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  1. Can someone check the donations selection? Somehow there is a line with only a dollar sign in there.
  2. Great. My provider is Deutsche Glasfaser, if that helps at all..
  3. Little update.. I was moved to Jagerstadt City by Woodstock to have my mission objective. I was able to leave the station and fly around outside no problem. But trying to enter Zweihander through the Escape Velocity Accelerator didn't work either. GM Woodstock says that a Dev should take a look. Thanks a lot in advance!
  4. If you want to access the account you had when the game was still active with EA, you may have to file a ticket.
  5. I have a little problem gating from Witberg to Zweihander. There appears to be no connection - I can't find the reason specifically. Is there a log file to find the reason and hopefully fix that problem?
  6. Sunrise is back online. Not sure what happened.. Would be great if there was some kind of a log about what's happening..
  7. I loved the game back when it was officially run by EA and Westwood. The service used to have a "heartbeat" webpage that would show what servers were online or offline or experiencing any issues and the service would have notifications for maintenance and such.. Does Net-7 have anything similar for sunrise?
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