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  1.   Nice raid idea! But 4-6 groups - 24-36 players? This will not often working. We have not enough player for this. First thing the devs should do, for raids is: After the first shot on a raid mob, check the ip adress of the char. If on this ip adress other chars logged in, kick the other chars from the server. Raids are for many peoples, working together - not for a single person with 6 or more chars. (If two or more real people playing on one ip adress, they can write to the support and the support can mark their chars. So they can play together on one ip adress. Like in other mmorpgs.) Don't misunderstand me! I love multiboxing. I do it often. It's much fun, for me. But a single player can do fish bowl, mordana, red dragon base and more? After that change, watch it for a few months, how the current raids go - and after this time, change the raids, if it is necessary or bring more raids in our game. In the mean time, the devs can do all the other things on their lists. :-)
  2. If it is to much work at the moment, to create a second datafile, maybe the devs can do a little thing:  Change the value of the variable, in the routine to create the datafile, from: 'Avatar can build'" - yes   to    'Avatar can build' - no With this change, we can see all, what we can not build. Maybe we see all, what can not be builded, too. But with this list, we can see, what for blueprints we not have and can go out and find the items. Thanks and happy hunting!
  3. Otaro372


    Hey!   Warder respawn... reduce the time for respawning! ;-)   Disband all groups if the group is in 30k around the warder respawn nav. So everyone have a chance to get some nice items.   happy hunting    
  4. ...i never asked for a list of everything...   ...i never asked for a list of the exact spawn time...   all i want to know is, do i wait for a raid in the next 24 hours or do i wait for nothing.   If i wait 10 minutes... no problem. if i wait 15 hours for a raid, and at the end i get the chance to have fun in a raid - no problem. if i wait 24 hours for nothing... it's frustrating. And i hope no one say now - it's part of the game to be frustrated.    
  5. A list for raids, what was killed in the last 24h, would be verry nice!   List:   Name:                killed in the last 24h --------------------------------------------------- RD Base                 YES / NO GoBB                      YES / NO Controler Raid        YES / NO   The List on net-7.org or with a /chat command in game - what can be done easier.     Why? Some people wait now for over 10 hours for RD Base respawn.   Possibilities:   1. The RD Base need more time to respawn... with the List we would know that we should wait longer or we can go offline and do other things. :-) 2. A rumor said: RD Base was killed earlier today.  (Public raid time and no one said anything... If the rumor is true.) We would know, no public raid today. 3. Chavez spawn in Ragnarok is broken... Server problems? Maybe the RD Base respawn not, because of the same server problem?   happy hunting
  6. A lot of infos inside:   http://www.google.de/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=9&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CF8QFjAI&url=http%3A%2F%2Fsoundwash.net%2Feve-0%2F!BUNCH%2520OF%2520EVE%2520SPREADSHEETS%2Fequipment.xls&ei=t0J3U_rMMs3W7QaHmYGwDQ&usg=AFQjCNGbiMQ_cQ6CawOF0Cw6uICwkUTVnA&bvm=bv.66917471,d.bGE   happy hunting
  7. I know, you can do this, BUT i have to copy hundereds of entries from the database, to the excel sheet...  and i have to delete the graphics and i have to change the format in the excel sheet. This needs a lot of time.   With the avatarname.csv file, i can copy in 15 seconds all infos from the database into a excel sheet.
  8. Hello!   With the net-7.org main page, you can click on a avatar, then on recipes and then scroll down and download a datafile with all what your Avatar can build.   I would be very thankful, if we can get a datafile there with all what the avatar can not build. This would save a lot of time to get everything in game printed.   I don't know how much work it is and how much player want it, but at least i want it. :-)   Thanks for giving us back, a great game and happy hunting!
  9. sorry for writing in an old thread, but how can we have good faction for both gates?
  10. Player Knowledgebase → Game Economy → Mining and Refining https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/10046-marketprice-for-ores/   Please help, if you know which ore the market want and how much a player will pay for a stack of it.
  11. I saw someone selling a few stacks of ores on the market, i have marked the ores in the following list: These are the only ones and i can refine and vendor the rest of it, or are there more ores for the market, and if, how much credits can i get for it? If you want, write the ores down, with price and raw or refined. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Level 5 Level 6   * Discordite                  5 - 10 mill raw * Raw Flawless Ruby  2 - 10 mill   raw * Stygian Blackwater   3 - 10 mill   raw Level 7 * Apollonite                10 mill   raw * Horusium Ore           5 mill  raw * Raw Eye Stone      3 - 10 mill   raw   Level 8   Level 9     ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Level 5 Andromesite Bastinium Ore Brood Oil Chromium Ore Gold Ore Hades Blood Halon Hawkinsite Minervite Radium Ore Radon Raw Black Pearl Raw Capellicite Raw Heartstone Raw Sapphire Raw Skystone Rhodite Titanium Ore Zalmoxium Ore Level 6 Adamantine Ore Charon's Dust Curium Ore Hafnium Ore Homerite Krypton Mirandium Ore Osirium Ore Oxium Ore Platinum Ore Raw Anthenicte Raw Charon Crystal Raw Emerald Raw Icy Pearl Xenon Level 7 Brucite Ore Celestial Ore Chalcophanite Conorite Cupidite Demeter's Tears Inderite Iridium Ore Leonite Neutronium Ore Niobite Raw Barite Raw Diamond Raw Firerock Raw Galactic Rimstone Raw Hadecite Stojsavline Stygian Blacksand Tantalum Ore Vaneon Wexeon Level 8 Abyssian Dust Ambrosia Crude Boragon Duplium Ore Emperion Helvatha Idunium Ore Khnumium Ore Minosium Ore Morganium Ore Persephonite Pyrrhotite Gneiss Raw Acheronite Raw Alunite Raw Charybdis Voidstone Raw Meteoric Diamond Raw Mica Raw Scyllan Diamond Raw Tincal Raw Voidgem Vanirum Ore Yunieon Gas Level 9 Abaddon Ash Aesirium Ore Asmodeusium Ore Astralite Balderium Ore Crude Rutha Etherion Grail Water Kronosite Modredium Ore Nova Dust Noxion Pagion Raw Erebusite Raw Promethium Raw Star Ore Raw Tiberium Crystals Raw Wormstone Star Ash Thothium Ore Troseki Zoisite
  12. /sign /sign /sign Playing a JE as a miner is not like in live game. My main was always a je in live game and i loved to play my je in live. Now i play a combat class - it's not the same, its ok, but it's not the same.
  13. i get this error: INV-300 error ------ delete net7 reinstall net7 login ok.
  14. I live in germany, in a town called Bayreuth. ...it's verry cold here!
  15. Is there no chance to play with two accounts on one windows xp? I play three accounts of wow and two eve online accounts on my single pc, without any problem.
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