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  1. Hi, in the OP I was just throwing around ideas, I never said they where either good or bad. Just that the game play at moment felt to me a little clunky. Obviously your not going to have a quiver, it was just an example to get the idea. Crating sounds like a great idea to me. If you don`t want every type of ammo fitting every type of launcher, you could still put in bigger groups, such as say all plasma types, or all chemical I don't see how that would break the fun of it. There are many ways to make it smoother without removing what might be fun, this thread was started to get ideas. AT the moment launchers don't do damage themselves, they just have buffs and change damage by being able to fire multiple rounds, I do not see how allowing them to fire more types of ammo would really change much other than you might be more likely to try different launchers more and allow slightly more leeway? Most things are in RL size related, if you can make something the same size so it fits it would probably work. Hence could be just PM made ammo that fits more launchers? Just ideas, least one good one so far with crating.
  2. I am not sure i explained myself well, you would still be able to find ammo and print it, and launchers and print them. You can still load different ammo to different slots, ie shot chem/plasma or impact/chem or different type for each gun! You just would not have to find chem round for this gun, them a chem round for that gun extra. You could have rare ammo, rare launchers it just would not be linked to each other. Certainly just having a "quiver " type thing might help most. But I would still prefer that ammo and launchers where a little bit more simplistic even if it only this lunches all impact ammo, this one chemical etc, though i would prefer that launchers can launch any ammo, specially if player made cos surely a player could make ammo to fit any launcher? I like a mix and match system. I agree that it works as is, and some might like it that way, but that does not mean changing would not make it better?
  3. Ok this is just my feeling, it not from high level, but from my leveling experience in not wanting a lot of different ammo or the different weapons (ie much easier if all the same type). I do not like the way ,missiles and projectiles work. it might be true that all weapons and missiles now need their own launchers, but I am not sure for a game it is a good mechanism. For me it makes getting separate launchers and using them difficult you have to have /make the separate ammo/missiles for each type of launcher you have, if you have 6 different ones? It just seems a little too clunky for me. Ideas! (ps ammo also means missiles though still less missile to ammo kind athing0 A lot of games have ammo holders such as a quiver for arrows! well maybe a type of container that fits a ship slot for ammo? Hold so much, each new level hold more, can hold different types of ammo (maybe from 1 to whatever max device?) Maybe if can not make a slot make it a device? Or could make a container than takes up 8-16 slots but holds at least double the amount of ammo eg if 8 slots taken , this ammo bag holds 16? Another would be to change the way ammo and launchers work. All launchers could launch any ammo, ammo would improved by level and type , like plasma, chemical etc, so would not need to swap launcher but ammo (not both like now). Launcher though would be restricted to level of ammo, higher launcher needing higher level ammo, but this would mean if you found a loot drop (of that level) and had a nice buff you could just swap it in and not need to make separate new ammo. To make launcher different or better could just use delay to reload, energy cost, the amount of rounds fired per shot or give them a slight modifier *1 being normal 1.2 being improved? Basically just to make it slightly less hassle to have launchers that fire different ammo and make having different guns more appealing?
  4. [quote name='Hickory' timestamp='1320838512' post='48266'] I like the idea all of it. 150 plus all skills maxed. I add a bit to the idea. Wrath 100% = 20 skill points. Wrath 105% = 40 Wrath 110% = 80 Doubles for each 5% [/quote] Hmm 80 more levels? raiding would then be way more easier:) that said maybe 10 for 100% or 20 for 200%?. Actually just thought, could just continue the point use per skill, ie beams ,max at 9, to get weapon need 10, next 11, next 12, etc the weapons would then be as they would if you have 10 beams? that would work surely? maybe just 100% rather than 200%, so it would be as good as raid gear? don't have to add more than level 10 equivalents for the time being (reactor, shield, engine would be 30 points extra, weapons least 30 more to get 3 60 for 6, devices up to 60 but could be more as different uses there fore min 90 skill points but could be alot higher) , but could add more if ever higher raids types implemented. I would say 50 more levels should give you a reasonable u/g to equipment. It all goes on time for me, how much time would it take to get if you where raiding? It should take slightly longer than that, but not more than double.
  5. Bovyne

    terminal jobs.

