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  1. First off let me just say I have the utmost respect for the developers.  They brought a great game back from the dead and have improved it in some aspects.  While I understand that balance changes are going to happen in any game like this, it is very frustrating when it affects the leveling rate.  This is a change that should have been addressed before the servers went live.  While I realize that the game really needed to go live to get the numbers up to be able to fix a lot of these bugs, it almost wasn't ready to go live.  I feel sorry for the new players and anyone leveling an alt right now.  I don't have a problem with any of the other changes as they don't really affect everyone.  Anyways I hope we can all get past this and still enjoy the game.
  2. It's great that you guys got the raid working again.  The only problem is going to be the faction hit for 24 people as what is suggested for this raid.  In live you used to be able to exploit the base so nobody lost faction.  It also could be done with less then a group.  It's a shame too since I'm sure the raid is quite enjoyable and the loot seems good.  I'd be surprised if any guild does it more then once under these current conditions.
  3. I finally got a chance to do this raid a couple of days ago.  Up until the last boss I didn't think it was bad.  As soon as Blackbeard's Ghost spawned though it was a completely different story.  I can see why you say it should be a 4 raid encounter, that way your xp debt might be under 100k.  I honestly think the damage needs to be toned down a bit.  This so called super attack seems to happen a lot more often then every 60 seconds.  It was not uncommon of him to 1 shot characters back to back.  I don't really see what advanced tactics you will be able to use on this guy considering the tanks aren't able to hold threat off the healers.  Is it possible for his super attack to be channeled as a skill?  That way TEs could use Biosupression and try to interrupt it.  Anyways I think this really boils down to threat management being tweaked better.  If that happens this fight might actually be fun.
  4. After some further slaughtering of Ten-Gu Plagues (50+) I finally got a Ten-Gu Carapace to drop.  Why is this component so hard to obtain when the beam components, although only dropping from the raid, drop by the handful.  It would be great to see all these components dropping outside the raids at a better drop rate.
  5. Is there any plans to add these component drops to the Ten-Gu outside of the raids?  I believe in live you could get them off the mobs outside.  I had heard that the Ten-Gu Carapace was dropping off the 53s and 55s but I killed quite a bit of them and didn't see a thing.
  6. After seeing the update notes today about improved buffs not working unless you have the base skill I wanted to know if critical targeting is effected by this as well.  I'm hoping not since it will make a couple of items less appealing such as the Made to Live and the Good Fortune device.  Thanks.
  7. It's that mysterious DNS issue it seems.  At least now it's still possible to play during this time.
  8. That is awesome Zackman.  Hopefully we see that in the next content push. =)
  9. It would be great if we could have different icons for the different turbo values.  I'm not sure if this is possible but it would make it easier for people to see them stacking.
  10. It is obvious the damage multipliers on the fish need to be adjusted. Being 1 shot by a lvl 61 mob with lvl 9 shields is just wrong. It's great that the devs want to bring the Tada-O gate back to how it was in live but you have to remember that we probably had 10x the amount of people we have now so it should probably be scaled down a bit. Anyways that is just my opinion.
  11. I personally don't see a problem with a few mobs guarding ore fields as long as their respawn rate is high. Take for instance the ore field in Lagarto. It is a great ore field but unfortunately it will rarely be prospected as there are way too many mobs and the respawn rate is too high.
  12. I'm also from Arizona. Chandler to be exact. Originally from IL though so I know what the cold feels like. =(
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