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  1. hi guys well i cant connect anymore i keep getting message at megan about can connect ??? oh well waste of a weekend i know its not you guys but wow this is bad hmm oh well its life some A hole at 1and1 or some one who hates them did this by the way we are not the only one affected by this 2 of games i play are smashed to hell to lol hopefully so they wi,ll fix it all
  2. hi guys its me sockual here i hope i did not scare anyone by not being here for awhile i was i hospital fighting cancer im ok now lost the boobiess but i got nice implants now and no im not posting them lol anyhow im back i did not want to become a ship in space love you all xoxo
  3. hi everyone my girls are gone i have some pic here if anyone would want to see them ok
  4. so roughly time did it crash at est ??
  5. the game will never go live ppl this you must understand we will always be in testing
  6. [attachment=1126:sockual bunnies BIG.bmp]i would like to know how e can get our owe guld decals please
  7. the reasoning i ask is that for almost 2 yrs we have had alot happen such as hulk feast which brang in stuff that would not have benn in game before hand this pol will show how we all feel start over or not its up to the playes i would think to decide ok thank you all from me loony zyz palet dip riger nutbar crazy peew wassle and all my mules :0 oh and dont hate me ok my guild is SOCKUAL BUNNIES i to fear starting over bac its kinda fun so please be nice about it ok thank you
  8. ok please guys would you please right a guild into how we can setup home servs to play the please not to say i dont like it here but i would readlly like to try stuff out please and would any bugs to you that could find ok please and thank yo
  9. well i sy just give it a go whats the worst that can happen ?? <<ducs and hides
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