    Well jobs are a major part of E&B, I sure most people at some point will have used them to level. Ok you told me why waste was getting lower exp, but really who takes a explore job and then thinks oh I'll go do some fighting now? I suppose you could take combat jobs at the time time, but really I don't think many people do that. Most will take 6 of the one type of job, usually because you use a set selection of items for different jobs. Live was never perfect and jobs was always a talked about thing. I don't think many people find it that much fun to compete for jobs either, I certainly don't it just wastes time sitting there doing nothing. Not fun for a game. I remember from live some of the problem was system resources it use up causing lag, what i was saying is either increase the exp so all jobs are about the same exp for the same time invested, or remove lower exp jobs as this would mean less resources needed or wasted on jobs people would rather not do. Quite frankly I rather not do lower exp jobs that take the same amount of time, so whats the point of having them? Also people play for fun, I think a lot of people forget this. It is not fun to sit there waiting for jobs to cycle, or take lower exp jobs if those jobs take the same amount of time to complete. fair enough if a job takes half the time give half the exp, that's my point, jobs that take the same amount of time should give the same exp. Also people prefer to take jobs that go to roughly. the same place Or you could just make trash runs not take so long, say 1 jump instead of 2, that would work too. (time taken about 70% of satellite ones I think it is roughly) I am not really against different jobs, just exp for jobs being more related to time taken to do jobs. You could do sort runs or long runs, one other thing would be that when it refreshes there is at least 6 of sort or long jobs, often there is not even enough after a refresh ie like 4 satellite and 2 trash or less. And if they go to different places often it is not worth taken as it would take longer than waiting for the refresh. This said, I do not know what the devs can do, but I believe it is still worth saying this in case they can do something. edit, some improvement i think where done yesterday, have to see how it works.
  6. I do not really play terans, so i can not comment on them. For progen, the PP might not have a individual skill but it is very fun to play with recharge shield then shield spike, i see it as a dps back up heal myself. the PS is ok, but i don't like the fact it has fear which makes the mob run away and a shield that damages on being hit by mob, it does not feel right, a shield sap/spike like skill for the PS would fit better, specially as the PS should not be taking damage in a raid? other than that PD seems to work better now, and critical targeting does help. The JE I find actually quite fun, shield leech is great and allow the JE at least to fight organic mobs well. The JD is pretty good,, energy leech doesn't work it seems at moment and i think it might be nice if it did some damage too. The JS is just boring, strangely it would actually make I think with a few threat skills a great tank, it can take a lot of damage while it self heals, whether that's what you want? It does though also need a better dps, preferable from a skill, which if it did threat might actually mean it could be a tank or off tank?? need something to make it less boring. Having a shield that relfect damage might also work, of 100 damage 20 might reflect back to mob and only 80 hit you (or 50/50 what ever works), semi psi/environmental shield. With this said, I think you would find PP being the most played out of this classes cos it is fun, then JE/JD then PS then JS just on the fun factor of playing these classes.
  7. SO i was starting jobs and a few things got me thinking. Firstly that jobs seem to take ages to refresh, often there are too few jobs, one time it refreshed as i got there and 12 odd jobs become 6., and lastly that having 2 set of rewards for same type (combat,explore,trade) of jobs just uses up resources for jobs that player would prefer not to do. Now I am unsure whether anything can be done about this, I rem in live that there was similar problem but that they had before it close greatly improved it some how (there was more jobs and i think it refreshed slightly faster. One way to improve it would be if possible to change jobs of same type (combat,explore,trade) give the same amount of exp. Eg satellite deployment and trash runs, to exactly the same place should give same reward, at moment trash runs give less. This would mean that jobs seem more as you not just waiting for the maximum exp ones. Then increasing the amount of jobs per refresh and making sure it does not decrease the amount of jobs would be good, being unsure how job are refreshed I can not be sure whether it would be possible to tinker with this? could you make them refresh in sequence? are they set to refresh all at the same time? can you increase the refresh rate? can you increase the jobs? If a job terminal isn't used so much can you bypass-it? Is it a question of system resources (lag)? More advanced ideas would be to have near jobs and further away jobs, the further way ones should be slightly better exp per hour than the close ones, and probably head to places that have same level jobs so that you get there, finish jobs, then get more, though it could be collect from <place> and bring back Any way just some thoughts, it be nice to know again what is possible?
  8. i like the idea, I would actually make it for items that you can only get from excess (post 150) points. which would act like a way to gain level sort of (ie powerful items, not tradable /manufacturable, initially maybe raid power, but could increase?)? Certainly it would make continuing post 150 more fun. If at some stage they raise the level cap you are gonna get more points leveling anyway, so that should not be an issue, in fact it helps to negate people stock piling points so if they did raise level they could instantly max all skills. could make them small quests (like combat jobs) kill that strange ship bring back parts then item made, or strange asteroid go mine it, or find these items and bring them back sort of thing, once completed get item but lose the skill points? I am all for other ways of improving you char, raiding is one but other ways that don't need a raid size group would be good too.
  9. I am finding this too least for low level ores, mining ores in the asteroid belts is frustrating, the lower end ores should be very abundant I would have thought , mining for aluminum ore was particularly frustrating either the asteroids didn't have it, or when i found it there was only 2 to 3 asteroids in that area of the correct ore. The way i see it level 1 ores should be very common and largish all over the place, level 2 still very common and large, level 3 common level 4 common, then 5 to 9 starting to be less common smaller fields, but their still should be enough to support a reasonable mining community, and the ores should not be spread out over a too large an area for that group, groups can be spread out more though. least that what i feel. It might also be something to do with re-spawning? perhaps that needs to be look at?
