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  1. I remember this also. I would also like to see this re-implemented. :D
  2. The least I could do is supply you with a feather.
  3. qroo


    Note to the DEV'S.....Please don't nerf the drop rate. It has taken me over 3 months of constant farming to get these and a -125,121 chavez faction. Each one averages over 100 kills per, it is not as ez as my post my make it look. Lots of hard work and dedication. I have only been collecting these to get myself a God beam as the drop rate is so low on them. The drop rate on the God is 1 for every 30 FB's as i am sure you are well aware of.
  4.   Whats in your vault?
  5. I spent from lunch today till dinner time farming chavez in rag. I was at the chavez camp and nav 3 going back and forth, im sure that other players saw me there. My faction was at -7000. I dropped almost 700, my faction then was -6320. I went to eat and logged off, when i came back my faction was back at -7000. My lvl's are 146 , 50 , 46 , 50 so i got no xp from the kills and used a lot of ammo. So what good is working on faction to get into bbw if it just resets....i will never get in. I asked a GM earlyier(who i will leave nameless) what i had to get my faction to so i could get in and all he had to say was "dunno" asked him who would know and he never said anything back. Asked for a GM to pm me to tell them about the faction reset and got nothing. No i dont want to hear "it's free" or "it's a stress test". No i don't need cheeze,or flames, but i'm sure some azz hat will still have something rude to say. I just want to play like everyone else and have fun doing it. Just wanted to tell how my day went. SO FLAMES ON.......
  6. I'm done.......it "was " fun to play ,...not so much anymore for me. This new content is more like a job than a game...Watch the player count drop....spend more time fixing what was broken , not make it more of a grind (IMHO) just to be wiped at any moment*. I loved LIVE and loved being able to play again, but im not in to grinding. I should spend more time on wife faction than RD. In some ways i'm glad you have killed it for me,...ill spend more time with wife and kids. The player count has allready dropped today, not becouse of connection probs, becouse of content probs. It was different in live with thousands of players on at one time and large guilds to help, now it's down to 100 or 200 on at a time, with everyone camping chavez. Call me a cry baby if you want, but i dont think that i am the only one that feels this way. If so, oh well. Only time will tell. Had fun seeing all you people and playing the best game ever. Just shows, you can't bring back the past. PM me if you make it fun again. PEACE OUT!!
  7. thank you very much , that got me there. I was doing the same thing that you had issues with.
  8. when i regester at Net-7 i get Info/error forum user not found user not added I get on Play2.net-7.org just fine. Just cant log in.
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