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  1. after last update i crash at last once per hour mostly at Job board or at gating. also log in second account works not Right after log in it stucks.
  2. hi there i got a lil te here that can use lvl 9 mls and all the stuff needed to get starting make Money kill stuff and get raid stuff. mls are ZET 4x and a Dragon spite fo a bit of Turbo at last reactor is a super nova 8 shield is model y lvl 9. Problem is i tried tengus(cl48-52)/voltois(48-52)/grisom patrols and einherja and i cant do any dmg. the resistenses are so high my explosive ammo is showing most time just Zeros or at last -5k dmg and Plasma is nearby same. tes cant debuff much but got a Rada just to see it fail again and again and short range too. so somehow my te is useless atm my je does way more dmg and can kill up to cl 60 with a bit time. whats wrong? and no i cant log in more then 1 char cause then i start to Crash all 5 mins.
  3. just seen that cloak uses energy on activation. tried on my jd and my je when activate combat cloak it uses instant 100 energy description says it dont dos. could ya pls look after this? at low lvls there isn much Juice in reactor.
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