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  1. Ahhhh   Just give my PP combat trance, negotiate to lvl7, An extra gun, but leave the 5th devslot, lvl 9 engines and lvl 7 HDC..   i means its fair in my book ?  :P Seriously tho i have all respect for the trxiy part of rebalancing the game. And i never said i had a solution, just some thoughts. It would be cool if others care to post here if you have your own ideas. I think it needs to be held into the light so at some point we can really make it happen.  It's a good deal for everyone with a more fair game. ^_^   Johnsilver :ph34r:
  2. Hej everyone. I just wanna point this out without pointing any fingers or so. All my problems and what is said to be ISP related issues started after the last patsh that included the "proxy Fix". Game hasent really run smoothly 1 day after that.  I tried every and all diffrent launcher setting ike prototype on/off..  deleted all th6 and so on. I can't land on planets without having to relog. I can't gate propperly and lag goes bananas ever so often.  so... Does this have nothing do with the current problems?  I mean it strikes me as very odd coinsidence that the proxy goes bork exactly the same time as the ISP starts to have more trouble then ever. I hope your right ofc and its all on ISP's end.  And ofc i respect that non be happier then the staff if theres was no issues at all so focus could be all on content. Whatever the cause i wish you best of luck in solving it :)   Johnsilver :ph34r:
  3. Well i have seen an utterly cool looking effect on a pretty low lvl drone in BBW. They shoot at you it first looks like a stream of grey smoke.. but then it starts to like glow and the hole effect is like shooting comets. I wished many times i could have guns looking like that when i fire em..  so just a though..   make thoes little drones pew pew  pew and give there uber cool fire effect to the Omega :)   Johnsilver
  4. Well if you really need to gag someone in your own guild maby its time to send him / her packing. I can understand this feature in like wow or other large guild games. But adding thoes types of guild commands will probably just lead to even more drama Like   [New_playes] Kicked:  Hey guys why did you gag me????m   are you insane??????   oh everyone.. dont join this guild..  there all morons bla bla bla...   Johnsilver
  5. That pretty much explains exactly how it is..  and what i was asking for is a change. We have 9 classes to balance now and this way is still based on the old 6 core classes. It doesent matter how things use to be as the hole game dynamics are now diffrent and we need to start thinking diffrent. Some skills are primaraly based on proffesion, and other skills on race.  Negotiate should be the same for all traders..  its a trader skill more then a perk of terrans.  Yes Progens limitations are speed, i did say so in post.  But we have 3 miners now.. and the PS is left in the dirt.  Why not give him nav to at least lvl5?  Hardly unfair to the other 2 miners.  This is ofc just a few skills and the real problem lies in overall shift of balance after the 3 new classes was introduced. So again all im asking for is a good debate on how we can make the game dynamics fair based on 9 classes.  Its all over the place in some areas right now.   Johnsilver.
  6.     Ahh its solved now..  I pop up some old screenshots in paint..   right before i plan to buff i open the picture and and look at the Chimaer'a.. Close my eyes as i alt+tab.. and press the shortcut.  So its all good now ;) P.S The song works really well for vendor shopping..  maby you can add it to station mix files :)
  7. OMG..  my basilisk and chimarea looks like a lollipop..    ehwww  12 years of seeeing the same icon for thoes items is gonna be hard to break and adapt to. ok ok ..  i get  the color theme and i 100% agree on all chages to avoid good gear beeing misstaken for crap loot.   Just try to keep your heads cool tho guys.  I open up a vendor and all ammo is in damagetype color its gonna look like the rainbow invited my little ponys to a party. Theres a line between of good use..  and change just for change sake. Me i dont like the colors much but mostly couse they dont "feel" enb to me. So if you add colors couldent you at least stick with the original model icon as a base ?   It may be a personal thing is all..  but i like to see the stuff from original game couse thats part of what keeps me nostalgic. From now on its gonna feel like..  ok lollipop debuff time..  And not at all like the Chimaera.   So i guess im just trying to say..   Don't change things if they don't need changing.  Other then that am all for it.   Johnsilver
  8. It would be awesome if you could at least start this line of thinking.  With the addition of the 3 new race/classes the game has become unbalanced and a bit unfair. Take the skills "Negotiate - Scan and Navigate for example...   Negotiate is terran by default so all terrans get it..  but in the Original Live TT was alone in the trade buisness..  a fix of sort is really needed here. Why not give all traders Negotiate to Max skill?  Its after all a Trader skill.  Let TE and TS keep the Nerfed lvl 5 version and terrans still got the upper hand in this as a race.   Scan is obviosly a jenquai skill but tweaks towards explorers. So why not give all explorers the max lvl7 scan skill and let the JD and JS keep the lvl5 beeing jenquai.   Navigate is all over the place. 2 classes got it maxed..  TS and JE.  The abillity to warp fast with little energy use is clearly an explorer skill.  So why not let the PS get at least a lvl5 navigate?  From maxed on 2 explorers to nada on PS seems unfair as they all need this skill to jump between rocks. I do recognize the progens are supose to be limited in speed and hence lvl5 for PS.    Then out of the blue the TT gets navigate.   hmm  ok so this is actually a good skill for a long run class?  They need speed between the gates and not any use of saving energy as they travel.  (yes i know they had it in Live) ..   But if this is actually a Trade / explorer skill shouldent the 2 trader classes PP and JS get at least the lvl5 version as well?....   These are just thoughts and its time to start balancing the game based on 9 classes. We have now 6 classes and 3 out in the cold trying to fit in classes.   Johnsilver.