  10. [quote name='Terrell' timestamp='1320359105' post='47983'] I think that the Seeker does need something else that only she can do. If it's something doable by some other class, then it doesn't give people reason to pick her over that other class, for that last slot. Now what we need to do to bring her up to speed is open to debate, but I think that most of the healing in a raid is going to be done by the TTs that are available, since of the 3 traders he's the best healer. Here's what I think will occur when major raids need multiple groups, and multiple professions to accomplish successfully; absent some improvement in the JT. This would apply to the fishbowl and other major raids. PW/TW: fight. JW: Medevac or fight, maybe some debuffing JE: JS downed players, Blind mobs, Debuff Plasma, provide energy, buff deflects. TE: JS downed players, Debuff Explosive, occasional Hull Patch, buff deflects PE: JS downed Players, Some DPS, Menace, buff deflects TT: The lion's share of the healing PT: Fight, some healing. JT: At bar in starbase drinking appletinis & wine coolers. No invite for her. So what can we do for JTs so they're needed in major raid groups? Whatever it is, whether it's through new activatables, skills, or some other means, it needs to be good enough for groups to need it, and unique enough that you have to bring a JT to get it. [/quote] I agree, basically what the JS need is something to aid its solo play and groups. example, overcharge weapons, the first few would be just to improve solo play, from increase weapon damage by 25% for x secs, to 75% for x seconds, then the rest slowly aid group bonus, so 100% for JS and 10% to group members, up to 200% for JS and 50% for group maybe? obviously numbers and duration can be modified allow some balance with other classes and where JS should be on the damage/buff scale that would be my template for a skill anyway. though you could as i said remove the damage shield from ps and give it to JS which would then be useful for the tanks/fighters. And give the ps something else. though that would probably spring up another debate. I did start this mainly to get feedback and start discussion about the JS, so I see no point of view as wrong or right other than the JS to me needs something more. It needs to be fun, I find playing the PP great for instance, and the JE is great fun too, both have that extra combat skill as well as the other useful bits and I think in this game all classes really need this. SO far we seem to be having a good discussion. I have not really play terrans so I can not comment much on them and that would be up to others.
  11. While it is a good idea for a skill that's unique, I do not think it addresses the way the JS fights and does not add to the interest of playing a JS. Also the the JS already has the reactor buff for a unique buff. The JS really does not need another buff, what it needs is something that can aid in combat and is reactive (yes this does but only slightly and passively), and useful to a group if possible. If you go the whole hog i would, take the PS shield and give it to JS, ie when fired upon it does damage back to the firer, which does more than the JE reflect possible making the reflected damage off the total damage ( a bit JD like) ie damage 100 reflect 20 damage done to you 80, while giving the PS a similar shield as the PW and PP get. This could be cast on group member in-particular the tank types. (not my favorite choice but it would help and I believe would be doable) The PS getting fear which is counter to a shield doing damage when hit, would seem better with a skill that makes his shield a weapon. OR maybe allow his prospect beam to do damage similar to the shield weapon skill the PP /PW have?
  12. What might be useful is to know what can be done? can you add a new skill? can you adjust another to add new effects? I only assume you can add a skill because of past post i read where it appears skills added, but they where generally skill already in game rather than completely new. Another idea I have would be to use "reactor knowledge" to "over charge" weapons causing them to fire and do 2 or 3 times the normal damage, with a 6 or so sec cd maybe? Need testing to see how the combat cloak/over charge combo goes but could only really do it once per combat cloak? hopefully skill would not affect normal firing of weapons if possible. This would take a fair amount of reactor power to do. Or on a similar idea could super charge weapons to do 2 times damage over 6 secs with weapons using 3 times the energy? Anyhow hope you get the drift Oh the graphic effect for this might be some lightning effect on body of craft and/or what ever you firing being thicker and brighter than normal.
  13. well yes i am sure some devices might be able to make up for it, but its not just the lower dps that a JT does but also the boredom, just sitting there firing (although combat cloak helps a bit)but nothing else to do, specially in combat other than shield recharge.I would just like another option to use in combat as well as the higher dps. I am not asking for becoming better than a TT though. Just not so far behind.
  14. ok so was playing a PP, which is much much quicker to kill things and has the shield recharge for survivability. What i did notice however, was that I had to be more carefully with my reactor bar, could use it up pretty quickly. Now with the JS I have a hard time using all the power I have. SO what I thought is that what the JS need is something to use up that reactor power, but that uses a lot of reactor power. I was thinking maybe a skill that allows the JS to use his reactor as a weapon, blasts the enemy with reactor energy straight from the reactor, this will do good damage to the target until cancelled or reactor runs out of power, it will drain the reactor fairly fast though (thinking maybe can only use for 6 to 8 secs before reactor (of right level) drained) which will limited how much this is used as you will want to use recharge shield and so on.
  15. Adding an increase to their own haste/accuracy and some of that to their party would seem to a good way to help. On a completely off the wall idea maybe (if it was at all possible) with the reactor building and engine building skills they can create a drone or basically a pet! or maybe a few pets but with different abilities to help dps, or a buff or tank maybe? know this is probably very hard to do or impossible, but would be fun i think. any way I do think the JS needs something more combat related, and if it can be useful to a group even better.
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