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  1. I pointed the setup to client.exe in the release folder, and choose d3d8 for the engine.   /Rolf
  2. Hi all   I finally found a nice way to enable some SweetFX shaders on this great game, so now im rocking cool stuff like SMAA and LumaSharpen, and boy does it look great!   The way to make it work is using the brilliant ReShade tool: http://reshade.me/   Which supports d3d8 games, and in version 0.16 which was recently released a bug was fixed which prevented it from working in enb.   I have attached my settings file for SweetFX (The 2.0 beta 8 included in the resahde bundle) which enables a few shaders which i quite like.   The effect can be toggled with "Scroll Lock" (Which is also default screenshot key in enb, so beware of this)   Hope someone else can get some shaded enjoyment in this great game :)   /Rolf
  3. I tried sandboxie, but as i feared it does not help, i think this is because it mostly sandboxes stuff that goes on with the harddrive, and not network protocols and memory space, so the faulty connection between EnB and Net7Proxy is not changed by this.   Im not proposing that any more complexity is added, just that this problem which surely must be a bug of some kind, might be corrected. :)   /Gof
  4. Hi   I would suggest downloading:   http://www.passmark.com/products/keytest.htm   And check if any key are stuck, just to be sure to rule out any problems along those lines.   /Gof
  5. Lately i have wanted to try and play more of my characters at the same time, so i split my account into several and moved my toons around.   But i have a problem when i try to log in more than 1 at a time.   I log on my first account until im in game, on a station, and when i check the Net7Proxy icon in my taskbar it says "fully logged in".   The problem arises when i try to log in the second account, i launch EnB through LaunchNet7 and it starts a new Net7Proxy (I can see it in taskbar), but then when i select my char and it loads into the station, i can see that its the old "Fully logged in" proxy that runs though the login process, and i end up with 2 EnB clients running through the same Net7Proxy, and the one i logged in first stops working.   Im not sure how to fix or work around this bug?   Im running on Windows 8 with a newly installed EnB and Net7.   Ive tried running as Admin, and as several different compatibility modes, but all of them gives me the same result.   When only playing 1 account its working flawlessly.   /Gof
  6. Ok, thanks. I dont think its your tool, i just never managed to open 2 instances beforehand.   /Rolf
  7. I tried the utility and it does just what it advertises, helps open multiple instances of EnB with no "Already Running" errors.   However im getting a problem, as soon as i log in my second account, the first logged in one stops working, and if i watch the net7proxy icons in the taskbar, i can see that the second client is using the same one as the first, instead of using the newly started net7proxy.   Anyone know why this is so?   Would really like to be able to play more of my accounts at the same time, and this tool got me some of the way, by removing the error at launch.   /Gof
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