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  1. On the Bait and Switch Mission now. I am supposed to travel the main nav paths in Muspelheim until I get ambush, but ive been all over the sector multiple times and nothing is happening. What am I supposed to do?   Edit: must have been bugged. I reclogged and it worked when I stopped at one of the navs. Or maybe I actually had to stop on them and not just fly through them.
  2. Server issues are a pain in the ass. I rent my current windows VPS from AccuWebHosting (http://www.accuwebhosting.com/windows-vps-server-hosting.html) and have almost no issues with latency, bandwidth, or uptime. Might be worth looking into if 1&1 is as horrible as everyone says.
  3. Just finishing up her questline and well on my way to the Wither. Does the Wither stack with the debuff from Skirmish omega? Has anyone tested the damage on the target dummies in Jup to see?
  4. I had the damndest time finding the article, because none of them had titles. Then i realized the titles were white on a white background and would show up if you mouse-selected them. Hah.
  5. Pakkrat, I tried looking up some info on Cassel's Wither, but couldnt find anything other than it's entry in the database. I assume I pick up the mission from Theodric Cassel on Arx Tiberius. But do you have any other info: like what level i have to be? And is it even obtainable by a PW? Thanks.
  6. Until (if?) they can fix this, one thing that helps me out is having the Sector map open (enbmaps.de) on a second monitor. The map info box lists what the vendors are and what their names are, so i can easily match names to levels without having to open chat.
  7. I'm still having issues after gating to planets with Reorder Prototype box clicked, even after yesterdays patch. As soon as I uncheck Reorder Prototype however, I don't have any problems at all. I figured they would have fixed it with the group gating issue fix, but apparently not.
  8. Seconded. Something needs to be done about loot etc cluttering up the chat window while in groups.
  9.   Thanks for the info. Skirmish + Impact does look pretty good. I think I'll try that route, as I went with Plasma on live and I want to switch it up a bit anyway.  
  10. I like doing damage. Lots and lots of damage. Which is one of the reasons I made a PW. I'm currently using plasma rounds as they are very versatile. Sometimes I bring my JE with and have her Debuff plasma, but recently as soon as she debuffs the mobs switch to attack her no matter how much damage I'm putting into them. So I wanted to figure out the optimal set up for putting out maximum damage. Progens can use the Basilisk line of devices which weaken chemical, and most of our ammo can be manufactured in the chemical variety as well. Basically, these are what I see as the three main contenders for best load out:   Option A: Plasma. Everyone uses plasma, its versatile, but PWs can't debuff.   Option B: Chemical. Level 8 Basilisk (Debuff Chemical) device might make this combo optimal depending on the damage numbers   Option C: Impact. Coupled with the Level 5+ Gravity Link and an additional debuffer like the Skirmish 9 shield, it could be devestating   I was wondering if anyone actually crunched the numbers. Is it worth it to bring a Basilisk to debuff and use chemical? Or does plasma do the most damage? Or should i go with impact + grav link? We also have to factor in our limited device slots, and wonder if it's worth the extra space to bring a debuff device if using Chemical? Or would that be better served with something like an Ivory Ward or other device?   Finally, I realize the answer may be different when hunting organics vs mechanicals. For instance, I assume (but have not tested) that plasma works best on Tengu due to no hulls and that chemical is not a good choice for Tengu. But what about Impact for tengu? Has anyone run the numbers there?   So, to all you master progen damage dealers out there, please leave some feedback or some insight. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the fast and informative answer! I'll give it a go and see what happens, although i don't expect any problems thanks to your answer (especially since i can get away with listening to Pandora online).   Also, I just want to say thanks to you devs for volunteering all your time to revive this game (non-profit to boot!). It brings back so many good memories to be able to go out hunting/mining with my friends again. It's a great project complemented by your great effort, and I will be donating to support it as a token of my appreciation next time you open it up for donations!
  12. I work as a developer, and we have some leeway on what we are allowed to do at our stations as long as we get our work done on time. I was thinking that having EnB up in windowed mode so I could craft or do Trade runs occassionally would be equivalent to everyone else going out for smoke breaks all the time. However, we do have a very bandwidth-intensive operation, and I don't want to step on any toes. Can anyone tell me what the bandwidth usage of EnB looks like while playing? I would imagine that it's not very high since its a 10-year old game, and I can probably sneak it in under their radar.   Thanks!   Talonz
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