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  1. I have no idea what the names of all 9 of my characters were. I did log into each of my characters because I was looking to see if they all had lost their items like the others. I guess I'm SoL, =/ There was a lot of work on those characters.
  2. Hi, Used to play the emulator a lot several years ago. Had a 150 Progen Sentinel with tons of end-game loot (blackbeard's stuff, etc.), all 9 different characters, lots of other goodies on my TT, etc. This evening I logged in and I only had 5 characters, my PS was 126, my JE was 69, and all the rest were level 0 with nothing to their names. Was there some sort of backup/restore thing that occurred at some point? I seem to have lost basically everything. ~Imasock
  3. My two friends are not receiving their activation e-mails and would like to be manually added. User: Wolfbane31 E-mail: jmarks31@aol.com User: DuneAtreides E-mail: jeremymarks11@gmail.com Thanks
  4. What about this sort of idea: Is it possible to load a device with ammo? If so, why not make Ultra Refined gasses give temporary ship enhancements. 6 Refined gasses (translates to 10 uses per stack of 300) can be refined into an ultra concentrated gas that can be injected into a ship's reactor to provide energy recharge buffs, injected into engines for faster warp/thrust, injected into weapons to provide a slightly faster fire rate, or injected into shields for a faster recharge rate? Each style of injection into a core system would require a different device, so there would be an engine injector, a shield injector, a reactor injector, and a reactor injector. Each injector would change in accordance with device norms, but starting at 4 for the Lv 4-5 device range. So, the device would run L1-4 gasses, then the L6 device would run L5-7 gasses, the L8 device would run L8-9 gasses. -For example, let's think about the reactor recharge gas injections. Gasses from L1-4 would provide the exact same buffs, such as +3 to reactor recharge, but the level determines the length of the buff applied. L1 would be 60 seconds, L2 would be 120, L3 would be 180, and L4 would be 240 seconds. -Gasses from L5-7 would provide a +5 reactor recharge buff, but the times wouldn't increase, so we're looking at L5's having 120 seconds, L6's having 180 seconds, and L7's having 240 seconds. -Gasses from the 8-9 range would have +8 reactor recharge per second, and L8's would go for 240 seconds, and L9's for 300 seconds. -Weapon speed injections could be 2% for L1-4, 3.5% for L5-7, and 5% for L8-9 -Shield regen could be 5/sec for L1-4, 20/sec for L5-7, and 100/sec for L8-9 -Engines could be 250w/25t for L1-4, 500w/50t for L5-6, and 750w/75t for L8-9 The idea here is to provide a small edge for the people who know what they're doing, but still "cost" a player something to use. A device slot is taken, but a stack of 10 buffs can be left inside the device as some sort of ammo and the buff can be activated at will for a buff. The higher gasses obviously give better benefits, but cost significantly more than the lower end gasses, and are much less abundant. This way, the higher end gasses are kept more as a commodity rather than refining to sell. Granted, there are better devices out there at those levels that provide much greater benefits, but I'm sure something could be worked out to allow for such a thing if it were to be implemented. Obviously these numbers or device ideas could be tweaked, and most likely need to be tweaked, but it's just an idea I thought of. I'd have to sit down and really come up with some viable numbers and thoughts on how the system could be used but not abused, also taking into consideration inventory usage, etc. If this idea is possible, I can get on it right away.
  5. I dunno. My 150 Sentinel has outdamaged quite a few combat classes, thanks to impact ammo + grav link + taniwha. If you're looking for "fun combat skills", an explorer is obviously not a class you want to play as, regardless of race. As far as being a slow explorer, I assume you mean once you get Navigate on the other classes, because you can still move quite fast as a Sentinel. With a NOS, I have 750 thrust and 5500 warp.
  6. Mining for EXP is completely different than mining for actual ores. I mined in two locations that entire time because there was a relatively small selection of ores in both locations, minimizing my cargo usage and making it easy for me to continue mining for long periods of time without having to travel to a station.
  7. I don't mean this in any rude sense but... think about this for a minute. I don't understand why loot drops and everything about them are perfectly fine to reveal. Mobs, levels, and their locations are perfectly fine to reveal. Nav points are perfectly fine to reveal. Maps are perfectly fine to reveal. ... but not ores. How come "the game" (aka ores, the ENTIRE game, right?) has to be kept "exploratory" (by NOT pinpointing exactly where the ores are *gasp* like everything else) when 99% of the game (not to be confused with "the game" [psst, all the ores, in case you forgot]) is explained for you in fine detail in the database? Having a database for everything else in this game that could/should be kept secretive just the same as ores, but not for ores, stuff which only 1/3 the game's classes can access (you know, the entire game), much less all 9 like the rest of the database, "to keep the game exploratory" seems a bit... ironic. =| Combat classes get everything combat-related laid out nice and neatly for them; all mob locations, all loot drops for profits, DPS values on weapons, etc. Traders get everything trade-related laid out nice and neatly for them; trade run paths, what to buy/sell, when, where, and what routes to take to optimize profits, etc. But us explorers with our "entire game" skill of prospecting, get stuck with zero info except what resources refine into what other resources, which is stated in the descriptions of the ores already. Why do I have to bust my butt to go to every single nook and cranny of the galaxy to find a few ore fields when every other class type has their entire class specialization information displayed for their own perusal and I'm stuck without being able to find a specific resource's location that I've been looking for, for the past 3 hours? If the game has issues with being kept "exploratory" then all maps detailing hidden nav locations and stuff should be removed, by your own definition above, because that makes the game "less exploratory".
  8. Is there any way we can get an ore section added to the DB so we can find out where certain ores are located? It'd be really nice to have some sort of small map thumbnail that pinpoints the approximate locations of fields containing the ores, or even just a listing of which sectors have them. I'd be happy to work on something like this if it weren't as easy as I wish it would be. I've mined myself from 22/25/23 to 38/50/50, helplessly addicted to mining, but I get tired of running around to different mining spots trying to find a specific ore for someone that commissions me. Please let me know if this is possible. ~Imasock
  9. This vid clearly shows the plasma hitting the TE for 1712 per tick.
  10. Imasock


    This stress test was primarily to focus on the early game experience and to see the average time length for players to reach 150. Not for everything after you hit 150 (though that is still a factor, I presume). Not donating because it's still testing (read: doing things differently to see which is the best way, i.e. not what you're used to) is a pretty shallow excuse. =/
  11. The fact that you're expecting end game content and a ton of players in a stress test that was scaled back to focus on early game content and testing, in a server with less than 300 players on an average day, is kind of... shallow on your part. Part of this whole stress test process is to test. Granted, it's fun and entertaining to do things and play, but overall, in reality, the reason you can play is to test things, try and break things, etc., not to do all the things you want to do. It's just a bit unreasonable to expect all the things you're expecting when the game is still very unfinished. It's a work in progress, and to treat it otherwise is not a developer's problem, it's your own. They will make changes for testing purposes, and if you're unhappy because of personal opinion on how the game should be run according to your standards rather than the direction they would like to take the game, then the basis for your complaints are unfounded and won't be taken seriously. Just my two cents.
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