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  1. It was the antivirus, thanx for the help!
  2. Reseting updates didn't help, but I'll have a look at my antivirus.
  3. Hi! After applying the latest update, my Net7proxy.exe has disappeared. I get this error when I try to log on: I have tried to reset the updates but it didn't help.
  4. I'm having similar problems aswell. Used to be able to multibox with six toons without issues, now the I lag out even with just one toon after a while.
  5. I tried installing it but I'm not getting it to work. Which executable did you point the setup towards?
  6. Basileus


    As far as I know, all the raids are the same, except for new ones, as they were in original live. The only change is the scale, ie they are doable with fewer people for obvious reasons. My logic is clearly the opposite of what you read in to it. I want to keep it as it was in live. I want to keep the diversity and the challenge.
  7. Basileus


    Why does everything have to be easy and accessible to everyone, even if they don't want to put the effort in? If anyone thinks that you can kill the Warder by having a toon camping there on another account and just checking now and then, then you have no idea what you are talking about. The Warder dies a few seconds after it spawns so all those issues brought up are just nonsense. The only way to get the kill is to be there and be ready to shoot the second it spawns (although I would suspect that some are running macros for this, but that is another issue). Now if you dont want to, or can't, spend that much time for this mob, well, too bad. But expecting to have the game redesigned for your personal needs and desires is ridiculous.   The only issue that needs to be adressed is when people cheat by using macros, something that you can clearly see happen at several rare spawns.
  8. The plumes, antennas and whatnot doesn't stack though which makes Voltois inefficient for grinding credits.
  9. I always play fair. Then again, if you ask 10 people what fair means to them, you will get 10 different definitions. ;)
  10. And who will "enforce" these rules? What is the punishment for breaking them going to be?
  11. Gene Hunter's in Paramis drops lv 9 components, shields, devices and engines. They are super easy to kill and respawn fast. It's not uncommon for a single mob to drop loot worth > 2 mil. 50 mil per hours is easy to be honest when you have a lv 150 warrior.
  12. Thanx! Worked for me now. I don't think that's a bug. I remeber getting the same msg when I did it and a GM explained that there can only be one of the mission mobs active at a time. So, if someone else have already spawned the mob, you can't spawn it untill that mob either have been killed or have despawned. Hope that helps.
  13. The 'India in distress' mission seems to be bugged. I can't, and others in general chat have the same experience, get the mission to progress past stage 2. Stage 2 is to visit Herrera. He has a talk tree which seems to be correct but the mission log just doesnt update.
  14. Aye, I have tried it myself with missiles on my PW. ;)
  15. Both gravlink 5 and 7 will debuff impact (and also explosive!). The game seems to treat them as two different kinds of debuffs so gravlink 5 will stack with gravlink 7. As for using other impact debuffers, for example Cassel or Skrimish, these stack with gravlink 7 but NOT with gravlink 5. If you use Skirmish shield + gravlink 5 + gravlink 7, then gravlink 5 will override the debuff from the Skirmish shield eventhough the Skirmish shield actually has a stronger debuff. If you start with gravlink 5 and then try to use the Skirmish shield, you will be told that that a stronger debuff is already in place, eventhough this is clearly incorrect.   The strongest impact debuff you can achieve as a PW is lv 9 Skirmish shield + gravlink 7. This will give an (approx) 85% damage increase making it (as far as I know) the strongest debuff in the game.
  16. Works fine for me. Have you tried running the client as admin?
  17. Absolutely completely utterly unplayable. :(
  18. The server is up in th sense that I can log on, but it's not working properly. The lag is so severe that it is impossible to do anything at all.
  19. We have had a lot of server restarts recently and while I understand that this problem relates to the ISP the server is using and thus beyond our control, it does create some problems when it comes to raiding and timed spawns. Would it be possible to do these restarts without reseting the timers on certain spawns, for example Controller, GoBB and RD base? The tuesday patch reset can of course continue to work as it does now but it would be very nice if restarts during the week could be done without reseting all of the spawn timers.
  20. I think the simple repair for credits is a good idea. This games needs some money sinks.
  21. 'Prototype Recorder' checked - can't dock on planets and there are no mobs. "Prototype Recorder' unchecked - works fine.   Pretty much everyone I have talked to have had the same experience.
  22. One of bigger problems with EnB, both in Live and now, is the lack of end game content. In my opinion, it was a major reason this game didn't survive. So if you are constantly looking for new things to do, then this probably isn't the right game for you. New content will be added over time, I'm sure, but I would guess that for the majority it will never be enough. This is just one of those game that focus on the journey rather than the end destination. Some like it that way, others don't.  
  23. Correct!   Impact with Skirmish is the way to go if you want to max your dps as a PW. Skrimish stacks with grav link 7 btw, not with grav link 5. The second choice is chemical since PW's can debuff it themselves. Plasma, while it may have been a good choice in old Live, should only be used if you have someone who can supply a high level debuff for you. Any PW running plasma without a debuffer needs to have a big cup of coffee, wake up and learn to play your class. ;)   Dealing damage in emu Live is all about debuffing. Choose whichever ammo you have the strongest debuff for.
  24. Happens to me aswell on planets (and countless others judging from ingame chat). I can reach the gate from any distance and many times there are no mobs on the planet. Since this has happened to so many just after the last patch I find it utterly hard to belive that the problem is on our end.
  25. Well, thats very good news, means that we were right thinking that it was the Sentinels Dynamo (and that the common theme is reactors with the same design). Thanx for looking in to it!
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