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  1. BonerBaby


    thank you i was unaware of that.
  2. BonerBaby


    How about a facebook page? so we can all press like, and perhaps our friends family join aswell.
  3. i just turned off UAC in windows completly
  4. BonerBaby


    Ok how About a flag with galaxy map printed on it, or à recorded personal thank you song from THE dev team (trough TS) although these kind of rewards i would say $200 dollar or something.. Also my post now is a little wonky cause of phone auto correct..
  5. kill everyone that is friendly with the pirates! yarr!! also what would happen if the red dragon would try to steal his booty? maybe an event, save santa from the chavez/rd
  6. im also guessing, this was 1 guy posting 3 times in a row with different names ?
  7. BonerBaby


    this will also prolly sort out some legal issues.. (not a lawyer) but a gift, is not selling or rebranding as far as i know. its just a gift. if you give out a shirt with Net-7 on it, or proud member of the community its not selling.. im sure there are a lot of things wrong with this statement.. and i hardly belive out off (what im guessing 10K forum members) no one is lawyer..
  8. BonerBaby


    how about something like this: http://www.indiegogo.com/ reward people for donations. or set goals: ie new server: 20 dollar thank you mail 50 dollar thank you + christmas e-card of the staff 100 dollar thank you + christmas e-card of the staff + promotion or something or bonus xp on beta test release 150 dollar thank you + christmas e-card of the staff + promotion or something or bonus xp on beta test release + a cookie.. lots of people do this to fund there projects, all based on non profit. ie making a movie for fans/indie games (free) etc etc
  9. Howdy ho, quick question/remark. i've had troubles installing the game in the past, now its work and i just copied onto a usb so can easy reinstall/copy. but when i was trying first few times, it failed. so beeing the IT git i am i tried the following. deleted EA folder/and contents of the game. and only installed net-7 after that it asks for location of client now i did a small trick, by using bla bla .. wont got into details on public. but turned out the net-7 started downloading the complete game trought its ui. dont think that is supposed to happen. it did however fix all my problems and i could start playing straight away. but are we supposed to put extra strain on the net-7 client or just first demo patch and then net7 (id like to note this was my last ditch effort) i wanted to note this cause i dont know if the net-7 downloads its packages from same place as the other items. and cause more strain on the servers or bandwith then necessary
  10. is just see pixelated graphics in the build interfaces, sometimes a icon is clear other times is blurred. i still know how to make my things and what i need but sometimes it is a little annoying. any graphic crad tricks i can use, perhaps omega drivers or something or older legacy? (am on nvidia cards mostly)
  11. BonerBaby


    ok thanks for the replies
  12. BonerBaby


    so what ever happend to the v'rix, does ea still hold them to close to there chest. or are they a future thing to look forward to
  13. I'm not lunai, i think..

  14. if thats with characters adima and sutch yes, and this happend to my mate aswell, after we both created a JE maybe that is relevant
  15. Also, could someone perhaps deleted my other account and or accounts.. so i can use my ingame names again ?
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