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With my site (http://61cygni.site88.net) being down, I figured I should get a mirror going on another server just in case. You can find the mirror at http://61cygni.site90.net however bare in mind, the mirror will only be receiving the bare minimum of updates, the main site on site88.net will be the one which receives the most attention.

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Thank you Woodstock, yeah my host had a temporary outage. Nothing major, but I figured a mirror would be good to start anyway.

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here's a link to the after V'rix conquest R4c sector map showing the V'rix nav points.  {Many or most nav points in older maps are gone.}




note that, last I looked, this Canadian site had two maps -- the old one {Roc} and the new one {R4c} with slightly differing names.  Finding the new one isn't a slam dunk.

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