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  1. Just tried to get the ore and gas list but its restricted. Is this intentional? I requested access.
  2. You should have a Net-7 folder somewhere - there's a launcher in there called LauncherNet7.exe. might try a search on your comp to find it. That's what you'll use to play.
  3. Ya that'd be great. It's a very useful script so any improvements are welcomed. Thank you.
  4. Looks like you two are havin fun! I was watching and unconsciously trying to hit buttons and move you around myself haha. Fly safe!
  5. Any chance this is still available?
  6. So I've gotten this to work mostly but I cannot find where to change the Fire All button. I'm also running into a problem where all my alt screens fire their weapons but my main screen does not. I'm not familiar with writing script and have managed to get though some of this on my own but I can't figure this one out. Any tips?
  7. Me too! WB to both of us haha! I forgot how much I love this game. I've spent WAY too much time the last couple says setting up all my characters again and trying to remember the best gear for each. Its hard. I seem to have lost my notebook of the best farming spots (combat and prospecting) which bums me out. Guess I'll just have to venture out and find them again!
  8. EDIT: I figured it out. Someone can delete this thread
  9. [quote name='Lot' timestamp='1324154948' post='49981'] It would be useful to show bonus/buffs instead of description in search results. The tab format could be improved by keeping the tab bar visible instead of allowing it to scroll out of view. Keeping the scroll position in search results when a new tab is opened would also be useful. At the moment it always resets the scroll position to the top each time an item is added to the tab bar which is not ideal. [/quote] ya I forgot about this - good suggestions.
  10. I like the new net-7.org but i think there are a couple more improvements that can be made (if possible). One would be to shrink the size of the top banner area. It takes up more room than is needed and gets in the way. The other and most important to me would be a change to the database list display. I find myself using the arsenal site more often because I can just mouse over the picture of an item and it displays the buffs making it easier to find what I want. In the database I have to click the item and open a new tab just to see what buffs it has. These tabs are a pain to use when comparing multiple items too. Would it not make more sense to remove the description column and put the buffs in there instead? That's what people are interested in. It would make it flow a lot easier whether it be finding what you want or (more importantly) comparing items to one another. Maybe this isn't easy or possible. I don't know but if it is it would be very useful to have the second change. Thanks, Pali
  11. [quote name='Mimir' timestamp='1324039259' post='49928'] ...I know I have asked before but.... every time I have asked someone pops in and says they get the bonus. [/quote] i get the bonus jk. i would like to have them removed as well
  12. [quote name='Orga2' timestamp='1323470732' post='49475'] [size="3"] Broadcast: [size="4"][size="3"][b]"Can any JE thats around, please JUMP START this server with ur Jump Starting skillz???"[/b][/size][/size] Please and Thank you[/size] [/quote] umm you need L8 JS for the server...
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