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  1. Oh wow, shame I missed you, the post was only 7 years ago hah! We had a brilliant little guild, everyone helped everyone with no profiteering! It was brilliant
  2. Played a Gwahir TE on andromeda I was in a guild with Wormwood Hells own or something? A small guild, Then started Honor Amongst Friends with Luckystrike, Selthea and Bluedog?? Cant remember the rest, Then moved my JD Tulkas To The-scorned with Trouble, Deffiance and a few others. Cant remember all the names. Danced in the nightclub til sun down, with many others. Found this emu about 5 years ago? I didnt stay long, then re discovered it about 2 years ago, Im dissapointed I missed the glory days of the emu, but its still nice to hop back on and build things for people, Kill things to get goodies to give to people.Very different to the old days of live where you had to sell a kidney to buy a zet above 140% lol. I think the game developers have done an incredible job and its fun to play from time to time. Though I dont have the time to play as much as I did. I love seeing new faces, would love to see more people coming back and or playing for the 1st time and feeling jost how fresh a 20 year old game can feel Tulkas (the Desash slayer) ExploreJE the taxi PWHulksmash the tank Gwahir the god awful terran enforcer (aka hacker) BubTT the medic Tulkass The clone JD I forgot I made and made a new one then found the account lol ClobberingtimePW because one PW isnt enough ReactorbuilderPP Ugh.... I got bored ThanosPW because 2 PW's arent enough
  3. hey hey, I hope everyones well! Ive tried a few times to get back in game, but all I get is the Inv-300 message. tried changing my password, tried making a new account, but nothing seems to work. on a side note and after reading a few of the messages on here. EVEN though I cant get in and or play, I just wanted to say a HUGE! thanks to all the GM's and developers for doing their bloody best to rebuild the game yet again. You guys are awesome and I have a tonne of respect for you doing this in your own time and letting the not so helpful posts slide off your backs. Well done guys and keep being awesome
  4. hey guys, hope the title grabbed your attention. I am undoubtedly frustrated about the BOL, Modis child continues to be an issue, and 1 person, who shall remain un named was stating that he hordes the BoL when he can. (this isnt the 1st person whos said this, another person was beaming when they told me they had in excess of 100 BoL and he now no longer plays) So could I make a couple of suggestions? 1stly make the component manufacturable, like the comps for the 7 shooting star, heart of fire/ice stone etc. Would negate the need to camp Modis child. 2ndly if you cant do the above, a dev was suggesting that they were going to make modis child player specific kills/ Please do, so we can make reactors for people. 3rdly If you cant do number 1 or number 2, can you make them unique, so people can still camp modi,(for reasons unknown to me) but have a limited amount available to store on alts. Kind regards Tulkas
  5. server went down at 20:20 PST, waited 10 mins, login server says off line. Again as usual, please respect Zackmans wishes (read the red letter at top of page) no need for any more posts. Kind Regards Tulkas
  6. OK guys looks like the single char raids are getting quite popular, we are smashing gate raids easy, with more than 12 people turning up. So tomorrow we will do a FB raid at 9pm pst (5am UK time) 4th september before I drag my sorry arse out of bed at 5am, please post here to confirm attendance. Also please put down what class you will play we need 3/4 tt's 2 te's 2 jenpies for leech and a bunch of pw, but all classes will be able to join. We will also start with a FB next sat night, and those who can stay can do a gate after.
  7. Hi Zack, what I am experiencing for myself is this, Im unable to log in my main char Tulkas, or any of the other char on that account. I can log in 3 other account, no problem at all, even all at the same time. What I am seeing is, other people experiencing the same problem, A char called Whiwhi is saying he can log in his new low level account, but not his old main ones (same issue with me, Tulkas is my oldest char?) Woody was unable to log on on any of his GM accounts. Tasha, who also posted here, is able to log on her newest account, with Maybelle, but not her older accounts with her JE on. Elanor is unable to log on several accounts (an old time player) Retiredone is having the same issue as other are too. Several other people experienced the same problems and expressed the exact same issue, but I didnt recognise the players names and am unable to recall them. I left posting as I saw several other posts, relating to the same issue and didnt want you to get several updates from this server post.
  8. Hey all, really enjoyed this weekends 12 man! yes 12 man Gate raid! hah, was awesome, so pleased we got 2 people DG's from it as well! A little more time and we will have 12 people high enough level to do a Fish bowl raid, unlike the gate raid, Id strongly suggest that everyone is cl50 and in lvl 9 shields. Its a different kettle of fish to the gate raid (pub intended!) Have to say a big thankyou to all our regulars for turning up and taking part and welcome to the 1st time joiners too! With a special thank you to Lightshow. who gave out several more triggers for both gates and FB's after the raid! Thank you man! (would love to draw on your knowledge, experience and leadership in the FB too!) In the mean time, to keep people interested, Ive had a couple of people mention Mordana raids. Much easier than any other raid, no triggers needed and can be easily cleared by 5/6 people. Ill happily Join or run as many of these as people want, the CL xp is a little weak and the trade xp is miles away from the gate raid, but its awesome to play with other people! So starting tomorrow, Ill start posting in new players for anyone that wants to join in. They are especially nice for wep/reactor/shield builders, with some really nice drops. Would be great to see some of you there. Kind Regards Tulkas, or as many of you now know me BubTT (PS I hate healing!)
  9. yep many many many players unable to get in on certain accounts across many countries
  10. Hi Zack, we seem to be having problems again, several people unable to log accounts in, some stuck in zones, others unable to stay logged in. Some reporting buttons not working, Sorry to keep bothering you. Please could we have another reset Regards Tulkas Again as always, please respect zackman. No need to add posts, cheers guys
  11. Server appears to be playing up. Only 12 people showing online. Log in screen lags out, Can get in on chars for about 30 secs and then crashes. Chat screen shows people logging in then out, not being able to stay on. Please respect Zackmans wishes and dont reply to this post, allow him to, read this and investigate issues. Regards Tulkas
  12. hey hey! thanks to everyone to coming to todays gate raid, really smooth run and double the people from last week! We still have a trigger for another run next week and now we have a few face of the tengu for a fishbowl, but we need a few more people for that, two more would make a big difference. So please please encourage guild mates, friends, romans and next doors cat and lets keep this going! Ill host another gate raid, same time next week. If we can get 12, Ill also run a fishbowl after! pop your name below if you would like to join in and see you all next week! Tulkas
  13. While theres so many people on line reading the forum, while the servers down, I am unashamedly going to hijack what you are all reading and promote this weekends single character only raid! Everyone is welcome, Single character only, any class will do, I will fit in with whats needed. Theres no loot reserved! Id suggest being ol 135 at least, but If you turn up and die a lot in level 7 shields, then your welcome to pick up the xp debt haha! Gate raid, starting at 10pm california time, or 6am uk time, 7am in europe. Sign up, turn up, kill boss get loot, oh and have a laugh playing full screen, no armies! Kind Regards Tulkas
  14. Hey Hey, I will run another next Saturday night 10pm california time for the Americnas here, 6am uk time. Please let me know if you can make it and feewl free to ask friends/ guilds if theyd like to come join us.
  15. well the 1st run was a complete success! I had a load of fun, I ended healing and nobody died, including me! I will run more, Id love to get more people involved, new players and old, if we can get 12 interested we can move on and do fishbowl and Controller etc. I really want to keep it single player as much as possible, makes a huge change from running an army and can use character class skills, as well as having a laugh with other people! Please follow this thread and watch for further updates! Thanks to everyone that came, big gratz on loot and see you next time. Tulkas
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