  9. The costs of going through backdoor can be cut down by knowing the items required in advance. I did reactor line with no info so it cost me an arm and a leg to build mutiple lvl8 reactors only to find it wasent the right sort. I have a thread called "fire fer kenlz" if you wanna look it up. But it is a spoiler..  You wanna cut down costs its great.  But you will loose the challamge of figuring the quest out for yourself.     Johnsilver
  10. Gold Token Fire Fer Kenlz  [Final.Post]   "Fire Fer Kenlz starts from the gear vendor at Fenris station.  (Piq Ki) It is from all the info i managed to gather the backdoor quest to open stage 1 of agrippa builds after you have done final 135 HU.   I finished. :) So here's the full mission in review .. [spoiler] Giz IX selfgrown crystals to Growlz..  = 15 refined Tiberium Giz 3 (Pirate) selfmade silvr urn wiz red an not privtr to kenlz  = Tang's Vigor L8 Giz 3 (Sparta) selfmade silvr urn wiz red an not privtr to kenlz = Warrior's Pride L8 Giz 3 (Mordana) selfmade silver urn wiz red (Dinna stands this un way) = Juggernaut L8 [/spoiler] I can confirm this opened up stage 1 reactor build for me and i was able to continue to L9 agrippa build :) I can't say for sure if this is the only Gold Token mission out there..  Like if you need Shields or Devices and so on..  There is another mission for ammo building called "ammo fer kenlz" that you should be able to pick up from weapon vendor at OMP.   Enjoy   Johnsilver.
  11. Success :)) The second reactor he asks is Warrior's Pride L8 :)   So on to final step..  Vulture or Juggernaut.   Johnsilver.
  12. Just as i thought its not the easy vendor reactors .  so Theodosius - Augustus and Julius is a no go.. Leaves both warriors reactors and i still need the prints before i can go check. On a side note i saw the the text for the next step says (Dinna stands this way).. My orginal thought was warrior's Pride..  as the saying goes "Stand Proud".. but that part is for Mordanan so not sure what to make of it. She stands like a "Vulture or Juggernaut" ?  lol..   time will tell.   Johnsilver.
  13. Tested the Theodosius no luck..  im gonna try Julius and Augustus next but i have a hunch Mr B won't make it as simple as that. Now i realized i don't actually have the prints for WH and WP..   so i need help on drop locations. All info out there is old and thoes i asked says i think its here, or there..  no confirmed drop location on either yet. You know please help me out :)   Ill keep posting.   Johnsilver
  14. TADA OOOOOOOOO ..... Ok i went back to Growlz after tuesday patsh...     had my 3 Silver Urn Shiny Pirate drop Tang's Vigor x3 in hold and ...... YEEEESSSSS!!     he wanted them :) Thanks again Stanig.  Now for next step.    Step 4. Giz three selfmade VIII Sprta silvr urn wiz red an not privtr to Kenlz.   I'll report when i figure this part out..  my original idea on reactors that contained the brimstone fire cell isent gonna fly here. No such reactor by sparta... so its prolly trial and error at this point. Augustus - Julius Tria - Theodosius - Warriors heart gamma - Warrior's Pride.   Johnsilver
  15. Every planet causes that bug for me..  I unchecked the protype reorder and its fixed.
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