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  1. I never realised it was stretched... I know I have it set on window mode, at a lower resolution than my screen (overwise its too big) and then I run it through an app called boarderless gaming to remove the window boarder. I have started mentioned E&B where I can in the MMORPG group in reddit.. hopefully it helps, been a few people say they didn't know the emulator existed.
  2. I would love to watch this! Even though I have played E&B for ages.. I'm very much an alt-acholic and don't get very far, then when I come back I delete and start again.. so I have never seen a raid.
  3. This is brilliant... Well done! I think this post should be pinned somewhere.
  4. I will probably be lacking in the experience that they require. Only a few years experience in C++ for a Linux based server app in the oil & gas industry.
  5. Aye, I understand. lol, I apologise in advance.. as I'm probably simplifying it alot and totally wrong... its a curse of being a developer (Industrial applications). Glancing at some very old server code(probably changed alot now).. I think that 'void StaticMap::OnTargeted(Player *player)' in NavTypeClass.cpp would probably maybe just need extra check conditions in relation to player guild and probably gates/stations require a new guild owner property.
  6. Lol, just throwing this idea on to the wall.. may very well not be possible with the client? A new set of systems that can be owned and maintained by guilds. At the start the system will be owned by V'rix as this would had been V'rix space? The system can be taken over by destroying the V'rix space station and defending V'rix forces. Once take over has occurred, the winning guild has to rebuild/maintain the space station using a range of alloys (explorer content) and goods (tradesman content) but also new alloys are required that are only available locally and require a team effort to mine (Warrior Escorts for the explorers). The space station will be able to provide terminals/shop for 'ship consumables' (attachment buffs that last for a few hours) when fed with minerals, creature parts and goods (content for both warriors, explorers, Tradesmen). Slowly over time V'rix will move back into the system till a threshold is met (if population is not kept under control) then the V'rix will attack the space station for control. It will also be possible for another guild to challenge the owning guild for control of the system, by paying a war fee (takes money out of the economy) and setting a date/time the war for the station will start. During the time leading from declaration of war to the actual event all opposing players can be attackable (not sure this is possible?).
  7. I play an MMO called Istaria about once year for a few months, this is because they send out an email, detailing the state of the game and upcoming development focus. It's not the changes to the game that drags me back.. its remembering the fun of playing it back in 2003. If you goto the main root page of the forums then scroll down to the bottom of the screen, you see there are 36k members of the forum. Why not do a mail shot once a quarter.. I'm guessing alot of these are people who signed up years ago in the early days of the project and either forgot to check back or forgot about the game. The game is now, so stable and so much fun.. I'm having a ball on my new PS. Hats off to the dev's they have done a fantastic job and people who forgotten or gave up in the early years might be interested to know that all is good, come and join the fun.
  8. Glad its just not me.. I can login, select a char then that's about it, locks up after that. Lol, even tried creating a new PW.. he started at Blackbeards watch, the station auto undocked him due to bad standings
  9. Hello.. How about a web based auction house for in game items? You list from your vault for a fee (takes money from the economy, which is good) You use a toon to bid on an item using in game credits If you win your bid, then the item goes to a special account auction vault where you can transfer it to a toon. This will be fab for people who play at low population times and for people who dont like hassling for items to be made all the time.
  10. Actually, it looks like an account issue. I just tried my sons account on my PC, no problems. So, I have transferred my main char to another account and that works.. very odd.
  11. Hello, Having a strange one.. It's been running fine for a couple of weeks now its just gone odd. I can login to char selection fine. Then its 50/50 if I can actually get to the ship/station. Sometimes get the 'Server Failed to respond to sector login' Error If I get on, sometimes my ship disappears. The client also locks up every now and then if using a vendor. I get random mission messages. Then unable to warp or fight. I play with my son on the same connection, his system is working fine.. so the connection is ok. I have uninstalled the client and Net7 launcher. I have disabled virsus checkers and stopped all normal background tasks. Its odd as its been working fine, but I'm at a loss. Any ideas?
  12. twoshrubs


    Some other MMO type games (Wurm Unlimited, springs to mind) have managed to link a two-way chat relay BOT to discord for each of the chat channels which is a nice feature to have, as you can catch up with what's going on when you're offline.
  13. Seems to be back up... Looks like a fab resource, thank you.
  14. Thank you, Arthurdent.. aye, I already tried that. I figured it out in the end.. I ran the Char and starship creator program just for giggles to see if that worked and it gave a different error, that it was a DirectX8 issue. So I did abit of googling and installed the following file (directX runtimes).. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 E&B is now fully running.. Yay!! I hope that helps people!
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