would say is that the crystals in VG seem to behave as individual mobs, I can summon those out, one at at time. So if your looking for somewhere to learn form, or use as a base, I would try those. Also, as for the rebuffs, I'm sure you used to be able to see timers for how long a buff would last on the top right corner of the screen, and you could 'dispel' a positive buff by right clicking it.
  13. There is a piece of work that needs doing around class development here as well. For instance a TE can pick a mob at 6k and kite it to death, as this is one of there primary abilities. So far it seems to work. There are only a few mobs in the game that grav link, summon you or can indeed out run a TE. Pw's have specifically designed thick hull and damage controls with endless reactor power and a lot of guns. But as a cl20 pw, overall 75. I can't take on a group of Chavez in Odin Rex, cl20, as they mass swarm and force me after a short time to warp away. However I sat and watched a cl 20 TT at the same Nav, take on an endless amount of Chavez, by simply shield rebuffing and hull repairing repeatedly, while firing 2 missiles every 7 or 8 seconds. Which didn't quite feel right. The JD seems to get the week deal here. As non of the 'assassin' skills really work. Summon, attracts every mob, not just one. Taking out one mob, using sig reducing skills and then cloaking doesn't easily work, as every mob automatically attacts you at what feels like maximum thrust. Then, when you do manage to get a kill, frantically refreshing psi shield, then combat cloak to sneak away and regen your shield, when you go to loot, you pop out of cloak! Hardly an assassin, more of a scavenger class. Having said all that. It's meant as constructive criticism, I expected to log on in January after 10 years, to be able to fly around Luna Nav and kill scuttle lave. So to find it's actually advanced this far. Bloody hell! Thanks very much to the dev team, the wrinkles just could do with a bit of ironing out.
  14. Ok, I've got the vnc client and server. It gave norton a heart attack and probably a collapsed lung in the process. It's not playable as a combat game. It would be ok... Just about to do terminal jobs.... If the bloody game didn't hang and fail the jobs each time I leave the friging station! The hanging has nothing to do with the VNC, it does it every time I pick up a diplomat and try and return to AP
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